House Tour: 2+1 Provence style house

Hi from Thailand! this is our last house
tour in Chiang Mai, because next week we’re leaving and today we prepared such a homey and light house, which designed in Provence style. let’s go and see together and we’re in! let’s start! when we just come inside this house, we have this small space, shoe area and in case of the rain
we have four umbrellas. behind me there is located like bathroom area, but we
will get back to that later on, because I want to show the upstairs. the stairs are
so soft and comfy! and here we are look at the space, it’s a big open space,
here are located pretty untrivial kitchen, because it has a big countertop
and a lot of units under i,t also we have a big fridge, microwave, teapot, sink
and a lot of nice dishes and in front of the kitchen we have a dining zone, it’s
also pretty comfortable and big, we have four chairs and one more extra chair
here, and at this zone we have a super chill area, it has nice and stylish coach
and you can think that it’s just for one person, but actually even
two person can fit here very well also this nice white coffee table,
these are wicker rag and seat, I don’t know why, but it feels so comfortable, it can
be transformed for two seats, yes I love it so much, it feels like you can have a
tea here yeah? and behind here so charming blue
door, which leads us to the balcony yes
you can see the city area some local restaurant and next let’s see our
bedrooms! yes, we have two bedrooms this time. let’s see both of them. there is a small corridor, we have two doors which leads us to bedrooms and this is nice decoration, we can see elegant flowers here, I love it so much. and let’s go and
discover first bedroom Wow
it’s so simple, but it’s amazing because we have one bed, it’s really comfortable
behind there the window and you can see that the structure of this room it’s so
specific, because it’s located under the roof and it’s really make this so
charming atmosphere. we don’t have too much stuff here, but it’s everything
enough. so two side tables, night lighting, this stylish chair. actually this is from
some modern design, but it’s so comfortable. you can relax here, chill,
even sleep, I don’t know, I think so. and on that wall we have hangers, where you can
locate your clothes or towels and mirror oh, yes I was sitting here. they can see from the mirror. and let’s discover second one you can see that it looks like similar
to that one, but we have two separated beds and I think that’s why this house
can be used by the family. yeah yeah so here also one hanger for clothes, one mirror,
one night table and look at this lamp I love it so much.
look at this design, it’s some animal I thought first it’s a Fox, then I started to
think maybe it’s red panda… did you, did you watch Panda kung fu? I did, I did. Tere was a red panda. this is so
so nice, small details, but they really makes you feel warm. and as you remember, we have downstairs bathrooms so let’s go and see them and here the bathroom area, you can see
that in the middle we have this sink it’s pretty big and nice, it designed in a
round shape and also round mirror ,small decorations located here like flowers
and this bag for hairdryer and let’s check our doors. here is a shower number one,
behind me one more door and shower number two with the toilet, and at this side one more toilet. so as you can see here really can stay a lot of people. I think around five, yes?
and let’s go and talk, what do I like the most this house has done in a Provence style.
it’s a French Provincial interior, which have a lot of flower patterns. for
example you can see it in living room on walls or furniture or textile, also it
has a wooden structure of the walls and a lot of natural materials. for example
we have a seat, a carpet or basket in bedrooms, they have done in natural
materials. and pastel colors, like creamy light blue, light green and pink. and let’s
go and see outside and we are in the garden. I told her to
turn from the left side, not right 🙂 it made it harder for me. okay! anyway we
have a lot of greenness in the garden and a perfect table to do our work a bit
and a lot of Thai style decoration and this one especially for the festival
called Loy Krathong and we were able to join yesterday night location of this house made it so easy
for us to join to the festival, because we are in the heart of the Chiang Mai’s
old city. that was it for today, guys I hope you like it and if you liked it
please hit the like button and let us know in comment down below, what did you like the most about this house and we’ll see you in the next house tour bye


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