How and where celebrity stylists find clothes
for their clients for the red carpet appearances. Since I styled Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland,
Olivia Holt and many, many more, I know exactly how to get top designers for your top clients. For tips and advice about the styling industry,
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new video, which is every Monday. Now when watching red carpet images, you might
be wondering how is it possible for celebrities to wear designs from two seasons ahead? Right? Well, by the end of this video, you will know
exactly how and where a celebrity stylist gets top designs for their clients. Hi, my name is Basia Richard and I help aspiring
stylists enter the styling industry. Make sure to grab my free resource guide for
aspiring stylists, and I will link it in a description below. Now, in this video you will learn where to
get clothes for your clients to wear on a red carpet. So let’s get started. First of all, all celebrities never pay for
clothes that they wear on the red carpet, and I will tell you exactly why and how they
get their hands on the free clothes. Now if you want to learn how to become a celebrity
stylist, make sure to watch this video and I’m going to link it in a description below. Now let’s start with designers first of all,
to really understand how celebrities get their looks to wear on a red carpet. Now, when you watch runway shows during the
Fashion Week, either it’s like New York, Paris, Milan, or London, you’ll see the whole collection
going down the runway. Now, as you know, the Fashion Week is broken
up into two seasons. There’s a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter. So now the collections that are shown are
always a six months ahead. So like in February in 2020, designers will
show during the fashion week a collection for the Fall/Winter of 2020, and in September
of 2020 Fashion Week, they will show a collection for the Spring/Summer of 2021. So now immediately after the show, that collection
is always being sent to like the sales and PR department for that particular designer. The clothes that are part of this collection,
stylist sales, apartment, magazines, everyone in the fashion industry will call samples. So now usually designers will only have one
set of samples, meaning that they will only work with those clothes and accessories that
you saw going down the runway. Now, some designers will produce second set
of samples in order to have one set in Europe for European press and sales and another one
for the US market. But usually, if we will only work with one
set, it’s going to be one set available. Now, immediately after the Fashion Week is
over, the whole collection will be sent out to sales department and press department for
sales or make an appointment with department stores, online stores, boutiques, where they
will present certain looks from that collection in hopes of selling it. And press department will send it out to magazines
and press, where those samples will be used during the editorial fashion in the fashion
photo shoot and you’ll be able to see all those looks in big magazines like Vogue, Elle
or InStyle. We all know that celebrities don’t pay for
clothes that they wear on a red carpet. So a stylist that is being hired to style
a celebrity will request looks from a designer for their clients to wear on a red carpet. So they will be sending what’s it called a
email request to press department, and requesting looks from that recent runway show collection
that went down the runway for their clients. Now if you want to learn what are celebrity
stylist red carpet secrets, make sure to watch this video and I will link it in a description
below. Now, if those particular looks are available,
press department for that designer will send their looks to that stylist. Now there are three major factors you have
to keep in mind when it comes to getting free clothes from designers for your celebrity
clients. Number one, your relationship with that designer
and in their press office. Now if you have an amazing relationship with
that particular brand, you will have much better chance of getting those looks for your
client. Now number two, your celebrity client. The more recognizable your celebrity, is the
more chances you will have of getting looks that you want for your celebrity client. And now number three, the type of event. Now the more prestigious the event you are
requesting the samples for is, the more chances you will have in receiving it. Now, after your client wears one look on a
red carpet, you will have to send it back to designer afterwards. So celebrities are really not allowed to keep
those looks after they wear them. Sometimes you’ll see celebrities wear looks
on the red carpet that are not part of the runway collection, even like ready-to-wear
collection, and the reason for it is that the designers will create what’s it called
a VIP collection, meaning they will design looks specifically to be worn on a red carpet. You won’t be able to see it anywhere or even
buy it anywhere. And they usually will send all those clothes
to their Los Angeles press office. And they tends to do that simply to have a
more opportunities for big celebrities to wear their designs on a red carpet. Now there’s very fun fact. When I dressed Selena Gomez in this dress,
it was an utterly beautiful Atelier Versace dress and she wore it to the MTV Music Awards. The dress was pulled out from the photo shoot
for Elle magazine just in time for my fittings. Now, very often, those samples will be sent
out from like a magazine photo shoot to a stylist, fittings, back to a magazine, then
it was going to go to a sales appointment. So the whole runway collection travels for
that one season all over the world, and being like requested by so many stylists, magazines. So the competition to get the best looks from
that particular collection is very fierce. If you have a client that you want to request
looks for your client, all you have to do is to go to and browse through
different designers and their collection to see what look what would be the most appropriate
for your client. Simply write a quick email to designer’s press
office, requesting looks from their recent collection. Now don’t forget to mention your celebrity
client’s name, the date and type of the event your client is attending. Now, after your client wears one of those
looks from the collection, you will have to send all those samples back to their press
office. Now if you want to learn what are celebrity
stylists’ secrets when it comes to dressing celebrities, make sure to watch this video
and I’m going to link it in a description below. So now you know exactly how celebrity stylists
get looks for their clients. If you want to learn more, make sure to grab
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