How fashion influencer Jessica Wang gets ready for fashion week

Hi, I’m Jessica Wang, and this is how I get ready for fashion week. So I usually use a liquid foundation, and it just blends in really nicely. Also, it covers up the little blemishes and discolourations. Add a little loose powder over the foundation just to set it. It also gets rid of any shine on your face. I love doing a little bit of contouring, because it really helps your features pop on camera. Moving on to the eyes… as you can see, these are some of my favourite colours that are already used up. Pick a colour that is slightly darker than the shade you just used, and like a fan, you just go back and forth and blend. On the bottom of my eyes, I just dab a little bit of the same colour, and then I’ll add a much lighter colour, just in the inner corner of the eye. There’s really no secret to the perfect wing. You just have to keep practising! Makeup artists tell you to put on the lip liner first, but I always do it last so that it covers up any imperfections and also gives you the illusion of a bigger lip. And here is the full look. Hope you guys liked it!

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