How Food Writer and Lifestyle Expert Jackie Kai Ellis Found Fulfilment From the Power of Choice

It was the perfect life according to culture
and society and I woke up one day
and I realized I was more miserable than I had
ever been in my entire life And I wondered why because
all of these things were supposed to make me happy
but they didn’t I had my own design firm. I was working 16, 18 hour days
every single day and I was determined
to be the best, trying to prove that
through my work that I was a worthy
human being. I actually fell into a really
deep depression at that point because I thought
there are no answers, what am I supposed
to do with my life? Then I thought well,
what do I want? What do I truly value? As a way to discover things
that made me happy, I got back in touch with food,
I started baking. As I was baking more, I became
more interested in life, interested in being out there,
and making decisions to make myself really happy. I shut down my design firm,
went to Paris, studied pastry, came back, opened
Beaucoup Bakery. I did it because
I was passionate about trying to inspire
other people with food, the same way that food
saved my life. I decided to sell Beaucoup
and people thought this was the craziest
decision ever. Obviously there was fear, but I had accomplished
every single thing I had set out to accomplish
with that project. In order to include or invite
new things into your life, you need to be
willing to let go. I’ve been travel food writing and writing about lifestyle and then I started
writing the book, The Measure of my Powers. It’s a memoir of really
pivotal moments in my life, you know, the dark moments,
the beautiful moments. I didn’t know if I was ready
to be that vulnerable, but if I want to do something
and I’m scared, I just go, and look at it
in the face, and then I run straight
through it. I’ve learned that the power
of choice is something that people are often afraid of because it means we’re
responsible for our own lives but it’s also the most
freeing thing because then you start
to realize where you can choose happy.

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