How Girls Try On Clothes

– Ladies, please excuse me as
I reveal all of our secrets. What up everyone, it’s
your girl Super Woman. Now if you’re anything like me you’re very familiar
with natural disasters because all you have
to do is try to decide what to wear and a tornado
will rip through your room. Girls trying on clothes,
it’s a catastrophe. Like legit animals can sense the danger. All I have to do is open my closet and my neighbor’s dog will try to escape. Like I honestly don’t
know how people in wars haven’t figured out
this secret weapon yet, just like, we need to
attack him from the East, let’s send an army of ten girls who have no idea what they’re
going to wear tonight. Ahhhhh! (imitates bombing noise) Spoiler alert, the white
walkers actually get defeated because Arya and Sansa
Stark are North of the wall and they have no idea what
the f to wear tonight. Here’s the thing though right, trying on clothes is
not just a simple task. No, no, no, okay trying
on clothes is an art form, and the best place to
experience this art form is in change rooms in clothing stores. All my ladies can I get an Amen? All my fella’s, let me
educate you real quick. See because when girls
go shopping they pick out a few cute things to try on, and when I say a few cute things I mean way more things than
are allowed in the change room. Girls be walking up to change
rooms like Lindsay Lohan, just like, the limit does not exist. And then the cute salesperson will be like, oh how many items? And you’re just like uh, six… Okay. …teen. But once we get into the change room this is how it goes down. We take off our clothes and we
neatly hang them on the hook. Why, because these are our
clothes and we love them dearly. I invested Tide up in this shirt, I ironed this shirt, I
put respect on this shirt. But these clothes over here,
these clothes from the store, I ain’t invested in you yet because straight up
this is The Bachelorette and y’all are the contestants. I haven’t figured out if I like you and if I don’t like you and you don’t fit I’m gonna toss you aside onto the floor. And I know what you’re
thinking, no, no, no, That’s not wrong. Why? Because I care about my
clothes more. (snickers) But real talk when girls try on clothes there are certain procedures that go down. First we gotta see how our stomachs look and if we’re not happy with it we’re going to suck in an extreme amount and then check how our stomachs look. Because let’s be real, if the pant is cute we’re willing to learn how
to survive without breathing. Fish do it all the time. Oh what, I can’t do it? Now Nemo’s better than me just because Nemo’s a fish and I’m not? Don’t be racist. And then of course we check out our booty, but we don’t just check out the booty, we check out the aerodynamics
of the booty up in this pant because, yeah, the booty might
look nice standing still, but what if this booty
goes over a speed bump? Does it still look cute? How does the pant support the booty? What if there’s an earthquake? What if my flight has turbulence? What if someone mistakes
me for an etch-a-sketch and they want to erase the image, does my booty still look cute? Is my booty looking right? Does my booty look like the peach emoji? And maybe you don’t know,
maybe you’re not sure, maybe you need a second opinion. So what do you do, you ask your boyfriend who’s waiting for you outside, kidding. You ask a sales person, kidding. No, you idiot you obviously
pull out your phone, take a selfie and send it to your friend, who is clearly on
standby, keep up, keep up. Cause you know that you
told your friend earlier, girl I’ma go shopping I
need you to be on standby holding your phone in
case I’m in a situation where I need a booty status, I need you to provide
me with a booty status. Let me know if you need an
iCal invite to remind you. (camera shutter) And usually when you send the picture you have to text some
sort of disclaimer like, hey, girl, I didn’t shave my
legs, but check out this dress. Like ignore my face, and my hair is whack, but what do you think of these pants? (light humorous music) You need to get the
cosign from your friend because this is not just about the pants, this is a major life decision. Your dumpy pants could bring down the whole vibe of the squad
and we don’t want that ’cause then you know
what’s going to happen? We’re going to stop inviting you places and then when we see you
we’re going to be like, oh no we did invite you,
did the text not go through? We didn’t send you the text okay, but we’re going to lie about it and then that’s going
to be your identifier. You’re going to be known as Ugly Pant Patty, is that what you want? When people come up to
me they’re gonna be like, “Yo how’s Patty” and I’m gonna
be like “Oh which patty?” and they’re going to be like “Oh you know, “the one that wears the ugly pants” and I’m gonna be like “Oh that one.” Is that what you want? Don’t do that to yourself Patty. Where the trig at, get
yourself that cosine. Now in addition to all of
these basic procedures, when a girl tries on clothes she’s not just seeing if the clothes fit. What she’s doing is imagining a scenario in which she could wear these clothes. Now this scenario depends on three things. Number one, the type of outfit. Number two, the event for
which the outfit is intended. Number three, the
imaginary song or musical that the girl has playing in her head. Because we need to envision this outfit and how it will work in
different situations. So what do we do, duh, we act it out and we use our imagination. Because you might be
sitting there thinking well it’s just a change room, but no, no. This is not a change room, this is a portal to my fashionable life. That sounds crazy, right? You might think I’m joking but I’m not because here’s the
thing, the thirst is real for a bomb outift. For example, date night. (dramatic drum solo) (romantic music) (record skips) Shopping for a cute summer outfit. (dramatic drum solo) (upbeat electronic music) Shopping for a dance party. (dramatic drum solo) (upbeat african music) (record skips) Shopping for a girl’s night out. Sorry I keep drinking it weird
because you see the light? I’m trying to set design this. What are you talking about,
this is how always hold Coke. What do you mean, this
is how I drink Coke. (dramatic drum solo) (camera shutter) (upbeat indian music) Nailing it, look at you orchestrating all of these dope looks,
you’re all set, right? – How did everything go? – Oh, it didn’t work out, sorry. That ish always looks better
on the mannequin, doesn’t it? Oh also, what up bottle reference. Yo, I hope you enjoyed that video. Don’t you think it’s so
dope how different songs are appropriate for different moods and have you feeling
different types of ways. Speaking of which, cool news alert. Y’all know I have an awesome
relationship with Coke Canada and we’ve been working on something kind of really sorta awesome. In Canada, you can find Coke bottles that have different
situations on the label just like I showed you in the video. They have like a boss, selfie time, a whole bunch of cool things. But there is one bottle
that says Feeling Super. This one right here, this is my bottle. And you might be wondering
who cares if it’s your bottle what’s the big deal if it’s your bottle? I’m gonna tell you right now. You see this bottle right
here that I half-drank but that’s not the point, you can scan it using an app called Play a Coke. You will be introduced to
a playlist that I created. Music that I curated, ah! There it is right there, Play a Coke. It says you’ve just
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playlist that I curated and songs that make me feel super. We got Selena Gomez, we
got some Justin Bieber, we got some Machel Montano,
we got some Fifth Harmony, we got some Fetty Wap, and you
know we got some Bob Marley. How cool is that, all my
team Super Canada peeps I want you to go and find
the Feeling Super bottle, take a selfie with it,
and tag me in the picture. All the information about Play
a Coke is in the description. I am so excited team super, we’ve got our own Coke bottle, go find it. Just be like (monster noise). Other than that you can
check out my last video right over there, you can check out my second vlog channel right over there. And make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every
Monday and Thursday and I’d love for you to be there. There’s a lint my… One love Superwoman,
that is a wrap and zoop!

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