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They say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your entire life that is One of the American dreams I am blessed to have that one dream true in my life I get to ride around the country on beautiful machinery sharing with you all amazing roads towns cultures and all the while finding ways to give back and help those communities and our nation’s bravest The new people on my channel often ask me how do you afford to live this lifestyle and today I’m going to start the video by explaining exactly how I do that number one ad revenue that’s probably my smallest source of annual income and it comes from the little ads you see pop up on these videos that I Make for you all every week number two is gonna be my largest form of income and that is my sponsors companies like law Tigers company like cero 3d and epic eyewear these are companies that support me in what I do out here every day growing the motorcycle culture and helping our veterans and local communities 3 I have a campground in Oklahoma that campground provides me a small amount to income at the time hopefully someday it’ll be bigger and turn into some sort of Retirement scenario but its new and we’re still growing it it’s the K River what’s widely becoming known as the career cool thing about that campground is we? Also give back with it we have a whole area overlooking the river that veterans can come and stay for free every day of the year for and my very last stream of revenue is all of y’all all of you that support me out there by the Americans patches or the t-shirts or our hat or our signature Adam Sandoval sunglasses from epic eyewear I make a percent off of All that stuff that we sell and that is where our video is going to start today with all of you and the difference you make Today’s story starts last night okay we are headed into motorcycle missions right now and I’m going to share with you all exactly what it is that they do Coolest part about this is is not only do they help veterans but they, also work with first responders All right so this is the shop that they use they’ve got one in Austin and one in Dallas what they do is they teach veterans and first responders How to fabricate not only are they giving them the camaraderie and a time together but they’re also giving them the skill set to carry on with them in the rest of life It’s a pretty pretty neat program then they take these bikes they show them all over but I’ll let crystal the one who started it tell you more We’re doing great calipari quick hello, we are we’re getting these. Ready for coding so we’re taking all the parts out We go to coding man you guys Don’t probably remember moose from my campground sign build the video here’s the New Year’s Eve but he also Volunteers his time to help teach those skills to these veterans and first responders Basically on the bike we have here today, we went ahead and took a tank it Was really big we decided that We needed to take some width out of this thing so we took about two inches out of the front of the hips we took about three quarters of an inch out of the tail just Something to give it a little more cosmetic appearance that’s what these lines are here this is where you cut it yeah we cut it all the way down the side let the center intact remove the baffle and relocated the baffle as well as a gas filler and Then we did a lap weld all the way around with silicon bronze we’ll get the same pressure tested be ready to go we say they’re teaching these guys to fabricate they literally mean fabricate I mean they’re tearing apart tanks recreating tanks to custom sizes and dimensions those of you that build this may seem like You know a standard play on a custom bike but to those of us that Want to learn and admire those builds y’all have been doing this is a really really neat thing to share I know I for one would love to learn how to do something like that to a gas tank Watching these guys work together in the shop was really amazing they were all coming together to fix the problems and build this beautiful bike as a Community it made me want to stop and ask them Three basic questions number one what is your name and what was your service? Amen Joe Lowery you tired off with Fort Worth fire department my name’s John Arroyo I’m a veteran US Army retired Danny McMichael I served in the US Army with first cat division and Operation Iraqi Freedom fancy web I’m a Marine Corps veteran Jerry Hagin US Army my name’s Josh Reeves I was in a United States Army I was a combat medic the second question really was eye opening What does motorcycle missions mean to you and the answer was just staggering every one of them had the exact same Feeling in their answer and it had a lot to do with camaraderie and letting loose y’all PTSD is a real thing and sometimes Getting these men and women out of the shell is the most important listen to what some of them had My experience has been it’s been amazing one thing that Really touched me is I don’t have a lot experience with tools and and stuff like that so when I get to hang around with Tools and mess with metal man I’m just I’m a guy you know I come out and I’m in the man’s world so you know I came from the Green Beret foundation, I came from that life and Living living as a green beret and guns and shooting and doing all that life and so It kind of puts me back in that realm. Oh I’m with the fellows again you know it’s my way to get away from reality and coming up here and hanging out with other vets I Enjoy it it’s been pretty important uh we just moved to Dallas about a year ago my wife and I and Didn’t really know anybody in town and you know that can be tough especially if you’re struggling or struggling with uh you know issues for the military so getting everybody together to do something fun and learn Things it’s just you know really really giving me you know something to look forward to even all bad weeks you know when you get out the service you lose that Brotherhood until you find another way and this motorcyle missions brings that brotherhood back together and you work together as a team it’s just it mean it means a lot to me personally it helps me out a lot the camaraderie Of these guys they’re just great things like they need to be around each other and I didn’t know how much I missed it that I got around them and that’s why it’s so important to create this awareness let people know that these men and women need that type of support they need That community for them to get back together and get out there and start letting loose of some of the stuff That’s hanging on behind them the third question What have you noticed with the other guys in the program and what would you think other veterans and first responders out there should know About motorcycle missions the most important thing that’s happening here in motorcycle Misha’s that we come together there were a group There’s a lot of conversations that are happening Over things that men do and don’t get me wrong women do them too but today this this is a this Build is a strictly men and so we’re talking about things that kind of that we struggle with that we that we were working through and so we can have those conversations with people that have Testimonies that that have been through it for years ago I was shot at Fort Hood I take a 45 Bullet through my throat from 15 yards well guess what I was able to make it Through to the other side you know I was shot after three combat tours I was actually wounded by somebody else there wore the same uniform I did well guess what I’m sitting here and I’m talking to my brothers and they’re telling me their stuff and I’m getting I’m Being fed by their testimonies and they’re being fed by mine and that’s what’s happening here in motorcycle vision the first time seeing them you know they’re all kind of quiet and everything you know we’re not really talking to each other you know but as Time goes by and we’re working on these bikes together We’re kind of opening up to each other I’ve seen a lot of guys open up since we’ve come together it’s been a huge first of all Motorcycle missions is extremely important just from what I’ve seen You know there’s a lot of heroes here I don’t consider myself personally the biggest hero in the room but there’s a lot of heroes standing in this room with us right now that you know need just something to do some people to connect with somebody to share their story with you know that the little things like that means so much to us but when you sit around you’re not doing anything you start thinking and you start having bad thoughts, when you stay busy and You work with a team then you? you don’t think of those things you you you made that brotherhood back together again yeah So this brings me back to where you all come into the picture too Where you all actually made a difference maybe not even knowing it you all have been very good to me over the last year and because this is gonna be my charity for 2019 I thought we would kick it off right and an attempt to get some original content Crystal, what are you what are you working on there? just leaving caliper parts leaving Caliper parts yes do you think you in a minute that I can like to ask you some questions while you’re cleaning calipers So what I want to know is you know how long you’ve been doing motorcycle missions happy motorcycle missions is now in its third year We’ve had over a hundred veterans and first responders go through our program as of January 2009 and you have had some veterans and first responders build some award-winning bikes I Know what I just saw yes we are now in our sixth and seventh motorcycle built and our second Motorcycle that we built with motorcycle missions we had eight veterans on it and that bike won a national championship at the International Motorcycle Show? in Chicago And that bike is now it’s a hospital, or sold Museum in Dallas that wasn’t the only bike that won awards so so we have River sidecar triumph bike that’s now a two-time Award winner as well so we’re hoping this weekend at IMS in Dallas to take away Ducati scrambler So why is this mission so important to so dear to your heart Well so motorcycles became kind of a passion of mine Over the years because it’s it’s been a terrible a therapeutic way to get over kind of some of the crap I’ve dealt with In the last few years so something that I grew a passion for while I was healing so I was healing Myself as I was working and wrenching on bikes basically Just putting myself together I was as I was putting a bike together so Motorcycle missions was kind of birthed out of that I love building motorcycles I love the camaraderie and I love the fellowship around the motorcycle community why don’t we all just Veterans first responders get together build bikes together as a way to heal together some of the things that I hear most about the guys What they look forward to the most is just getting together with like-minded dudes like themselves that have gone through similar things so they can come and just be themselves Work on work on some bikes do kind of some badass stuff if the bikes win awards that’s great but that’s not the ultimate goal the ultimate goal is is just to Go home a better person just more fulfilled feel accomplished and have a sense of purpose. So that’s what it’s about and We’re doing that here in Texas we’re expanding to Cleveland and to Phoenix Arizona and to California in 2019 so you 2019 is gonna be a big year it’s gonna be a big year so that is super exciting and crystal I’m very excited to announce to everybody out here today everybody we’re talking to motorcycle missions is going to be my charity of choice for 2019 And that means everything I can do to help you all raise funds to further this thing to expand this thing to get more veterans in here sharing space yes I am gonna do and that means all of the Americans out there and all the people across the internet who are supporting me I hope to have all their Alliance in supporting you I have a personal goal of Seeing them raise or helping raise or raising $100,000 for y’all this year that’s my That’s my personal goal I’m gonna put it out there online I’m gonna do some rides some charity rides if anybody wants to do an event and put it on for motorcycle missions and we can Raise some good money for them give me a holler online I’ll be happy to try and come and be a part of it but my goals are to help you guys raise a hundred thousand dollars this year it’s pretty awesome and I also got a Partner of mine epic I where they make magnetic eyewear and I’ve brought some glasses for you and for your guys Epic eyewear wants to give a free pair of an Z rated Clear magnetic glasses to everybody who comes through your program for the entire year all right so I’ll show those two guys in a flash back clip right now So these are the epic I wear glasses that every veteran who comes through the program It’s going to get set up with your Gansey rated and one of the coolest things about these glasses besides them being Veteran-owned all right epic eyewear is veteran owned my partner but We’ve got a patented magnetic arm on it so you can stick them right to your workspace they’re not laying down the top of your toolbox getting all scratched up these veterans and first responders will be able to have a clean pair of safety glasses every time they need to protect their eyes Sitting right there on their workspace thank you very much every guy we’re and thank you more to everybody out there For supporting us along the way you truly make it possible for us to not only show you rad motorcycle stuff But to make a difference in our communities and those are the glass that Works yeah but but I also you know I want to do something for you personally I’ve been very blessed You know these magnetic glasses that we just showed you they’ve got a I’ve got a patent on them and I make a royalty off Of every pair that sells and we, we? also donate off of every pair that sells and every pair we sell in 2019 a percent that is gonna go to motorcycle missions in attempt to hit that hundred thousand dollar mark But last year. I had a really good year with the eyewear and We did we did really well so I wanted to reach out and do a personal donation to your charity and if they would want to get in and match me in it what did they say they said yes and I’ve got a cheque for $6,000 And I’ll tell you thank you very much for everything you’re doing for our military and everybody that Everybody is going through the program so hopefully that can help you expand just a little bit all right So a boy rusty here what do you uh you’re here to help today too. Huh I am let’s do it all right let’s do it we are rallying the troops we are going to keep some veterans building today one more question Well let’s first let’s get a photo shoot let’s get you to next week’s. I’m going to get a photo shoot Get the American flag here Very very good and now I just need you to turn around and look over your left shoulder I got you Y’all need to pay attention band together we’re gonna take motorcycle missions to the top You guys have such an awesome program here man and I know rusty is excited to help you Everybody I figured I can help you you’ve already got it going so if this will help I’m glad to help definitely thank you yeah thanks you’re very, welcome Shane it. Mostly such a kind man oh man This and this is what I’m talking about


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