How I Saved Paris Fashion Week

We made it to the airport open vlog the house down vlog the house down bonjour b*tch today we’re going to Tunisia I’m going to
pick up pieces for the next menswear show of Y/Project I cannot wait I love how people are staring at me when
I’m like recording just randomly gonna pass the security check and coming back
to you later final five minutes later oh my god I’m
so stupid I was going to board like with my big-ass suitcase I forgot to register
coming back again bye two hours later we got the ticket and the passport now
we’re gonna board oh my god wait this is a message to my assistant
I’m so sorry girl they took the neutrogena because he was liquid so they had
to take it now I have no more lip balm but I really like this background can
I have the same please let’s go to the duty-free actually the duty-free I don’t
wanna miss my flight that’s my suitcase they better not lose my skincare otherwise heads are being cut off you hear me I really hope they put my suitcase there we made it b*tch I landed I’m alive it’s
fine let’s see if they have my suitcase my god where’s my suitcase I want my suitcase
please please please I need my skincare I need to make a mask tonight for real I’m
starting to freak out No no no there’s literally 10 luggages left
it’s been 30 minutes now and my curls are going crazy my mind is going crazy
I’m going crazy I need my suitcase I know it was empty but damn 2,000
years later getting to my room this one oh my friggidy friggidy God what the hell
hey bitch so we made it I’m in the hotel I have my suitcase it
is here and it’s packed with new Y/Project clothes you guys are out this
glow girl look at that it’s all natural actually it’s not really natural its
ELISA Jones elixir I love it anyway I don’t give a about this glow
this is amazing Wow I’m in love Jade I love you I have
to show you all the products and all the masks I brought for one night the customs
opened my suitcase and they were like shooketh look at all this I brought yay I feel
amazing I’m gonna have a quick dinner I’m
gonna get ready I’m gonna be beautiful I’m gonna feel my oats and I see you later guys one
hour later I’m so hyped I can’t even like calm down
I really want to go to the city and show you guys I mean I first want to discover
the city once I went to Istanbul I don’t want to talk about that I’m so tired
I just want to sleep I’m gonna go to the city I’m gonna have a call to my boyfriend I’m gonna have oh my god talking my boyfriend Jeffree and Nate
broke up I’m so sad like that also really shocked me we can talk about that
later I could do a tarot reading about Jeffree
and his upcoming year anyway get ready Monastir I’m on my way
what the hell is happening there I want to see ok whatever I’m waiting for my taxi now what’s the name again Habib
Bourguiba so this is the mosque of it’s the first president of Tunisia it’s so nice what’s your name Saddam Saddam
Arnes Salam Aleikoum this is everything you expect from Tunisia actually it’s so nice so calming this is the nicest taxi driver ever I swear he made me a little tour of
the city by night it’s so beautiful Wow the rain damn there look at this
it’s so beautiful anyway guys I come back to you later I really want to enjoy
this by myself and and I really want to fill my eyes with oh my god we almost
hit a dog I’ll be back later when I’ll be at the hotel bye I don’t know how to sneeze good morning b*tches I’m gonna take a shower a little breakfast get ready
close all my stuff and then get the out see you in Paris bye Tunisia oh my god
this is magical there’s a rainbow just here in front of me the angels are with us
see you soon Is that my taxi I hope so 20 minutes later yes Beaudine oooh she’s running with the shoes yeah yeah bravo bravo we made it we made it we made it yes b*tch work


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