How To Achieve OEM Black Oxide Coating Appearance – Metal Blackening System from Eastwood

so you’re restoring your car and you
want to replicate that original black oxide finish that was used to protect
the bolts and under hood brackets they’re probably planning on painting
these fasteners which is what a lot of people do and each one has a great line of paint
designed to match the original appearance but pink and chip especially when you’re typing those
bolts now if you want to prevent that from happening then you need to check out our Eastwood
metal blackening system it’s a two component system that
protects against shipping rust and temperatures up to 500 degrees
Fahrenheit why not only replicating that original
look of black oxide but also the texture and because it’s a
two-component coding it’s even more durable than the original
finish top three brake fluid and gasoline won’t even affect the eastwood
metal blackening system check out these bolts this is an original black oxide finish
bolt and this is one we just did with the eastwood metal blackening system
they look nearly identical here’s some other parts we coded
including this pulley now we only coated one side of the pulley so I want to cook
the other side now to show you how easy it is to use let’s get started this kit will cover
six square feet which is a lot of bolts and brackets simply apply it with the included
aerosol spray or use a conventional paint gun or airbrush first clean the
area with the supplied surface prep then simply mix the components together and
stir for three minutes when it’s ready pour into the supplied
aerosol and apply in a couple light coats yeah well there you have it the pulley looks
great and it matches that original appearance if you’re looking for a coating to match
the original appearance while providing protection against chipping rust brake
fluid and even gasoline that you need to get the eastwood metal blackening system
today click the link to visit and
you have your parts looking great by next weekend yeah

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