How to Create a Cupcake Updo 🍰 Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day’s Style Files. Hi, it’s me, Sunny,
with another look inside the Style Files. How would you like your hair
to look like a sweet treat? – Yeah!
– Awesome! Grab the tablet to check out
the things you’ll need for a cupcake up do. A hairbrush, comb, hair elastics,
hair pins, cupcake wrappers, red pom-poms and pink color hair spray. This is gonna be so cool! Brush your hair
until there are no tangles. Part your hair down the centre
with a comb. Start making a high pony tail
above the ear. And secure with an elastic. Do the same thing to the other side! Take the cupcake wrapper
and make a hole in the bottom. Starting at the top, twist the ponytail
and work your way down. Then take the cupcake wrapper,
thread it through the bottom and slide it up
until it’s flat against your head. Secure the wrapper in place! Now coil your hair round and round until
all of the hair is fully tucked inside. Use pins underneath the bun to secure it. It’s starting to look like a cupcake! Repeat the process on the other side. Twist your hair. Thread the hole. And coil inside the cupcake wrapper. The tighter the twist, the easier it will be
to coil into the wrapper. Adorable! Use the pink color spray
to make the frosting. A paper towel will help you
keep the color where it needs to go. Decorate using a red pom-pom! Because every cupcake
is better with a cherry on top! Mmm, it looks good enough to eat! [giggling] – Are you ready to see your hairstyle?
– Ready, Sunny! Great, take a look! Wow, it looks amazing! – Great work, Sunny!
– Excellent! Good enough to eat! I love that one! [giggling] – I love it too!
– I have cupcakes on my head. That’s definitely one
for the Style Files! Keep smiling, keep styling! [giggling] Get styling with Sunny Day
weekdays on Nickelodeon. You can watch more Sunny Day
in the free Nick Junior app.


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