How to Create A Rainbow Helmet ๐ŸŒˆ Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day Style Files! Hi, it’s me, Sunny,
with another look inside the Style Files! How would you like a hairstyle
that looks like a rainbow helmet? Yes! Grab the tablet
and take a look at what you’ll need! A brush, hair elastics, spray bottle,
rainbow color hair chalks and star pins! Start by brushing
all the tangles out of your hair. Now brush it into a ponytail
directly centered in the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. Make sure your ponytail
is nice and tight! Then spray your hair with water
until it’s fully damp! It has to be wet all over! Now it’s time to color! To create the rainbow helmet,
start with the red hair chalk and carefully make the first stripe. Next comes the orange stripe. Keep spraying your hair with water so the chalk colors
come out really bright. Next up, yellow! Then green. Now apply blue. And finally purple. Wow, so colorful! You can color the stripes again
to make them even bolder and brighter. There, you have your first rainbow! Continue coloring stripes
in rainbow order all the way across the top of your head. Remember the color order! Red, orange, yellow,
green, blue and purple! Repeat until your entire head
is covered in rainbows. Make sure to give the last stripe
a little sprits to bring out the color! When you’re all done, add some star pins! You can make them yourself by attaching decorative stars
to hair pins. Wow, you really look like
you’re wearing Rox’s rainbow helmet! – Are you ready to see your hairstyle?
– I can’t wait! Go ahead, check it out! Whoa! I look amazing! Just like a rainbow! I love the colors! I love it too! Wow, thanks, Sunny,
I love my skater style! I look just like Rox! That’s definitely one
for the Style Files! Keep smiling, keep styling! [giggling] Get styling with Sunny Day
on Nickelodeon! You can find even more Sunny Day
in the free Nick Jr. app and everywhere you find Nick Jr.


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