how to create custom wipe transition in adobe premiere (mask reveal)

Later in this tutorial In this tutorial you will learn
how to create mask transition that wipe from one clip to another using the actual objects in the video now I have clip of man getting out of taxi I will use this clip to wipe into this traffic clip the first thing I will do is to cut the clip of the man .. I will make my mask start from here .. so every thing behind the man will be transitioned out “c” in keyboard for cut tool Effect control .. pen .. start drawing my mask click on stop watch to animate our mask I will use right arrow to move one frame in my time line our mask doesn’t have t be super perfect and I will let you know later why do not get bored I will speed up you can zoom in and out to help you mask your object properly note that masking human need to be done frame by frame while masking fast moving object in constant speed like vehicle doesn’t have to be masked frame by frame so our last keyframe will be the man leaving the scene now we will put our traffic clip underneath you can reshape it alittle bit so we dont see any of the yellow taxi or you can fix it by expanding your mask in or out, that’s why I told you It doesn’t have to be perfect do not forget to subscribe and share with friends


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