How To Dress Like A French Woman | French Girl Style Tips

how to dress like a French woman? Less is more. no saying could be truer when it comes to Parisian dressing. I could say
button-up, cigarette pants, ballet flats and it will literally sum up French fashion.
My dear lovies, today I wanted to show you a couple outfits outside of the
staples that French women wear so you don’t look like a tourist in Paris. Now
it can be floral prints or polka dots silk or satin midi or maxi
it’s your choice the goal is to give you that very ” Campagnarde” yet urban look.
This dress has a little touch of “Lolita” yet romantic and soft.
You could spice it up with a belt, add sparkles or more flowers. Express your
femininity! your jewelry must stay simple and minimal very dainty jewelries no
statement necklaces or over-the-top accessories, Wear it with a straw bag to add charm and that effortless look that attracts people to French style, very “I
didn’t try at all”. And for shoes where espadrilles. Lovies
fashion has no rules. I believe it’s all about what works for you. For instance,
some people dress has a form of self-expression,
French women dress for comfort. In Paris some people believe that wearing more
than three colors is a fashion faux pas. Just like in some part of the US wearing
white after Labor Day is weird. But as a feminine lithe, I just say wear what looks
good on you. Wear what makes you happy. I firmly believe that fashion faux pas are
only made when you do not look put together such as wearing dirty smelly
clothes, your underwear showing or wearing excessively big logos. But, that’s
just my opinion. Let’s continue the boho Parisian trend bohemian style and French
style have one thing in common the free-spirited effortless vibe. Focused on
prints that will be flattering on you. Details matter.
Make sure you invest in your jewelry instead of buying brass or expensive
gold-plated item, buy real gold yellow or white whichever will will look good
with your undertones. La Fameuse Dentelle. Nothing screams femininity
more than Dentelle. Put together a soft camisole dentelle or even silk if you
prefer it with a flare trouser and you will exude a casual cool yet incredibly
chic style. Again minimal jewelry you want to be subtle and versatile. Add a blazer I mean what’s French style
without a blazer. You can also do a neck scarf a Mariniere or a Bretton tee all will
look good. There is a reason why Paris is one of the fashion capitals. Parisian
style is elegant and timeless and that’s all we are about here at the feminine

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