How To Dress Like a French Woman

– Have you ever wondered how French women always look so chic? Today, I’m going to
share how you can dress like a French woman. (upbeat electronic music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, my goal is to help you
with your personal style. To help you look like the best version of yourself every day. Today, I wanna talk about
French women and style. And how to dress more like a French woman. You may have noticed, either you’ve been to Paris or you’ve been to France visiting, or maybe just in images or in movies. French women have a
certain Je ne sais quoi. It’s this effortlessness
about their style. This elegance. This classic sophistication. Everything is really
effortless and understated. And so I knew that before I took my recent
trip to Paris, France. And I was on a mission to
kind of just look around, observe, and also just see what it
is that they’re wearing. I came up with a formula that I wanted to share with you guys. I just went to Paris and it’s Springtime. So, the formula may be
a little bit different for July/August, but this is the formula for Spring. And I think it’s a very similar formula in the Winter as well. You’re probably just gonna
bundle up a bit more. So let me kind of walk
you through the formula. Let’s get started. (upbeat electronic music) First, I wanna say that
the tops were very simple. I didn’t see a single, like, ruffle. Not a lot of texture, not a lot of prints. Just very simple tops. I saw a lot of black tops and
I saw a lot of white tops. That was the first part of the formula. So a very basic white or black top. On the bottom half, I saw almost every woman
on the street wearing dark-wash jeans or black jeans. And by dark, I mean like a navy. Dark, dark. Not a lot of distressing, not a lot of fading with the jeans, not a lot of crazy jeans. It was really these classic
dark-wash jeans and black jeans. On the Parisians’ feet! And this I was really keyed in on because when I went last, nobody wore sneakers. I mean, no one. In fact, it was actually
frowned upon to wear sneakers. And if you showed up in Paris wearing sneakers as an American, you stood out like a sore thumb. You were clearly a tourist. That was not a good thing. I knew that going over and I had heard that it
had shifted and changed, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. I saw so many women on the street with either white leather sneakers, not like running sneakers, more like street sneakers. So white leather sneakers like these. These are by Veja. So either white or black sneakers. I would say sneakers were like 50% of what women were wearing. My mind was like (explosion
sound) blown about that. So in the streets, on the streets, black or white sneakers. I saw a lot of black ankle booties but they were very minimal. They weren’t super tall, they were a low heel more
like a Chelsea bootie. A lot of those. And then I saw some
ballet flats sprinkled in, but honestly that was only like 25%. So probably 25% ballet flats, 25% ankle booties and then 50% sneakers. So, that was a huge shift. The third layer was the other
key part of this formula. Everybody on the street
had on a third layer. By third layer, I mean a jacket, a blazer, a coat. The breakdown for that was, I would say 50% were wearing Moto jackets. And not just Moto jackets
but black Moto jackets. So there was not, like, a white Moto here and a pink
Moto here and gray Moto here, it was black black black. All the way across the board,
black Moto jackets. 50%. So you wanna fit in, like you wanna look 100%
like you belong in Paris, you’re one of them? Wear the black Moto jacket. The other 50% were split
between a trench coat and a blazer. And again, not just any
blazer, but a black blazer. And I would say the trench coats, I did see a lot of tan trenches, but a lot of black trenches too. A lot of black! You know? I was kinda surprised. I thought with Springtime
there’d be lighter colors, more neutrals, but the neutrals were grays and blacks. They were not, like beiges and whites. The other kinda surprising thing is I didn’t see a single
like white accessory. You know how white accessories are super on-trend right now in the US? I didn’t see any white accessories. Like besides the white sneakers I didn’t see like white
mules or white handbags. Okay, so that leads me to the handbag which is part of the formula. I would say a lot of
them were high-end bags like YSL or Chanel. They were minimal and smallish! Like not big, giant, like oversized mom-bags. They were, you know, about this big. All leather, all nice, all high-end but again, minimal, classic, versatile, effortless. There weren’t a lot of
sunglasses when I was visiting because the weather
just wasn’t that great. But I did look around for sunglass shapes or sunglass trends. Again, very classic, clean, minimal. Lotta just like, black,
Wayfair sunglasses. Or just a classic black,
slightly oversized frame. But we’re not talking like
the giant oversized frame, we’re talking like, more
of a medium-sized frame. and I barely noticed any jewelry. So we’re talking like, one piece maybe. Very minimal, like one necklace like this and that would be it. Super minimal. Not, you know, big oversized earrings. There’s no like, tassel earrings going on there. It’s just like super,
super clean and minimal. Same goes for hair and makeup. I was really keyed in on the hair. The French women’s hair, it was just like beautiful and clean. But again, not fussy, not overdone, there were no barrel waves going on. It was really effortless hair. Clean, sleek, shiny, bouncy but not like overdone. There wasn’t a lot going
on there with hair. And the same with makeup! And I’d say the only pop
I noticed with makeup was there was an occasional red lip. And I think that’s where
they were adding their pop is with the red lip. Or sometimes they would add a scarf. And that was another big
distinction that I noticed. So when I was there 20 years ago, and when I lived there 25 years ago, you couldn’t walk around
without wearing a scarf. You would feel like, very odd. You know, everybody wore a scarf. And this time around, it was like, yeah! Maybe 30%? Wearing scarves? I was really surprised by that. But that is where you could add your pop. So you could do a red lip or a scarf and that is the French uniform, you guys. If you wanna go to Paris
and you wanna blend in and you wanna look like you’re Parisian, you do a minimal black or white top with dark blue or black jeans. You do a white or black pair of sneakers or black ankle booties, or ballet flats. You go with the black Moto jacket, the black blazer, or a trench coat. Maybe a scarf, maybe a red lip, really classic black frame sunglasses. Minimal hair, minimal jewelry, minimal makeup and you’re done. You’re French. Et voilà! Tu es Français! I hope that was helpful to you guys. You know, I have long
admired the French style and their sense of just effortlessness and I think we can all learn from them and create more of this classic, elegant, sophisticated, chic, effortless style. Do you guys have any
observations about French women and their sense of style
that you would like to share? Is there a video that you
think that we should all watch that’s so incredible that
shares more information about French women’s style? Anything you noticed
on your trip to Paris? Or your trip to France that
you wanna share with us? Please comment below. If you like this video, I hope you will hit that subscribe button. You guys, I did a video also about packing for my trip to Paris, France. And I’ve also done a
video about what I wore while I was in Paris specifically. And I will put links to
both of those videos below so you can check those out. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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