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Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss how to dress
your age so you look age appropriate and not out
of line. Why is it important to Dress your age? Probably you’ve seen the guy who is in his
50s wearing clothes that his teenage son wears, on the other hand, you may have seen a teenager
who is decked out with a fedora hat in a three-piece suit and it just looks odd. So why is it important to Dress your age? Well, the saying that you are really only
as old as you feel really doesn’t hold up when it comes to appearances. No one ever looked at George Clooney or Richard
Gere and said “oh wow that gray hair looks terrible on them”, however, if they would
put on shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt, it just doesn’t suit their age. Of course, every once in a while you’ll find
people with a very developed style and it’s really unique to them and they maintain it
throughout their life. In that case, you just dress the way you are
and express yourself. For all others, it pays to have certain guidelines
based on the age group you’re in, of course, there’s always leeway to break the rules but
I’m a firm believer that you have to master all the rules first before you can break them
stylishly. In today’s video, we discuss the age group
of under 20, the early 20s, 25 to mid 30s, mid 30s to mid 40s, mid 40s to 65, and 65
and up. To get right your age group, you can click
on the link underneath the video so you don’t have to watch something that you’re not interested
in. UNDER 20
First, let’s discuss guys under 20, in that age group most people are extremely casual
and sometimes they’re even outright sloppy so if you want to be dressed better than your
peers and an age group you really don’t have to do that much to stand out from the crowd. The basic idea for this age group is casual
layering. So unless you go to a job interview and if
you want to learn more about what to wear then please check out this video. You can go without a jacket and without a
tie. Of course, if you feel like you want to dress
up and you want to have a blazer combination, or maybe even a suit, feel free to do that
but it should not even be your everyday outfit, otherwise, it may alienate you from your peers. Most men under 20 wear jeans so if you just
grab a pair of chinos or corduroys, you immediately stand out. And if you want to learn more about the intricacies
of those garments, check out our Chino guide on the website as well as corduroy video. A lot of teenagers like to wear extremely
skinny tight pants. I think a slim fit that highlights the line
of your leg is very flattering and it suits you especially if you’re a slim build. If for some reason you have big thighs just
the way I do, I suggest to go with pleated trousers for fuller cut trousers that will
just highlight and flatter you more. If you don’t want to wear a jacket, dress
shirts can really help you to elevate your style. I suggest to have some plaids, checks, and
maybe stripes that are very versatile. Alternatively, add some oxford shirts. To learn more about those, check out our guide
on the website. Definitely skip the baseball cap, it makes
you look immature. Instead if you want to wear a hat, maybe consider
a flat cap in the fall winter season. As layering is very important in your age
group, I suggest you go with sweaters because they keep you warm in the winter, they add
a little book to your build which easily comes off as muscles, and they keep you warm If
you are up for a cardigan, you can even take it off if it’s too hot and that makes it very
flexible, casual but well-dressed. A classic sweater style is a crewneck, if
you want to wear a tie with it I suggest you get a v-neck because it accentuates the look
of the tie and if you want to go more casual, you can even go for a Henley shirt. If you want a very classic look, I suggest
you go with either a cotton or merino wool which is rather thin and can be one of transitional
periods. I you want a more preppy look, you can go
for more of a tennis sweater style in bolder colors, maybe some contrasting colors, white
with blue, green with red, and maybe even some braiding in the knit. Most of your peers will probably wear Nike
shoes or some form of sneakers, if you want to stand out, up your level on the shoes but
still stay casual. I suggest wearing a driving mocc in the summer,
maybe a pair of boat shoes, maybe a pair of suede shoes because they make it more soft
and casual. In the winter, you can go for a pair of chukka
boots and you can learn all about them in our chukka boots guide on the website. Running shoes should be reserved for athletic
wear only and if you want to have a nice pair of leather sneakers that’s totally fine, it
has its place in the wardrobe, when you go out clubbing or whenever you feel it’s appropriate. When it comes to watches, I think simplistic
watches are really great for younger guys and you can have simple ones that don’t break
the bank; however, I suggest you stay clear of really huge watches because they don’t
look good on your small wrists. Rather go with something smaller that’s timeless
and more proportional to your physique. MID 20S
If you’re in your early to mid 20s, chances are you may just get out of college, you’ll
get your first job and in that case, it pays to have at least one suit that you can wear
for interview purposes, again, check out the video guide on our website that helps you
to dress to the tee. If you’re in a sales position or if you’re
in a white-collar profession, you will definitely need a lot more suits than one. If you’re not, I suggest to invest more in
combinations. Maybe of a blazer would be a great first garment
to start and overall, I suggest you check out our guide on the 10 clothing items that
every man should have because that’s the foundation of your wardrobe that will last you a lifetime
and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it because it’s very versatile and flexible. In order to give you a greater variety and
combining things, I urge you to stay clear of black suits or black jackets, instead go
with dark charcoal gray or navy blue because they’ll look better, more office appropriate
and you will be able to combine them with a lot more than a black garment. For more details, check out my video on why
black is a number 1 overrated color in menswear. For casual wear you can still have a few pair
of jeans, however, I suggest to go more with chinos in the summer. You can have brighter colors such as Nantucket
red or maybe a light baby blue, you can also look into seersucker which is also comfortable
in the summer but also more preppy and stylish. If you have a mid-gray suit, you can also
wear the slacks and combine them with your blazer and other items in your wardrobe, so
it pays to have these basics. In terms of accessories, I think one thing
that really sets men apart is the choice of the wallet; and to invest in a nice leather
gentleman’s wallets is really the next step up. It should not bulge and it should have enough
slots for your cards and everything that you need. Now, it’s also the time to invest in one or
two dress watches if you like to wear watches. Personally, I’m not a watch guy and so I don’t
wear them, that’s maybe one of my personal hallmarks or anti style hallmarks but if you
like watches, I think a simplistic dress watch, round maybe with a black or white dial is
really helpful. If you still have some old band t-shirts,
you can still wear them and in a casual setting with friends, but it’s definitely nothing
you want to wear to work. In terms of dress shoes, it’s now time to
leave the Alfani, Calvin Klein , Cole Haan behind and elevate to something nice that’s
quality that will last you. I urge you to watch the video on the comparison
of $100 versus $500 shoes to see where you can find some value and if that’s too much
for you, you can even get a great pair of shoes for $200 but you’re not gonna find it
at the mall. When it comes to casual shoes, I think leather
is really nice. I’d stay clear of Skechers, or tennis shoes,
or Chuck Converses because they’re just not in line with a dapper outfit. Of course, if you’re traveling somewhere and
you’re comfortable in them, I get it, wear them, but if you want to stand out from the
crowd and take it a step up I would leave them behind. mid-20s or mid or late thirties
if you’re in your mid-20s or mid or late thirties, chances are, you’ve had your first job, you
moved out of the dorms, you have your own apartment, you may are still looking for a
new significant other, you may already find someone, you may have children, you may be
in the suburbs, but life has changed dramatically for you ever since you were in your 20s. A great wardrobe staple is probably Oxford
shirt especially with a button-down collar. It’s something that you can still wear either
casually or combined with a jacket or suit. Polo shirts are nice if you maybe want to
play golf or hang out with your children on the weekend but they’re not something you
should wear to the office, not even on casual Fridays. The advantage of dress shirts over sweaters
is that you can combine them with a lot more. You can wear them with vest; you can wear
with cardigans, and suits; versus polos, more reserved for casual outings only. Rather than just focusing on colors, it can
really help too to look into the texture. For example here, I’m wearing a silk knit
tie which is a very different texture than the jacket that is made of wool which is different
again from the linen pocket square or the boutonniere. If you have a basic wardrobe with dark colors,
white shirts, light blue shirts, you can add color dashes such as maybe your pair of socks
or your tie or your pocket square and just make outfits unique and make you stand out
and recognizable. It’s very nice to see when people recognize
you as the well-dressed guy. If you want a little preppy style, it can
look really great to have a rep style tie with a blazer and a bold pocket square because
it still shows that you’re young but that you also know the rules of dressing well. Chances are you have a little more money in
your pocket now and so it pays to expand your shoe collection and go beyond the first two
or three pairs that you had before. I suggest to start with an Oxford or a derby
shoe, now you can look into maybe a double monk, maybe a single monk, maybe a loafer,
or whatever it is that works for your wardrobe. Sweaters are still a great item for casual
wear, not so much at the office. Chances are you might think that neck wear
is only for the office; I firmly believe that you should reconsider that point of view because
a nice necktie or especially a bow tie can quickly become a hallmark and make you stand
out in a positive way that will always reflect well on you. In the summer, consider to go with sailing
shorts, maybe wear an oxford shirt or polo shirts and boat shoes, it makes for a very
preppy look. mid 40s to about 65
so you’re at mid 40s to about 65, you are still young and you feel young and you’re
probably very comfortable in at this stage in your life and as such you can still wear
all the things that you want to wear but when in doubt, you should always tone it down a
little bit. Go with more muted colors rather than bold
bright ones. Instead of using bolder colors to differentiate
your outfit, I suggest to go with different textures and especially subtle patterns. You can go with window panes instead of solids,
herringbones not just finer but bigger, maybe a classic Prince of Wales check that is larger
in black and white that goes well with your gray hair. These are all things that can really help
you develop an outfit that is very age appropriate yet very stylish. You may or may not have to want to wear suits
at work but during your off hours, I suggest you go with odd combinations, going with a
sport coat in single breasted or double breasted, maybe a tweed jacket in the winter, and it
just is very age-appropriate for this stage of your life. Rather than going with sweaters, I would stick
with odd vests or simple waistcoats and you can get them single breasted maybe double
breasted, and they’re fantastic because you can unbutton them, they don’t add bulk in
the sleeves and they can really help to make your outfits stand out because most of our
men don’t wear them. If you wear them, make sure to wear them with
either suspenders or a regular waist band but skip the belt because it will make the
bottom of your vest bulge. If you feel like that darker more muted tones
of your outfit are too old-looking and you want to be a little more youthful, I suggest
to go with a bolder pocket square, maybe a bolder necktie, socks or a boutonniere. It’s very easy to change the look of an entire
outfit with just those few items; of course, you don’t need all those together. You can just go with one or two at the time. It’s also fun maybe combine your pocket squares
with your tie or with your socks because that coordinates and it’s just a well-rounded outfit. If you want to deviate from the classic blue
red and yellow, I suggest to go with something like burnt orange or maybe eggplant purple,
maybe a little lighter or olive green, they’re all great colors that go well in your age
group. As you get older you, might have more issues
with your feet and if you want something softer, I suggest to go with slimmer soles and more
casual shoes such as loafers and driving moccs during your off time maybe derbys If you go
to the office and you can leave the Oxfords behind if they’re just too tight for your
foot. I often see men wear white tennis socks with
white sneakers ,or tennis shoes, that’s just a look that makes you look extremely
old because that, I suggest you ban on from your wardrobe because you don’t want to look
older than you actually are. 65 and up
if you’re 65 and up, you’re likely retired or you’re looking forward to retirement. You either spend your days on a golf course
or hang out with friends playing cards, working at the woodshop, and at that stage of your
life, the degree of formality goes down. Now is the time to add sweaters back into
your wardrobe, maybe skip the blazer unless you really like to dress up, however, one
thing I notice a lot is that men change their physique yet the Wardrobe remains the same
and it sometimes makes them look quite dated. For example, men whoe wear the height of formality
in the 90s now look very outdated with the large padded shoulders and extremely wide
cut trousers with a low rise. If you are into a certain fashion period like
the 30s, and you maintain that style, it can work really well ,but if you just wear whatever
you had 20 25 years ago, chances are it is worn out or it just doesn’t look as well suited
to you anymore as it used to. Therefore, it makes sense to reevaluate the
wardrobe and see that everything just fits the way it should. Ideally, you have someone else help you with
that because you yourself may not be the best judge. Shoes need to be more comfortable of course
and you can still get elegant casual shoes that are not tennis shoes. You can also go with inserts that help you
be physically comfortable if you need walking assistance instead of the typical old-school
cane, you can go with a nice Malaka cane maybe with a sterling silver handle or even ivory
if you find it vintage. Having a stylish cane is not just helpful
but it really elevates you from all the others with their cheap bulky little metal ones that
just look plain ugly. Depending on how heavy you are, it may make
sense to get pants with pleats to give you more room of movement and are simply more
uncomfortable at a stage. I suggest you avoid bold patterns in menswear
as well as bold colors go with smaller patterns for your ties if you want to wear them, and
just keep it simple. Don’t be afraid of layering and even lighter
colors especially if you have white hair by now because having more earth tones with less
stark of a contrast, helps you to create a well-rounded outfit . if you still have a
high contrast between your skin and your hair, you can also go with strong contrast colors
such as a white shirt with a dark suit otherwise maybe go with a somewhat grey suit and a light
blue or maybe cream shirt rather than strong white. of course suits should only be reserved for
formal occasions, if you still want to be stylish and comfortable you can look into
knitted jackets which give you a great range of movement but if you can afford a custom
made garment from a very soft fabric maybe something like cashmere it’s very comfortable
pretty much like a sweater it looks a lot more dapper and it will help you look younger.
and shoes I suggest you go with something that really suits the rest of your wardrobe
you want to go bolder maybe consider a pair of two-tone wingtips but for most men in your
age group I suggest to keep it simple and brown because it combines very well and it’s
still very classic and timeless I just turned 33. and so in this video I’m wearing a blazer
which is part of a suit it’s Navy it’s double-breasted and it has a faint windowpane and it’s from
Ralph Lauren Purple Label that I bought years ago on eBay and I can still work I’m pairing
it with an unusual striped shirt in yellow and a dark stripe to add a little more boldness
to it I have a two-tone pink and dark charcoal silk Nitai from Fort Belvedere which I pair
with a yellow linen pocket square with yellow X stitches from Fort Belvedere and as you
can see there is just a light contrast but it goes well with the stripes of my shirt
and the boutonniere is a dark purple pinkish that goes well with my new tie my pants are
custom tailored in a sharkskin mid gray fabric they have inverted pleats double pleats because
I have a big bum and big thighs and that’s what I need I always like cuffs or turnips
because in a lightweight fabric they help you pull the pants down and create a clean
line the socks are great for a little bit of contrast to the pants and they have nice
clocks so they’re very office of I’m wearing them with black semi brogue Oxford’s from
petty we’re in England and overall it’s a very classic office outfit however because
of my shirt and my tie it looks a lot more youthful if I would wear that same thing with
a striped red tie and a light blue shirt or a maybe white shirt it would look a lot more
professional the cufflinks I’m wearing here right now our Gold Monkey Fist cufflinks from
Fort Belvedere they’re very timeless and I designed them because I never liked the silk
notes that you could get but I wanted something that was an actual not from nautical things
and not just a fantasy product but something that was timeless and sophisticated the ring
I’m wearing is 14 karat yellow gold that matches my cufflinks and it has a citrine stone I
found it at a vintage flea market in Boston if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe
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stay tuned for videos on how to dress younger than your age and how to look more mature


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