How to Edit Minecraft Custom Block Textures and Color Maps Minecraft Block Textures 1.14

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Minecraft texture pack video we’ll be changing this basic look here, standard Minecraft look, over to a look more like Mars in a Sci-Fi look and we’ll start off by changing these 5 different textures here. That’s coarse dirt and grass, past here regular dirt, sand, and stone. Okay let’s get to it. put it on hold for a Put it on hold for a
minute, there we go, and I’ll bring up the Photoshop Elements program to adjust these textures and you can use any graphics program you want, I just happen to like Photoshop Elements. It’s inexpensive and does a great job for this kind of work okay so go ahead and bring that up okay there’s elements in the background and in the foreground I have a folder here or have my basic resource pack information now you’ll need three parts need the PAC PNG image the pack tot MC meta file right here you can download both of these and there’s a link that in the description and it’s an as if file called resource pack files dot zip and they also need the assets in here and if you don’t have the assets folder ready to go take a look at my previous video on creating custom texture packs and there is a link for that in the description and also up there upper right hand corner in the cards okay once we have this we need to then go into assets and then minecraft and textures right down here and you look in two places block and color map look in color map first and you won’t that says grass dot PNG and I’ve already converted this one it will look like this over here normally so you want to have the grass dot PNG file open right there and then back into textures again go into block and in this big list here of different blocks you need to pull out five of those and they’re right up here there’s stone and sand grass blocks side dirt and coarse dirt now I’m picking these because these are mostly what you’ll see when you’re looking at a landscape other things to be there as well but this is most of it and what to understand the process here you can go through and pick up the other few they may see else want to take a look at that as we get through this so that’s what you need the color map over here and then these five texture blocks and before we get into those let’s quickly change our image here this is just the image that’s used inside a Minecraft to show this particular custom texture pack soak up this PNG file right here and also have a picture of Mars over here I’ll grab both of those just really goes into elements there we are and then I’ll take this picture of Mars and I’ll drag it right on top of that kitty cat and throw that and then hold down the control key keyboard shortcut that gives you your control handles in here and I can now resize this to fit now let’s put it kind of like that looks good julik aim will save this I’ll save it twice first as a default PSD file that’s your photo should Ellen’s file that way it saves my layers over here and I recommend doing that in any program you use and go ahead and save the layers out so to the file and save there it is that way I can also go back and easily change the picture in the future save me a couple of steps next time around and then go to file and come down to save for web all I want to do here is simply to convert this to a PNG file and I’m using PNG 8 on this one it’s 128 by 128 pixels the image is already at that size as long as it’s png-8 that’s fine choose save and make sure we save this into our proper location which is that folder right there you know save on top of that one and replace ok that’s taken care of that’s now out of the way there we go alright let’s now come in and work with these things now I’m doing this real easy and obvious use this middle one here as an example what I’ve done to make this just a cinch since all we need to do is to give these an orange tint the easiest way is just to bring in a color layer in here let me show you that layer there it is a color layer on top of the image layer and then just use a blending mode here to blend the color into that image most Griffis programs can do this basic concept simply taking a color and blending it in if you can’t do that depending upon your graphics program just use your hue/saturation controls and there will be one of those and your program and shift the hue over to the oranges but fun this is even easier and it makes it a cinch to you simply copy this over into your other files let me show you that real fast I’ll skewer to this layer here there we go so let’s say I had it all set up here all I need to do then again this is the inside of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop works the same way most programs work the same way take your layer and it’s drag it over to your other image and there it goes it copies that over onto that image now I’ve done that already for all of these just bring those back in there we go even on the color map over here same exact trip now because of the colors you may need to make some slight adjustment on this now I’m this one this one this one and also this one these are all darker than the orange color so on these I was able to use the soft light blend mode and that looked the best mean there are different blend modes in here I could choose like that but the soft light looked the best to give me the nicest abuse come in Orange overall coloration in there so those are all the soft light going on to sand it didn’t look so good there’s the original sand it didn’t look so good with the soft light but I found that color burn which was up here gave me a nice coloration so I take color burn for the sand and then over on the grass same problem the soft light didn’t look too good and that’s right there he didn’t do much at all as you can see but I found that just doing a color shift did what I wanted it made everything that color okay that’s all taken care of in real straightforward all basically the same thing a little difference on the blend mode just to get a nice color once that’s done simply save all these I’ve already saved these as the default PSD file is your Photoshop file or Photoshop Elements file and then once that’s done save it out as a PNG eight inside of Photoshop Elements you use these save for web over in Photoshop you just do a save as most programs do a save as or an export for we want to use the PNG eight and choose save make sure you go back into the right location this of course is the grass we’re looking at now it’s going to be in the textures and color map and there it hasn’t already saved it right there okay now we have all of that done so these are all saved we can now get this out of the way there’s our new pack PNG image there’s the pack dot MC meta there’s our assets with our changed images in here we can now zip all three of these files together so this one that one and that one need those three files zipped together come down to add to archive and let’s give this one a name up here we’ll just call us on Mars textures Mars textures one that’s good choose okay and let that zip all the stuff together into one zip file once they have a zip file we can then simply copy this over into the resource pack location from Minecraft and will then be accessible for us right from that resource pack location very very easy to do the hard part really is just figuring out how you want to adjust the colors now in the coloration that I used I just did a simple orange because it’s kind of a Mars think that you can give a different color to each part of the textures if you want it’s really up to you we’re just doing kind of a theme here kind of orangish based theme okay so there is our resource pack right there go back into minecraft and click on options and resource packs and then down here it says open resource pack folder choose that one and there’s a resource pack folder here’s a couple of ones that’ll work I’m going to get this coloration right so here’s our textures all just right drag that over here and copy it into the resource pack location we can then close that down we’re done with that we’re done with that and we’re done here click done again and you’re back to this menu page back to options back to resource packs and there’s that new texture pack right there click on the arrow brings it in over here as the top option and that of course is the default and the running one one that’s actually being run click on done this will then relaunch minecraft with that new texture click done back to game and there we go there’s our nice kind of orange e brown look let’s just go back to full screen again there we go now let’s see how this looks the grass looks real nice there’s the kind of a brown color for the grass the dirt has all chain changed sand has changed and the stone has changed now in the background back there we have this stuff here that’s probably sandstone as opposed to seance how to go back and find that texture and change that one as well if we walk around to see a few more things have changed of course the sand here and the hill looks just fine come a nice orange color in there there’s that coarse dirt right there that looks fine notice that also some of the small bushes have changed as well right there let’s go around the corner here most of the tree has not changed there’s no change on the tree so I have to take care of the tree will be doing trees in the next video and get these things a nice sci-fi color as well but again the bushes look good and around over here the bamboo actually hasn’t changed at all but the sugarcane has changed so it has changed most everything you’ve looked back in there there are still some other textures that won’t need to be adjusted but most everything has been handled by those five textures we took care of and also by the grass coloration and see that these bushes have actually pulled their color information from the grass color so there we go there’s our first pass here the first bit of work on changing this over to a Mars coloration and then we’ll do those trees next week in the next video if you liked this video make sure you hit that like button and of course share does click on share and share with your friends don’t forget to subscribe as well if you haven’t already done so and help my channel by supporting it through patreon and there’s a link for the patron right down there in the description [Music] you you

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