How To Find a Job in Fashion? (Fashion Industry Jobs and Career)

Hi, I am Marat from Emmotion. I’ve been working in Human Resources for
fashion companies for years and I would like to give you a few tips on ways to start working
in the industry and the main positions you could possibly get access to. There are many different jobs in the fashion
industry but one thing that most employees have in common is really a passion and love
for fashion. It could show in many ways: being up to date
with the industry news, knowing the current trends, reading fashion magazines or blogs,
following brands closely through social media, etc. Before you decide to work in fashion consider
the fact that it’s a very changing industry, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. This is why passion is crucial and that’s
what will keep you motivated. The easiest way to break into the fashion
industry is starting to work in a retail store. It can give you some clear ideas of what the
industry is like, this way you can also compare different companies. Usually how things work in the store is a
reflection of the corporate strategy, you’ll see whether the employees love coming to work
every day or it’s the other way around. If you already have a degree and you speak
different languages, you might actually stand a good chance of getting promoted internally,
even to a corporate office. Even if you’ve studied something fashion-related,
nothing beats real-world experience. Many people start in fashion taking an internship
to gain experience, these internships help you learn everything from the inside. Apply for internships while you are still
in school and pay attention to the way you dress. No other industry has the same emphasis on
matching company culture through the way you dress. An internship often serves as an extended
job interview and could land you a permanent job. Some of the most common and in-demand corporate
job positions in the the fashion industry are: (B-ROLL text on the screen) Fashion Designers
Collection Buyers and Merchandisers Pattern Makers
Graphic Designers Product Managers
E-Commerce department roles such as: Product Allocation, Customer Service, Art Direction,
Styling, Photography. General departments such as: Human Resources,
Area Management, Marketing and Communication, Finances, IT, Transport and Logistics etc. In our next video we detail the job descriptions
for these roles, the studies and the skill set you might need to successfully apply for
them. For more ideas, tips, and best practices to
improve your career and look, subscribe to our channel below.


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