How to Fold Your Clothes : How to Fold a Jean Jacket

Hi, this is Melody. On behalf of Expert Village,
I’m go to fold a blue jean jacket for you in this segment. First, I would button it.
It doesn’t have to be every button. Just pick a button that will hold it together. If the
bottom has a detail, some kind of, like this one is an “A” cut, I’m going to go ahead and
button it one button down. One up here. And, one down here. This way, it will keep the
bottom together, too. When I go to fold it, it would be nice if it would just stay together.
Okay, there’s that one. And, we’ll do one up here. I personally don’t have the patience
to unbutton some of these things when I go to put them on. I do it, but I have to make
a lot of noise about it. So, sometimes I’d just rather button one button or two. Okay,
first off, you find the shoulders. I found the seam for the shoulders right here, and
I lay the garment down. I pull collars up. Some people don’t do this, but I do. You can
also fold things with the collars like this. Just like a button up shirt. But, I am going
to do it this way for this particular folding. Alright, I’m trying to get it as flat as possible
in all directions so I can see what we have here. And, there are different ways to fold
this. You can, I’m going to flip it over here, fold it on the back. Make it a little bit
of a strip right here. All that does is just make it a neater package when you’re finished.
This way, the front where all the buttons are won’t get jammed up in a big wrinkle,
big creases in the very front. It’s a lot easier to wear creases on your shoulder, in
the back, when you put your body in there, it’ll come out, than in the front. So, we
just flip those little sleeves up at the cuff. Keep it all flat. And, put the tail, essentially,
up to the collar. Flip it over. Here’s the front of your garment. Just sort of straighten
it out a little bit. There you go. Depending on what you’re doing, you could fold it a
different way, but for this purpose there we are, our finished garment. In the next
segment, I’ll be folding another piece of clothing for you.


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