How to Get Your Sister to Stop Stealing Your Clothes

How to Get Your Sister to Stop Stealing Your
Clothes. She doesn’t wash them, she stretches them
out, and they’re never there when you want to wear them. Get your sister to stop stealing your clothes. You will need Assistance Clothes to share
Consequences and optional: lock. Step 1. Ask your sister to stop taking your clothes
without your permission. Remind her that she wouldn’t like it if
you took her clothes. Yelling, screaming, and hitting your sister
is not an effective way of dealing with this problem. Step 2. Enlist the help of your parents. Explain what is happening and ask for their
help in getting your sister to understand that taking your things is wrong. Step 3. Designate certain clothes that you don’t
mind sharing and let borrow those. Make it clear that others are completely off
limits. Get a lock for your bedroom or closet door. Step 4. Give her a consequence – every time she
takes something of yours, you will take something of hers. Follow through every time. Step 5. If all else fails, be flattered that she admires
your style, but don’t forget to remind her at every opportunity how obvious it is that
she wants to be just like you. Did you know Did you know? Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters won the
Oscars for Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Original Screenplay in 1986.


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