How to Get YouTube Custom URL 2019

Recently I was asked by a fellow YouTuber friend. How do you get that YouTube Custom URL for your channel? – How to Get YouTube Custom URL 2018 That’s what we talk about today.
Here we go! Hello and welcome back to another video.
If you’re new around here and you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, grow
your YouTube channel, or push your brand out there onto the second largest search
engine on the Internet. Click SUBSCRIBE and START CREATING! YouTube branding is a very important thing. It highlights who you are. It
highlights how people can find you and more importantly when you get that
special URL link, it’s a hell of a lot easier to remember a short name. Rather than a long weird one that looks
crazy. Now before I get started on telling you How to get YouTube custom URL in 2018. I’d like to thank Desiree Martinez for suggesting this question. If you want other questions answered why don’t you leave the the question down below. I’ll try and make a video out of it or if you have any like related comments in reference
to YouTube channel custom URLs. Once again, please leave a comment down below. Now the YouTube custom URL is a feature that everybody can get. It’s not some hidden thing. You don’t have to be partnered.
You don’t have to have a million subscribers. What you do have to have is a
base. First of all make sure that your channel is verified to set it all up and
then either confirm it via email or by a text message. Make sure that everything
else is set up. Your channel tags and stuff like that but then the feature
for the custom URL unlocks at 100 subscribers. This feature as you can see
by this wonderful screenshot can be unlocked within the channel settings
area. That’s where it keeps track of all of your copyright strikes or any Content
strikes community strikes that kind of thing Whether you can live stream, whether you can do fifteen minute videos, whether or
not you’re monetize, that kind of thing. But as you can see, you click the link
and then you can choose a custom channel URL. Now, I advise at this point that you consider
what that URL is. That can only be changed very very rarely. I’m not sure if it can be 100% changed at all. I’ll do some research and flash it up here or
leave it in the description down below. When you pick a custom channel URL make sure that it’s not a weird frou-frou name. Consider where you want to go with your
brand in the long run, right? Philip Defranco – when he first started made a custom channel URL of sxephil and that was fine for him because it explains who he was
and that was straight edge Phil. Now he happens to create like news stories,
he does topical news videos. He reports on politics and hurricanes
and YouTube drama and everything! He’s basically a news channel network by
himself and as you can imagine sxephil doesn’t necessarily now fit his brand. So think into the future because he’s now changed his channel name to Philip
Defranco or The Philip Defranco Show but he’s URL is still sxephil. I personally have branded this channel Alan Spicer. Although the name is
Alan Spicer – YouTube Tricks and Tips my url is – and that’s me and my Mr Hairy Brit channel is – So make sure that you picked the correct custom channel URL. Make sure that when you get to 100
subscribers you can click and customize and then you can build your brand from
there, it’s a hell of a lot easier to tell someone to go to Than it is that long weird number. Anyway, I hope that weird rambly video helped you. If you want more YouTube tricks
and tips, there is a free pdf up here and the description down below. Go out there, START CREATING!


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