How to Improve Body Language II Dress and Appearance Paralanguage

So now like we are going to do this thing
like show you how to make how to impress a person like with your body language right So first I will have like how you gonna show
the other person that you are quite confident and you are not nervous at all There are few
body languages which we need to take care while we are meeting a new person to tell
them that we are quite confident First of all is the handshake okay So uhh how do we do the handshake thing like
tighten up or like loosen up How Can can you come and shake a hand with me Okay This is Yeah Is this fine or this this is fine This is fine for me Okay You should be like little loose right
It is just a normal one okay If we should not like you know show the power off uhh to
the other person who is going to take our interview or our friend or someone okay And also we should not keep our hand quite
loose Kyunki agar hum apna haath loose rakhenge toh agla banda judge kar leta hai ki hum nervous
hai Jab bhi hum when we walk in for the interview not here but somewhere out in companies first
thing which we do is we shake hands with the interviewers Woh hamare handshake se hi pehle
judge kar lete hai ki are we confident or hum confident hai ya nahi Agar hamara handshake
lose hai aur like shivering hands hai wo wahi bol dete hai ki this person is not at all
confident Pehla body language jo hamara confidence deliver
karta hai agle bande ko woh hai hamara handshake alright Second thing which comes is eye contact
Jab hum kisi se baat kar rahe hai try to make an eye contact Like at least while we are talking right We
should maintain our eye contact Agar hum apni Aankhein churate hai toh saamne wala pakad
leta hai ki ha bhai yeh banda fake hai aur yeh jhoot bol raha hai or something Ya confidence
nahi hai bande mein right Toh is cheez ka humein khayal rakhna hai Eye contact is the
most important part While you are talking to person eye contact
rakho Jab talking conversation over hai ya pause hai look over other things But jab conversation
phir resume hoti hai toh you should put like complete concentration over that person Aur
most important jab aap eye contact kar rahe hai zyada blinking nahi karni Hum blink tab
zyada karte hai jab hum nervous hote hain Jab aap eye contact bhi bana rahe ho make
sure ke zyada blinking na ho nahi to agla banda judge kar leta hai ki this is not confident
person Aur stare nahi karna Ke hamari yeh na ho ke
blinking na karne ke chakkar mein hum apni fix karde aankhein Woh phir hum robot lagenge
ya phir fake lagenge aur agla banda uncomfortable hoga Saamne wala uncomfortable feel karega because
like 24/7 if you are staring at someone like it makes the person uncomfortable right Third body language hota hai the way we stand
When we are meeting some person we should not stand like this or like this or like crossing
our legs Hamare legs jo hai hamare shoulders jitne wide open hona chahiye Kyuki if we are
crossing our legs toh this shows ki we are very nervous in meeting that person Apne legs
ko friends ke saath chalta hai but like in official meetings or somewhere out you should
not cross your legs while you are meeting a person aur slouch nahi karna Aise nahi khade hona ya aise nahi khade hona
This show you are complete nervous And if it is a long time like ek ghante do
ghante ke liye khada hona hai right You can just like ek matlab lean yourself but not
so much right Weight shift karo Ek foot se… Weight shift karo but like movement bhi rakho
apni Movement rakho but apni jagah par waapis aao This thing you need to take care Matlab body
language mein in cheezo ka dhyan rakhna Yeah The shift in weight thing right Actually
jab do ghante ke liye hame khada hona hai we can not stand like still 24/7 or like 2
hours or 3 hours like this right So we need to give rest So like what we can do is while
talking like I am putting my weight in the right side or again in the left right You
got it Now next thing is when we are meeting some
person we have to act welcoming That yes I am glad you are meeting me and that all sort
of things For that we have a presentation It is like first thing is never cross your
arms when you are meeting a person Agar aapne apni arms cross kardi hai to iska matlab hai
you are not interested or you are just closing off this conversation and you want to leave First thing is keep your arms uncrossed And
second align your body towards a person you are communicating If I am standing like this like it is not
nice right It is not looking good So you should not do ever in front of any official person
It is okay with the friends but kabhi bhi kisi bhi official bande ke samne kabhi mat
karo Aur apni body align your body angle toward
the person you are talking Jaise abhi main baat karta hoon tumse Tumhari
taraf hu Usse baat karunga halka sa tilt karunga right Toh jis bande se baat karte ho focus
uspe karo aankhen uski aankhon mein daalo thik hai Aur sabse pehli baat apni hand movements
ko jaari rakho This shows ke aap conversation mein involved
hai Aur ek flow nikalta hai tumhari body se Ek
energy nikalti rehti hai Flow hoti rehti hai Thik hai Next Aur one more thing jab aap…haanji Well I guess if I am talking and like I am
showing you that this is the thing so this is the excess thing Like its okay Like I was
going there and like you know it was kind of fun This is cool If I would have joined
like it was fun like this is fake Okay Matlab agar hum koi baat kar rahe hai agar
hum passionate apni conversation ko leke to hand movements zaroor hona chahiye Aur sabse bada plus point kya hota hai Jab
hum kisi se baat karte hai aur hamara hand movement hota hai Agar Hum ek do galtiya bhi
kar dete hai who aadhe bande ka dimaag hamesha 50 percent hamare hathon pe hota hai aur aadhi
hamari baaton pe Toh aadhi cheeze woh samajh nahi pata agar hum kya galat bolte hai kya
sahi So this is the plus point of your hand movement You should have a perfect hand movement
actually Okay and doosri baat If you are in a group
sitting in a group aur phir aapko thoda confusion hai where to align my body and where to do
Kyunki aap sab se baat kar rahe ho Aap sabse haina Aur ham jaise when I told ke when you
are talking to someone align your body Group mein make a eye contact with everyone Group
mein you can not like talking to this then this this You can not move like this Okay
So usme kya hai agar koi aur banda jisko aap chahte ho ke impress karna hai bas apni body
ko uski taraf align kar do Jis bande ko impress karna hai Align your body towards that person Rest of
all ke saath eye contact banane ki koshish karo Thik hai Aur agar koi banda us angle
pe you can not align your body at least make an eye contact and talk Thik hai Is se agla
banda aap ki body language matlab usko yeh batate hai ki you are interested Though I
cannot move towards you but still I am interested in you But what we can not do is hum jaise I am talking
to her right I am interested in talking to her but I can not do this right This is something
different We can not do it Or we can not stand like this It is not meant to be like this Lean ho par zyada nahi ki agla banda uncomfortable
ho jaye Okay We have to lean Main important body language yeh hai Agar koi baat kar raha
hai aur aapne usko batana hai ki mai interested hu tumhari baaton mein lean a bit Thik hai
If you are uhh sitting across a table table pe thoda lean karo Yeh nahi ke ab uss bande
pe chadke hi lean karna hai ke I am interested in you Table pe thoda lean kar loge toh agle
bande ko indication mil jaayega ke aap interested ho Thik hai Jab bhi kisi se baat karte ho aise nahi ki
like the person is talking to me mai aise baith ke bol rahi hu haan Thik hai Toh isme
thoda arogance bhi show hota hai thoda disinterest bhi ki yaar khatam karo baatein I want to
leave Like if she is sitting and I am here right
Toh what I will do is I will sit in this this position Ya We will a bit lean and we will talk Agar
peeche ho rahe hai toh I am giving clear indication that I am no more interested or like you just
please go And if she is in front of me if she is in
front of me I will never cross my legs Try not to cross your legs Okay A bit leaned ahead Alright And then we have our body language
jo batati hai agle bande ko ki I am kind towards you positiveness dikhani hai Do bande baat
kar rahe hai First of all conversation mein dada important hai mirror karo uski image
If the friend is sitting this way haina Like you sit Yeah He is my friend or the person… I will take the same thing Ya If he is sitting this way I can copy this
person Ye nahi ki he is sitting this way aur main official mod me baithi hu aise baatein
karne ke liye Official things are only with the boss and
with the employees Jab interview pe jaate hain jaise wo baithe
hai you mirror them When you are with your friends jaise wo baithe hai you mirror If
your friend is leaning you also lean If your friend is with crossed arm you also cross
your arm Isme ye is body language se pata lagta hai ke aap uske saath involved ho baaton
mein Thik hai Interview me jaate ho jis posture mein wo hote hain aap uss posture mein baitho
Yeh nahi ke waha jaa ke lean kar diya Alright Aur friends ke samne yeh nahi ke interview
posture mein baithe ho haina Aur who lean kar raha hai and the friend is
getting uncomfortable Are yaar yeh kya baitha hua hai mere saamne Thik hai Yeh hamari body
language hai jo bataati hai ke I am kind towards you positivity and everything And whenever we go for the interview right
Never we should like keep our hands on the table never If you are nervous if you are
very nervous what you can do is Neeche rakho haath or apne haath ko jitna tightly ho sakta
hai pakdo But do not let it show in come in your face right And while you are talking first thing jo aapki
nervousness bataati hai is when you are playing with your clothes or with your hairs Doing
anything Iss cheez se agla banda judge kar jata hai ki aap nervous ho Jab aapne bataana
hai ki I am quite confident keep your hands relaxed Aapke haathose unhe pataa chalta hai And do not carry a pen or something holding
in your hand because like you will be starting playing Pocket mein keys hai pocket mein haath ghusa
liye keys chhan chhan chhan chhan This is not the good thing alright Yeh cheeze phir
agla banda soch raha hai ki yeh toh mere saath time pass kar raha hai This is not a good
indication Thik hai Aur sabse badi baat hoti hai jab hum wait
kar rahe hote hai Right For the interview For the interview that is the matlab really
important point Jo hum ignore kar dete hain Hum bahaar baithte
hai interview ka wait kar rahe hai Suppose I am going to some company Kya yaar do ghante
se bitha diya Kya karu Phone nikala message kiya I am waiting since this long You never know who is the next person sitting
beside you right Aur woh kaun hai aur kaise judge kar raha
hoon aapko When you walk in and you are like Oh This person was sitting out in lobby Aur
uske saamne aap headphones lagaye ho kaano me bas Lage huwe hai Meri turn aayegi toh
I will go inside Never ever play with the cellphone or something
Just try to read a newspaper Uss se kya hota hai agle bande chahe aap na padho Kabhi mat
padho but waha aap ko karna chahiye That who show karta hai that like you know you are
interested in world You have the knowledge right Waha company ke pamphlets ho go through them
Agle bande ko pata lagta hai you are interested in their company Yeh nahi ki yeh table manners
aur sitting posture humein jaake unke saamne hi show karna hai Right from the beginning
from the lobby you need to show these all things Thik hai Aur jab bhi koi jaise you
people are good in this Jaise I am talking and you people are nodding you are smiling
Iss se aapki active participation ka bhi pata lagta hai This thing is good like… And always keep a cute smile on your face
Right No not that one It really scared me Okay so this is the body languages jo humne
abhi discuss ki hai Aur abhi hum ab aapki hi activity hogi introduction ki Hanji You said earlier that one is leaning backwards
and who have folded their arms so it means that they are not interested Then you said
that if your friend or someone is doing then you can mirror them Yeah What if an interviewer has crossed his arms
or is leaning back No uhh your question is right Like if we are
leaning back and like with friends and all The difference right He is your boss and the
boss is always right He can do whatever he wants because he has the authority to fire
you In cheezo ka… If he has leaned backwards and he has folded
his arms… No mirror I told you to mirror the person
sitting Har jagah pe yeh nahi chalta Yeh body language jo waha body language humne deliver
karni hai wahi karenge Aur jo… It is okay with your coworkers Coworker… The mirror images could with your coworkers
But the office thing is kind of With your boss you never show mirror Irrespective of his position we should be
maintaining our position Yeah or maybe mostly aisa nahi hota Agar aate
hai interviewer toh lean back aur woh toh phir hardly it happens Maybe phir toh wohi
banda is interested who toh apna show hi kar raha hai ki I am not interested in you Who toh banda uska matlab hai ki woh starting
se hai aap ko dikha raha hai ke bhai we are not interested in you Ha uska body language aapko hi bata raha hai
ke he is not interested to toh phir aap thodi na uska body language copy karke bolo denge
I am also not interested in you Aur aisa hi yeh do cheezo me hota hai If you
are over confident or you are under confident the candidate The thing is uski body language se toh aapko
pata lag gaya na ke he is not interested Usne apna body language deliver kar diya aapko
ki I am not interested Kyunki agar hum under confident hote hai toh
hum wahan jaate hain hum har cheez bahut fast karte hain right Sir maybe the interviewer changes position
to test the candidate… Yeah Yes sometimes they do it That is why like
you have to maintain yourself Do not go with sometimes we need to just make a lines boundaries
right So that is the thing Okay You earlier said that we should always mirror
their body languages But I do not think we should mirror their negative body languages No yes of course not Even if they are negative to us we can hold
our positions yes of course Yeah Bas yahi bataane ka motive hai ki waha jaake
apni firmness aur rigidity It is not like everywhere you need to show Sometimes woh
relaxed hai toh you can go relax with that person Taake who agla banda bhi aapke saath
aapki company enjoy kar le Thik hai na Interview wagaira toh phir ekdum alag aspect ho gaya
haina And while preparing for the interview us bande
ko aapki aankhon me dikhna chahiye ki yes you are prepared and like yeah you know about
the interview you know about the company right So this things should be there Ki agar agle
ne tumhe nahi ok kara toh that is his loss that is his loss that is not your loss You
have the other options too Right Now should we move on Next is like how to
introduce yourself Jab hum introduce karte hai apne aap ko bahut sari cheeze hai jo agla
banda hamare liye wahi pe pick karta hai aur hamari personality apne mind pe bana leta
hai Kyunke hum pehli baar jab kisi ko milte hain hum apna saara biodata toh usko dete
nahi hai Woh hamari body language jo humne chaar baatein kahi hai wahi se hamari personality
ko apne dimaag mein bana deta hai So few things hai jo hum apne mind mein take care karna
chahiye while we are on the first part of introduction Thik hai Jaise aap mein se anyone of you can
come and tell me suppose aap presentation de rahe ho Not complete presentation I am
asking Waha introduction kaise doge apne presentation mein Can anyone come and give a demo Come on let us try yaar Try karo Everybody makes mistake Mistakes nahi nikalni humne Hum tumhe just
tell what things are required and what is not Can anyone Okay please Just the introduction Just the presentation deni hai Toh how you
will introduce yourself with the person Good evening everybody My name is Jyoti Gupta
and today I am going to give a presentation on so and so topic Alright Fine Yes Okay So anyone else Nope Okay Yeah please Good evening everyone good evening mam and
my dear friends I am here to give a to present my topic which is this and this That is good This thing is actually what is working While
you are giving a presentation first thing people generally do is like Good morning everyone
my topic is so and so Nervousness pata lagti hai But like you people are quite mature you
are doing it really good Jab aap apne presentation mein introduction dete hai first thing is
greeting and telling about who you are Later you are going to tell about all the relevant
information why I am here For what purpose and all Aur uss time pe introduction time
pe at least make sure ke aap move na karo Thik hai Apni position pe khade ho Okay And you give
a introduction Later jab presentation start ho rahi hai then you have to give the moments
in between But uss time pe you are told ke aap back na karo Aur matlab introduction de
rahe ho toh sabke eye contact banane hai Because you are introducing yourself with everyone
out there Or like aisa na ho ke like pahle hi jaake
aap bolu yeh ke thoda boring hoga but still you know I am presenting this thing It should
not be starting from a negative thing Sir aapko pata hai kitna be negative ho bas usko
pata hai positive way mein start karna hai Right You should give your best And suppose your meeting any individual out
Waha pe introduction dena hai Kuch bahut basic cheeze hai which we need to take in mind Jo
aap sab ke mind mein bhi hogi but I should repeat them Pehli baat toh handshake hota
hai Aur like kis jagah pe aapko us jagah pe depend karta hai Har culture ka apna alag
way hai greet karne ka Somewhere its hugs somewhere they just do handshake somewhere
it is nothing Thik hai Aap uske accordingly karo India mein hugging karna is very like
unfavorable Woh toh agla banda pehle hi uncomfortable
hoke bhaagega aapse Thik hai According to the culture you do appropriate greeting to
the person Uske saath eye contact banao or the thing is ki apni tone Agar jaisi uski
soft tone hai Yeh nahi ke woh dheere se bol raha hai aap joro shoro se lage hai Ke who
banda kahe yaar I am getting so embarrassed this person is stealing the attention of everyone
Apni tone uske saath poori coordinator rakho jab aap first time introduce kar rahe ho Aur
bas apne baare mein hi nahi bolna Try to ask about that person From where you Why you are here What you doing
Thik hai Iss se good impression jata hai Or like first thing you do is hi I am your name
Like Hi I am Nilinder Kaur what is your good name Never ignore this thing ke apna naam
bata diya aur agle ka poocha hi nahi Jaise hi agla banda apna naam batata hai toh you
should say its uhh pleasant to meet you whatsoever the name is uska saath me uska naam bhi bolna
hai Thik hai Uss time pe Iss se agla banda proper into conversation aa jata hai aur confidence
mein aata hai ke this person is actually interested in me Thik hai na This things Okay now I will do the presentation thing
mostly hum college mein presentation ke saath hi aake ulajhte hai and we like hide ourselves
ke presentation hai kal meri yeh who Toh few things we will discuss about this thing Main
presentation clips dekhi jaise baccho ki bahut saari cheeze note karne wali hoti hai usme
presentation mein Har kisi ki presentation mein koi na koi gadbadi mil jaati hai Kuch
toh dekh ke bolne lage hote hai Right This is very common among all Hum notes pe stick
rehte hai Thik hai na Second thing is notes mein stick rehne ka
sabse bada drawback yeh hai ki hamari audience ki taraf back hoti hai Toh we are reading
for ourself only Unse toh hamari koi communication hi nahi ho rahi Thik hai na This thing you
need to keep in mind Can you play the next slide First thing we will talk about the posture
Jo presentation ke time pe aap ko apne posture ka take care karna hota hai Like the thing is this poster ka right Presentation like if the slide is going on
main aise karke kisi ko bata raha hoon Bhai peeche agla kya kar raha hai I do not know
right So we should take care of it We should be prepared Hame bas aise seedhe khada hona
hai Halka Sa tilt karke we should face the person whom we are talking and like we should
show them what we are trying to make them understand Right Aise hona chahiye aur doosri
baat yeh Jaise eye contact uss bande ke saath mein banaya Randomly go with the right to
left left right center Randomly do those things Right Aur phir beech
mein bande ko ek aada question bhi pooch lo ki what do you think about this thing You
have any suggestions Har cheez bande ko involve karo apne mein Hum mostly presentations chhat ko dekh ke
de dete hai Bina audience ki taraf dekhe ya koi friend baitha hai bas friend ko dekh ke
sari presentation suna di Kyuke humein confidence milta hai apne friend se Aur baaki bande phir
bore hi ho rahe hote hai Please yeh cheez ko avoid karna hota hai At least 4 to 5 seconds
apni eyesight har ek bande pe fix rakhni hai Thik hai Aur iss se aap ko pata lagta hai
ke agar bande nod kar rahe hai toh you get to know ke who hamari iss mein presentation
mein interested hai Body movement zyada nahi karni Presentation
ke time pe jahan khade ho try to stay on that place for the maximum par zyada nahi Beech
mein movement karo but then again get back to your position and stand Aur apni hand movement
ke agar koi movement zyada karni hai toh hands se woh bhi zyada nahi Appropriately apni hand
moments un ko show karni hai Main thing hota hai ki jo main humne problem dekhi hai eye
contact ki Thik hai na Please presentation ke throughout eye contact zaroor rakha karo Taake har bande ko lage ki haan this person
is talking to me and I am involved into this Thik hai na Iss cheez ka presentation mein
dhyan rakhna hota hai And most thing is your dress We will talking about whole that dressing
thing later Presentation mein main hum in cheezo ka dhyan rakhte hain Any question you
wanna ask Anything you want to know Sir is there any pattern which we can follow
for making the eye contact Pattern No it should be random It should be random actually Random actually Because the thing is this the pattern from
right to left then extreme left That is not the way right Just like okay it is according
to the colors by the way which attracts Like I will go for the red then again the green
then like this yellow right So it is according to our eyes only And when you are making a contact toh yeh
nahi ke agle ki dress ko dekh kar chhod diye uski muh ki taraf dekha hi nahi Please make
sure eye contact ki baat kar rahe hain hum sab Thik hai na Okay How do we end a presentation Haan I will tell you And one more thing is
jab aap presentation de rahe ho hands on hips peeche haath pocket my haath yeh sabse gandi
cheez lagti hai Generally maine dekha hai presentation pocket my haath deke de dete
hain kuch log Pocket mein ek haath hota hai dusra move kar raha hota hai presentation
khatam bhi ho jati hai Jo totally wrong lagta hai uss time pe Thik hai na Uss se woh banda bada uncomfortable huwa hota
hai that is why Nervousness show hoti hai poori uske saath


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