How To Look Elegant At Home

Ladies, stop with a habit of wearing your ugliest
clothes just because you are home. Instead, I want you to look like this. My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to another video. Today, I have a highly requested video for you. I know you want to know
how to look elegant at home and considering that we are
now quarantine ladies, this video is quite suitable.
First thing first ladies, I want you to go to your wardrobe after
this video and I want you to throw away everything with holes,
everything that’s worn out, everything that you bought in places like
H&M and then wore for about 10 years, everything that colors are washed out,
everything that’s old, nasty looking, everything
that looks very juvenile. Go take it by the hair and
just throw it away right now, not right now after the video.
We are elegant ladies. We’re grown-up ladies. We don’t know wear any cartoon
characters on the our home clothes. We don’t wear sweat pants.
We don’t wear Mickey Mouse. We don’t wear Betty Boop or Snoopy. We dress like adults and
adults don’t wear a worn out, ugly looking clothes. Adults take responsibility for their
appearance and then make an effort. I want you to also ask yourself
a very important question. How much time do you spend at home? Are you one of those who like me,
work from home and you actually spend a lot of time at home or are you those with a more
active lifestyle outside of your home? Meaning that you only use your apartment
or your house for sleeping mainly and maybe a few hours here and there. Why I’m asking you this is because this
is what’s going to make you understand, how much money you should be
investing in your home clothes. The more time you spend, the more money you should be
spending on your clothes at home. It’s funny how we have this thing in
our head that we spend a lot of money on the clothes that we go out in, like we can spend a thousand on a dress
but we can not spend $200 on a pair of really nice pajamas. Instead, we go
to maybe some fast fashion shops, get something really cheap for like
$10 and then we wear it year after year after year, even if
they have holes. Brilliant! Every household has its own dress code
and you have to understand that there is no etiquette for what you should be
wearing at home freely if you want to wear your rags at home,
you can do it. At home, etiquette
is not strict. We create our own dress code
and depending on your household, your household
will have its own rules. Maybe if you are a big family, then you might have
different dress code than somebody who just
lives with their partner. A good example
would be actually myself, I live with my partner so we have a
more relaxed address code at home. I can easily lounge around
in my pajamas, while if it’s like after
eight o’clock at night. But in a different household, you wouldn’t be wearing a pajama
at all to lounge around in as a family. You might have a bigger
family where actually, more loungewear would be
appropriate to wear when you’re watching TV
in the living room. So you need to understand
what is appropriate for you and what is appropriate
for your family. Set your own rules. But this video is really about you
elevating how you treat yourself at home, even though it’s behind closed doors, even if you live by yourself. I want you to step up your wardrobe
one notch because you are going to feel
more confident with yourself. You’re going to feel
much more feminine. That is probably the biggest plus of
this whole video and you’re going to feel better with your whole self as a result. How do we feel when we just let ourselves
go and don’t look after ourselves? We don’t feel good about ourselves. So that’s why it’s really important when
you spend so many hours in your home that you actually feel proud of yourself, proud of how you look and you passing
by the mirror and just like look at yourself a little extra time and feel, “hmmm, I look good, I feel good”. This is how I want you to
start living your life after this video. Ladies, I do have a free cheat sheet on
how you can look expensive on any budget. and download this free cheat sheet
because it’s going to help you elevate your wardrobe to the next level. So I’m going to divide
this in four parts. Now, the first part is about what
you wear as loungewear and what you wear
in what climate. The other part will be what you wear for
nighttime when you go to sleep and for what climate. So what is loungewear? Loungewear is what we wear when
we just lounge around the house. It could be things that we wear
during daytime. As an example, if I’m working from home and
maybe I want to feel comfortable, I will be wearing my loungewear.
This is definitely my go to outfit. I think it’s cute. I think it’s
casual and not too dress down, not to dressed up, perfect and you can actually even leave
your home like this if you need to run a quick errand. Or like I said, if you are in the bigger household where
you wouldn’t be lounging around in the pajamas, you would be wearing something
that is more like loungewear. One of the perks of living in a cold
climate is actually the loungewear that you can wear because one of the nicest
loungewear is to have like a really nice cashmere set. Oftentimes, if you want to look elegant
and expensive even at home, they should always be matching so
you buy always things in the set. So a nice gray or camel cashmere set,
definitely a good investment. Maybe you wear them with a nice pair
of cashmere socks. In the winter, even if you have central heating,
you might want to wear long trousers, long sleeves, and maybe not so
much shorts or dresses. However, you can wear
longer dresses if they’re knitted and you can also have
nice throw overs, like nice cardigans and such. I personally like to wear palazzo trousers
at home and those actually work for both cold and warm climate. Ladies, this is one of my favorite outfits
for casual lounging around at home. These trousers are made out of
silky satin material. Actually, these are quite affordable. They came from River Island and I bought
them many years ago and they still lasted. I think what’s important to think about
for loungewear in winter is that you can layer, you should definitely layer
with like cardigans and longer fabrics. And you don’t have to think that you
have to wear bulky sweaters and thick materials, not at all. You can layer many times with
thinner wool or cashmere, or even fabrics like modal or
viscose or jersey. You can see, it’s very light. It’s almost see-through, but it’s very comfortable when you wear it,
really lays nicely on the body. It’s very like stretchy and jersey-like. This is definitely something cozy to
wear at home and you can spend hours and hours in this, and just feel
very comfortable. Ultimately, it’s never that cold indoors even
if you don’t have central heating, but the trick is to wear long sleeves. So what about in warm weather? Well, here we really have to think
about the materials we’re wearing. In the warm weather, if you want
to look elegant and expensive, then wearing something like linen,
even though it gets a little bit wrinkly. But trust me, linen is a very sophisticated material
that I really think everybody should own something in that material. Very comfortable bleeds light, will definitely handle warm weather. I have a beautiful linen dress that I’m
eager to show you and this is such a good example of how you can look
feminine and chic, even at home. It’s still covering, it’s still feminine and this belt really
makes it very feminine because you can actually show your silhouette,
even though this is a loose dress. You don’t have to wear always trousers. You can actually wear a dress and
if you are in a warmer climate, definitely think about wearing
dresses. They can be longer, they can be shorter, but dresses really
make you feel feminine. As you can see, I’m wearing a dress right now and this
is actually a dress that I bought in Bali. The fabric is so nice.
Yes, I know it’s black. It’s not really my color, but when
I go back to Bali, I will buy more. The material is really nice.
It’s like a jersey viscose material. It’s very light and I wear
this in 30 degrees heat, so I know that this material
doesn’t make you feel that hot. Same goes for when you wear silk, even though silk is a tricky material
because it does get very wrinkly. But it does make you look elegant. I really think if you want to add that
little luxurious flavor to yourself when you are at home, when you
feel like you are $1 million, then definitely wear something with silk, even if it’s just a nice little
cami top or a nice little skirt. Treat yourself when you are home.
Don’t get lazy, don’t get comfortable, don’t put on the ugliest thing you own. I really don’t know who invented or
who programmed us to put on the worst clothes that we own at home.
What is the logic of that? I really don’t understand. Considering that if you are married or
in a relationship and you live with your partner, if he sees you wearing your rags,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Okay, this is a no go. I would never ever
dress like this at home. Do you think that’s going to elevate
your relationship to the next level? I don’t think so. On the
contrary, its going to kill it. So yes, you should be making
an effort. In warm whether, you can also wear longer trousers. So I would focus on having maybe
linen trousers, maybe modal trousers, but very, very light fabrics, fabrics
that breathe, jersey, viscose, that type of blends. I don’t like cotton so much because I think,
it’s easy to make cotton look washed out and not very expensive. I just think
that there are other better fabrics, but if you like cotton, then
go for cotton. So ladies, what should you wear for sleep? Again, you can lounge a little
bit in your sleepwear, let’s say you’re watching a
movie before going to bed. I personally think it’s absolutely fine
and that’s what we do in our household. So I like to put on a really nice
silk pajamas or a nice silk negligee, the beautiful matching robe on top.
Ladies, here I’m wearing the matching set, the robe, the shorts, the camisole, and these lace details really help
for the elegance and of course, the silk. I think definitely, you should be wearing silk as much as
possible because actually when you sleep, your body and your skin wrinkles a lot
as you press your body on the surface. So it’s really important to have silk
as a material in between you and the surface. Because silk actually
reduces the wrinkles on your body. That’s why I use silk pillow
cases as well when I sleep, because that will reduce
wrinkles in my face. Yes ladies, when you wake up in the morning,
your silky pajamas will be all wrinkly. There are some silks that wrinkle
less, but yes, as a common rule, you will get quite wrinkly.
But you know what? If you have one of these, then you will be fine. You can just steam your clothes
after you wear them or before, or maybe you have your housekeeper
can do it for you. With silk, I would always say, you can wear just something in full silk
or you can have a little bit of lace details. I think lace is very
attractive and very feminine, and men like it a lot.
If you don’t like silk, then go for other fabrics. You can definitely have cotton.
As long as it’s a matching set, then it looks good.
But when you start mix matching, that’s when you start risking it
looking less elegance and expensive. So they are not total man repeller. They might be quite attractive
if your partner likes it. I think it’s important to actually ask
your partner what he likes and doesn’t like on you. Because if you’re just wearing things
that you think you like or you think he likes, you might never know
and you might put him off. And that that can definitely have
an effect in your life and in your relationship. We don’t only dress for ourselves, we also dress for
attracting the opposite sex. Women are not a sex object just
because we like to be attractive to our significant other. Mind you, we
want them to be attractive too. So it’s a two way street. Now, I like pajamas a lot and
depending on your climate, you might be wearing different
pajamas different times of the year. So if you are in a cold climate, you definitely want to sleep maybe
long sleeves and long trouser pajamas. But if I have exactly the same shorts, then this pajama can
become a summer pajama. I just exchange the trousers
to this short. If you are in warm climate, then you might want to have shorter
sleeves and maybe sleep in silk shorts, instead of long pajama trousers. Ladies, I do recommend that you buy a pajama
one size bigger than your original size. I have done the mistake of buying pajamas
in my regular size and it just is not as comfortable as one size bigger.
And I think for pajamas, it’s absolutely fine if it’s
a little bit oversized. Also for warm weather, definitely nice negligee dresses, a little bit of lace detail,
silk if possible. Now ladies, this is not a party dress. This is a thing that you wear
at home to feel feminine, to feel elegant and to feel luxurious. And don’t forget your robe. The robe is so important and you should
have multiple ones, not only one. You can take any long dress or robe and
just wear it like a goddess at home. It gives you a lot of feminine
energy and lot of confidence. Have robe that matches your pajamas,
maybe they come as a set. But you don’t have to have a matching robe only.
You can actually mix and match, as long as they go somehow in
the same color. Now, ladies, be honest with me in
the comments section. What do you usually wear at home and
what are you going to invest in now? I want you to have a discussion there
and encourage each other to upgrade your home wardrobe
because that wardrobe is one of the most important
wardrobe you will have. Now ladies, I want
you to watch my next video, how to look elegant in summer.


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