How to Make a Doodle Hairdo 🐩 Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day Style Files. Hi, it’s me, Sunny
with another look inside the Style Files. How would you like to look
just like Doodle? I can’t wait, Sunny! Great, grab the tablet
to check out what you’ll need! A teasing comb, hair spray,
pink and purple hair paint and paint brushes! Now, let’s get started
by making sure your hair is fully dry! Use the teasing comb to part your hair
down the middle into two sections! Back comb the roots
to give your hair more volume. Make sure your hair is big and fluffy,
after all, Doodle is a pretty fluffy dog! [giggling] Hair spray and scrunching
also helps with volume. Do the same thing on the other side. Back comb your hair! Spray and fluff! Grab your hair just above your ear and use your finger to twirl
that side of your hair into a loop! Once it formed a circle,
pull the end through and pin in place! Wow, that ear hangs
just like a puppy ear! Do the same thing on the other side! Remember to twirl into a loop
and pull the end through! That looks so cute! For a special touch, you can paint stripes on your bangs
to match Doodle! Make sure to use a paper towel and carefully make one stripe
with purple hair paint! Leaving a space, paint a second stripe
with pink hair paint! Use a blow dryer
to make sure the paint is completely dry. You can also fluff your bangs
with a comb! Amazing, I think you’re gonna love it! Are you ready to see your hair style? – Yeah!
– Great! Take a look! It’s amazing, I have doggy ears! That’s very me! I love it! [giggling] Doodleicious! I look just like Doodle! That’s definitely one
for the Style Files! Keep smiling, keep styling! [giggling] Get styling with Sunny Day! Weekdays on Nickelodeon. You can watch more Sunny Day
in the free Nick Jr. app.


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