How to Make a Pop Star Pinwheel ✨ Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day Style Files. Hi, it’s me, Sunny, with another look
inside the style files! Grab a brush, hair elastics, hair pins,
a sock, a teasing comb and some string! You’re going to create a pop star
pin wheel! Ready to look like a pop star?
Great! This hair style works best on damp hair. Gather all your hair back
into a pony tail! Use a hair elastic to hold it in place. You can use a comb or brush
to smooth out any bumps. For the next step, here’s a fun idea,
take a sock and cut off the toe. Wrap the sock over and over
until it looks like a donut. Slide the sock donut
around your pony tail! Cool, huh? Take two small sections
of your pony tail, and twist them each to the right,
so they’re nice and tight! Now, twist those two pieces
together to the left! Stop twisting when you get half way down. Now, it’s time to take that twisted piece
and loop it under the sock. Pull the end through! Look, you’ve created the first loop
of your pin wheel bun! That little left over piece
that’s sticking out, we’re going to twist that
into the next piece. Take that left over piece
and add more hair to it. Split it in two and repeat the process! Twist each piece to the right. Twist the pieces together to the left. Loop it around the sock. Pull the end through. You’re going to look great! Once you loop through
your last pin wheel twist, take that remaining hair,
split it in two, and repeat the same process of twisting
each one separately and then together. Keep going until you reach the end! Leave some loose hair at the bottom and use a hair elastic
to hold it in place. We’re going to make a handle
for your pin wheel! Now, take some pretty ribbon or string
and twist it around the loose hair we left at the bottom. Keep going until you reach the end! Time for another hair elastic! Fold it up into the bottom
of the pin wheel, and use a hair pin to hold it in place! Wow, it looks just like a pin wheel! That pop star pin wheel is gorgeous! [gasping] I love it, Sunny! That’s definitely one
for the style files! Keep smiling, keep styling! Get styling with Sunny Day,
weekdays on Nickelodeon.


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