How to Make a Soccer Hairdo ⚽ Style Files Hair Tutorial | Sunny Day | Nick Jr.

It’s time to get styling
with Sunny Day Style Files! Hi, it’s me, Sunny,
wanna take a look inside the Style Files? How would you like a hairstyle
that’s perfect for soccer? Yeah! Grab the tablet and take a look
at what you’ll need! A hairbrush, comb, soccer stencil,
hair pins and a sporty head band. Let’s get started! Make a high pony tail
right in the middle of your head and secure it with an elastic! Section the hair into two parts. For added volume, back comb
the base of each section with a comb. Wrap one section of the pony tail
around the base, towards the top of your head. Now it’s time to use those hair pins,
you’ll want that bun to stay in place! Let’s do it again to the other section, smoothly wrapping it around
the other bun! Not too tight,
the bigger the better! Use more hair pins to hold it. That looks great
but your soccer style is not ready yet! An adult can help create a soccer pattern
on round, white fabric. Cut out the dark areas
so your hair shows through. Like this! Now wrap the fabric around the bun
and secure it with an elastic head band. Make sure to tuck in
all the fabric pieces, so it really looks like a ball. Nice and tight! [giggling] How about a sporty head band
to complete the look? Are you ready to see
your awesome new hairstyle? Yes, totally! Great, take a look! Wow, my hair looks great! Just like a soccer ball! I love it! Yes, score! I feel like playing soccer! That’s definitely one
for the Style Files! Keep smiling, keep styling! [giggling] Get styling with Sunny Day! Weekdays on Nickelodeon. You can watch more Sunny Day
in the free Nick Junior app.


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