How To Make Any Basic Outfit Look Good! FASHION HACKS

Do you find it hard to make a basic outfit
look good? I totally get it! We all get stuck in our ways once in awhile. Hey there, welcome
back to the LLEGANCE YouTube channel. My name is Adrianna for those of you who don’t know
me and I help young professionals just like you easily style outfits for a successful
career. In this video, I am going to show you the best fashion style hacks for the office
so you can look better than everybody that you work with. Before we dive in, please don’t
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new video every Thursday. Are you ready to find out how to revolutionize your office
looks? Let’s dive right in. Okay, so the first hack is to belt your blazers. Now we all have
those really big, oversized blazers that are kind of loose. Maybe some of us have more
of them than others. I have a couple myself and as much as I love to wear them loosely
just on their own with my regular corporate outfits, belting it is a different way to
bring a new fresh perspective to that look. It makes you look all synched and tiny at
the waist and is really really flattering even in a professional setting. It’s a little
bit more unexpected, people don’t necessarily think to belt their clothing items and I find
that a lot of the times we tend to wear pieces that are actually too big on us or too baggy
because we’re kind of maybe insecure about a certain body part. I totally get it, but
if you belt that blazer it will make a world of a difference and it will completely transform
the way your outfit looks. Hack number two is actually to wear or buy oversized sweaters
and wear them as a dress. This is a little bit unexpected, a little bit different than
buying a standard sweater dress. You kind of get the same look, but by buying maybe
an extra large or a large size sweater you get a dress out of it and it makes that piece
totally unique. It also gives you a little bit more freedom as to how or where you can
find sweater dresses because they’re not always easily accessible. So um, if you go to like
H&M, I know I love to go to H&M as I’ve mentioned in the past, they have a great sales section
and often times all the large sizes are left in the sales section. Grab an oversized sweater,
throw it on as a dress and you’re good to go. Now you may be wondering can I really
wear this to the office and yes you can with the following hacks. I will show you exactly
how you can wear this oversized sweater to the office as well. Now I do also want to
mention that this hack is definitely great for the weekend and hanging out with your
friends, and it is also a great way to save some money because you are shopping for a
sweater that you could potentially find on sale as opposed to just specifically searching
for a sweater dress in itself. That’s actually a little pro tip for you guys! Use clothing
items in your wardrobe that are meant for one thing as something else. You totally transform
that item, make it your own, make it creative and you get more versatility out of your clothing
and better value for money in the long run as well because you are learning to style
it differently. Not to mention that this is how you trick everyone into thinking you have
a massive wardrobe, when in reality you just know how to style your clothing multiple different
ways. So this little sweater versus sweater dress hack is definitely a keeper and one
to think about. Okay so hack number three is to wear your sweater/sweater dress over
a dress shirt. This is a great way to layer, to utilize your dress shirts and to make it
more office appropriate. Now if you work in a business casual setting, then the sweater
dress or the oversized sweater would work just fine. But in a more professional setting
you might want to layer with a nice dress shirt underneath. The one that I’m wearing
over here is not completely buttoned at the top, so it’s a little bit more casual than
one that’s completely buttoned at the top, but you can get one that buttons all the way
to your neck, tie it all up, add a really fun statement necklace, a pair of earrings
to compliment the statement necklace and you are good to go. It is definitely formal enough
in that setting to wear to work, but also is still fun and creative in its own way.
So hack number four is actually to add a pair of heeled leather ankle boots with your sweater
dress or oversized sweater, but also with all of the other items you may own in your
closet for the office. Now I have this pair right here that I love to wear and why I recommend
wearing a pair of boots like this is because you can wear them both outside and inside.
So if you live in a country wear it snows a lot like here in Canada, I will wear this
to work outside and I will not have to change all day because they’re small enough to be
worn inside as well. So not only is this tip really practical, but these boots are also
super stylish, they go with everything and they’re a great way to dress up any outfit
for the office in a really comfortable way as well. So the block heel right here is actually
what makes the difference in terms of comfort and I happen to find a really good brand here
in Montreal that makes quality shoes as well. So I will link below where I got these shoes
from, but if you know a nice shoe store or quality shoe store, get yourself a pair of
shoes like these. They’re really versatile like I said and they’re great for practicality
as well. Hack number five is actually to replace your blazer with a scarf and wear your scarf
kind of as a cover up or a cape. This is actually really elegant, but also nonchalant at the
same time because you’re just throwing it over your shoulders, it’s another way to dress
up your oversized sweater or sweater dress or any other corporate outfit you have. I
do this a lot in the summertime because I don’t always wear or like to wear a blazer
in the summertime. So often I find that my blazers don’t fall nicely when I’m wearing
a skirt so instead of wearing a blazer when I’m wearing a skirt, I will wear a nice oversized
or loose scarf over my shoulders, so my arms are covered, it’s office appropriate, but
it’s also elegant and sophisticated at the same time. So that’s another little hack for
the office for you guys. Okay and this brings us to the very last hack today, hack number
six, and that is to tie a knot in the clothing items that you think are either too loose
or don’t fall the way you would like it. So for instance, in this little clip I’m about
to show you guys, I’m wearing a loose black dress that I really love. I just didn’t like
the way it fell against my legs at the bottom, so to give it more of a feminine shape, I
decided to take both loose ends and tie tie a little knot and it kind of made more of
a drape, as opposed to the dress falling straight straight across my legs. So that’s a little
hack for you if you have a blouse you think that’s a little too loose, tie a little knot,
of course make sure everything is covered for work, but I actually did this with another
one of my blouses. I tied two knots together and it made a completely different blouse
that’s still office appropriate, that I can wear with high waisted pants and that gave
a completely new life to this really old piece of clothing, so that’s another fun hack for
work for you guys. And I think that completes our hacks for today. Now you should be the
best dressed young professional in your office and know all of the really cool hacks. All
of your friends well, your colleagues will be asking you how you did these hacks, how
you put your pieces together. This actually happens to me when I go to work. People ask
me how I layer my clothing and it’s really just about being creative, think outside the
box and having fun with the pieces that you already own. You don’t necessarily have to
go out and buy new clothes all the time. The real key to fashion is knowing how to style
the items that you already own. If you haven’t seen my latest video on how to style a black
turtleneck five ways for work, check it out, I will link it in the description box below
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