How to Make CHEAP Custom Keycaps!

Custom keycaps. These are a huge part of the enthusiast mechanical
keyboard community, as they really do allow you to personalise and give your keyboard
the character that you want, as they do take up pretty much all of the visible surface
area. However, they can carry a hefty price tag,
especially if you’re looking for all those cool colourways. So for example, GMK keycaps are probably the
most popular high end keycaps, and these are Cherry profile that go for 100 to several
hundreds of dollars depending on when and where you buy. And they’re not even PBT, they’re just
ABS plastic that shine. So today I’ll show you how to get your favourite
colourways with quality PBT keycaps. First we’ll need the cheapest PBT keycaps
you can find. These ones are just a blank white, and are
like 20 bucks or whatever. If you don’t have blanks, you can always
just spray paint over any other set with white. And then you’ll need some permanent markers. Make sure you get the colours you want, and
get the generic ones, instead of Sharpies to save money. And it’s simple really, all you gotta do
is colour them in. And if you want a lighter colour for the legends,
you gotta do them first, before you colour in the rest of the keycap. For no real reason, I picked GMK Nautilus
to copy, and I’d say I did pretty well. So if you’re looking at all these group
buys and pictures on reddit of these sick boards, don’t worry. It’s all so easy to attain with just a bit
of work. There’s no need to wait 2 years for a package,
or end up paying flip prices. In fact, you could just flip these for an
easy 500 if you wanted to. So let me know in the comments what keycap
set you’re gonna try. On a serious note. Thank you to everyone who participated in
the giveaway last video. I did read every single comment, and I was
just so happy to see all the positivity and enthusiasm around mechanical keyboards. As always with giveaways, not everyone can
win, and I really wish I could give back to everyone, but yeh, thank you guys so so much. And sorry for this terribly lame terrible
terrible video.

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