How to Recycle Old Clothes into New Fashions : Tips for Turning Old Clothes into New Fashion

My name is Julia Barbee. My clothing line
is Frocky Jack Morgan. On behalf of Expert Village, this is a tutorial on recycling and
deconstructing old clothes. In this first clip, we’re going to talk about what deconstruction
is. I do a lot of wedding dresses, so I would start with something like this and remove
the elements that maybe I don’t like as far as the design is concerned. I would end up
with something more like this where I’ve removed the sleeves, added straps, and just embellished
with bead work. I used a lot of old slips because I like the way they fit and I’m able
to dye them really easily. I go to antique stores and buy old bead work and just embellish
wherever maybe some stains are or holes. I just try and make the garment as beautiful
as I can and recycle as much as I possibly can. Who’s really going to be interested in
deconstruction? I would say someone who wants a really unique look that they want to tailor
to their own personality. If you’re interested in fashion design but you’re not a tailor,
you don’t want to take sewing classes, this an easy way to embellish clothes without having
to construct a garment from scratch. I’m going to be showing how to deconstruct clothing,
which is creating one of a kind garments that you can kind of principally see the artist’s
hand in. Everything is a little bit disheveled. You can see threads hanging off, it’s raw
edges, but it’s really purposeful and it creates a unique garment that’s beautiful.


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