How To Set Custom Game / Playing Text in Discord

Hey everybody, what is up? Wavejump here, and first off really quick if you’re looking for my normal content that will be here eventually… I just wanted to make a quick video here on specifically discord Now playing text. So one thing you’ll see a lot on discord is this now playing text on the right. So you could see here if I just scroll through here… “playing in the hood” Even you could have it integrate with certain games. So playing fortnite or playing OSU Or you can say something custom as you saw up there “playing a game” You could… you know my chat bot here says playing on then my server IP And so you could do a lot of custom now playing text now the question is of course how do you do that? And so I’m going to go ahead and show you really quick how to go ahead and do that and it’s actually very very simple So I’m gonna start off first with just showing off a single game and I’m gonna show you how to go ahead and rename that So by the way, this only works on desktop discord meaning on a PC or on a Mac You can’t exactly do this on mobile. So I’m really sorry about that. But anyways, we’re just gonna go ahead and move on here So I’m gonna press the user settings icon here, which is in the bottom left and you notice have a bunch of stuff It says streamer mode enabled. That’s because of course I’m running my recording software But if I head to games I could still access the games menu and show you that So you notice here’s my game activity and I was testing around a bunch of different games here Which is why I do have all this stuff here, but say I wanted to tell people ‘hey, I’m playing overwatch’ You could watch me play overwatch. All I have to do here is enable display currently running game as status message and you notice on the right here. I am playing overwatch for two minutes And if I were to actually here And I may have to blur some of that out and I’m actually you can tell I’m actually running overwatch and That’s how it went ahead and knew it it could tell that overwatch is running. I could play overwatch and people on discord will see that I am now playing overwatch, which is really awesome but and you know, also if I temporarily switch back to Discord here, you’ll see it still says I’m playing Overwatch and if I exit the game After just a quick moment here and it may take a minute to update. It’ll actually say I’m done playing Overwatch But it might take just a moment. So we’ll see how long it takes But anyway, there we go now it’s closed now What I could actually go and show you now is that I could create custom text. So say I were to play Overwatch Or say I were to play something like Wallpaper Engine. I could actually rename that right there But say I wanted to add my wallpaper engine right now here right or say just add anything because I want to rename it so we’ll add, say, the steam one and using that ‘Add it’ button and right now it just says I’m playing steam But I want to set it to something custom. So I’m going to say playing Around with the discord games thing And when people click on me, they could see that now it does actually get cut off I’m not sure if there’s any way for people there we go. If I click on my profile you can see the full thing So yeah, I mean, it’s really that simple. That’s all you have to do to go ahead and Enable that and if you want to go ahead and see some my other discord videos I’ve a video on how to do fancy text in discord. That would be going ahead and doing everything from an invisible character to going ahead here and And doing some custom text effects so bold underline italics strike through Colored text there’s all sort of stuff in that video And I have another video which I’ll probably record it may not be there yet But I want to make a video on discord themes Which if it’s out, it will also show up on your own screen right now anyways, hope you have enjoyed its your subscribing if you haven’t already I’m gonna probably try and do more Discord content and Thanks for watching. Byeeeeeeeeeeee! Subtitles done by Sanic!

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