How to Start a Fashion Blog: Advice for 1st Time Bloggers – Part 1 | The Fash Life Series

A lot of bloggers/influencers advise younger kids to just quit your job and follow your dreams! That’s never the advice I give. I think you should always have a back-up plan. When I left to be a blogger, I was still freelancing. So I knew even if I didn’t have a paycheck
for 3 to 6 months through blogging, I’d be okay. I think a lot of people hold back because they feel the industry is too saturated, or they don’t have a good enough idea, or they’re not niche enough. My advice would be just start. Because
nothing is going to happen, no relationships are gonna be built, no
connections will be forged, until you just get on it and do it. I get it we have a grind. Like you have a full-time day job, you’re working 9 to 5. It is exhausting to then come home and create content for yourself. But the one thing that you always have, especially if you have a blog, that is your platform. So many people are just worried about Instagram right now. You don’t own Instagram. Like Instagram goes down tomorrow, what are you gonna do? You own your blog, that is your space. Build that audience, really build your voice. Don’t be so self-conscious about what the internet thinks about you. Confidence is the biggest key. When you start to feel down, and you see other people’s success you don’t understand it, which is something that I think we all deal with on social media. You have to keep going and believe in your work more than anything else.

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