How to tell if your headache is actually a migraine

Did you know that your headache might
actually be migraine? When you have one it can be extremely distressing, not only
because of the pain, but also because it is invisible to others a nd many people
do not understand how debilitating it can be. Hi I’m Krishan I’m a
doctor here at Pfizer supporting Get Healthy Stay Healthy. If you’re new here,
welcome! This is the first of a series of videos designed to help you manage your
health better and give you tips on having better conversations with your
doctor A migraine is a neurological disorder
which means it affects the brain spine and nerves that connect them it’s often
mistaken for attention headache but if you have throbbing pulsating pain
affecting one side of the head and you feel sick or you want to vomit, or
can’t bear to be near light or noise then you might have a migraine. Around three in ten people also get pre warning signs before the actual migraine. This is called
an aura where you might see flashes of light changes to your vision feel
tingling in your hands or on your face tension headaches on the other hand
often affect both sides of the head the pain can be as intense as a migraine but
you don’t get sick or vomit and you don’t get sensitive to light or noise. Because migraines are often confused with other types of headache there is a
helpful tool called ID migraine which asks a series of questions to help
screen for migraines. I’ve included a link to it in the description box below
so that you can use it. Remember there are also other possible causes of
headache so it’s always important to seek the help and health care
professional as soon as you can especially if you experience a headache
that is new or unusual for you

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