I Got Custom Foundation From An App

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m going to be ordering a custom foundation from an iPhone app. Yes, that’s right folks. This is the future. Have you seen Passengers? It’s kind of like that. I never saw Passengers. So basically, there’s an app called MatchCo, which claims to be able to scan through your iPhone camera like your wrists, and your neck and your forehead and from that information, they take that They make you a custom foundation and then they send it to you for 49 bucks. Which is expensive for foundation, but if it is like the most perfect foundation, it could be worth it. I think that my skintone is like medium difficult to find foundation for. It’s not too hard but it’s also not super easy. I have like a kind of light tone, especially right now, as I am coming out of the winter, you know? That’s when we get the peak, aged parchment beige envelope kind of feel. So I’m gonna scan my skin, order the foundation today and then when it gets here I’m gonna try it out for you guys and will wear it all day long to see you know, if it stays, if it gets shiny I’m a big shiny at the end of day kind of gal. I’m really, really curious to see if it’s possible. To get that custom foundation Like disembodiedly Like you don’t even know you haven’t even seen me can you make me a custom foundation. Shall we try it, ok! So I have my computer plugged into my phone So I can record the app And what it does. Match co go. How to scan. Click! You’ll need to be in a room Free of natural and direct Sunlight, pull hair away from your face and forehead (Gotcha!) to make sure your makeup free. Ok cool so We’re joined by this friend Who has a very soothing yet insistent voice I don’t have any makeup on besides my lipstick and my eyebrow thing which should probably be fine. Indoor lighting check, five sheets of white paper check ( I got a little burp coming! ) Excuse me, cousin of Siri You are now ready to scan, First your phone camera needs to be calibrated against a stack of flat white paper Gently start to tap Make sure you’re holding the phone level Make sure you’re holding the phone level Make sure you’re holding the phone level I’m trying! Now let’s scan your inner and outer wrist Place your palm up and tap until I ask you to stop Right, let’s try. Make sure the camera is touching your skin. She’s got a lot to say. Oh wow! That just went from zero to four, really quick! Outer wrist next. Turn your palm over and gently start to tap. Tap lightly until I ask you to stop. I’m trying. Is it working? Gently start to tap About one tap every second Tap lightly until I ask you to stop! Let’s begin your forehead scan. Yeah, it feels a little alien abductiony. Just like a laser in the middle of my head Forehead scan is now complete cheek oh well it went without me touching it okay alright I understand you don’t like being called evil Siri positian the back camera against a middle of your left cheek you’re doing great thank you i’m sorry i called you evil siri evil siri congratulations your skin is now complete oh wow okay so that was it so it shows me actually the foundation that i’m going to get it’s called the match co my perfect complexion custom tinted hydrating formula exclusively formulated for Sofia Nygaard when when they’re scanning your I was about to say brain when they’re scanning your forehead it does kind of feel like you’re taking memories out for pensieve and then insistent slightly evil siri is like scanning your memories and stuff maybe evil don’t judge this siri by their cover maybe you guys and we’re okay we’ll see when i get this foundation but we’re okay alright so i am going to order this thing and then when it gets here we’re going to try it on and i’ll wear it for the rest of the day and see how it wears next time you see me I’ll have a custom foundation ok so the package has arrived oh wow it is smancy oh I’ve got a little card
let’s see what this says ok gmail a coupon like that it’s glass is a good weight oh and the back it says exclusively formulated for Sofia Nygaard again and then it has a QR code at the bottom maybe if you wanted to reorder this exact shade you’d be able to like scan it or something that seems pretty cool ok so I just slapped on some haphazard brows and then put a little bit of color correcting fluid under my eyes so I’m going to try on my foundation now I see if it matches me and then also see how it wears throughout the day alright here’s this is the squirt oh there it is oh there she blows oh just took my nose in it doesn’t smell like much it’s kind of exciting like evil Siri and i made this foundation together so now we get to try it out ok it’s a little light i think first impression but it feels quite nice actually as it sits on my face I think it’s turning pretty much exactly my face color but it does feel like a little bit lighter than I would usually go for foundation so maybe it’s just telling me that I’m doing something wrong maybe I should cover my mustache cause I haven’t gotten to wax in a few days so here is one coat of my custom foundation I’m gonna put a little bit of baking powder on and like try and set the foundation because it’s very hydrating which is nice right now but at the end of the day will I be a bottle olive oil i will say that when i bring out the double chin there’s no color difference so that’s that’s probably a good thing i think it looks pretty good right now I did powder it down a bit which I do with all of my foundation so far this is an expensive foundation and i think that the color did match me pretty well i just want to see if it’s worth the luxury foundation price in terms of the wear and tear the question is do me trust evil siri and my answer is like maybe maybe we do sitting in a hot car I’ve only been in the hot car for a few minutes but the foundation has been on my face for a couple of hours I’m feeling a little bit of a on my upper lip and on my forehead but i think the foundation still looks pretty good so this is my face in natural light I don’t know why like in some places I feel like I look paler than other places I think what settle on the fact that the color was pretty good but it was just a reality check I usually go for a foundation that’s like a little bit more tan yeah and this is like the truly the lightest colors of your face are this color right so I’m just not used to it you know okay so four hours in in person I think it’s a little bit powdery if that makes sense but like honestly on camera I’m not mad about it so maybe evil Siri is fine instead of evil Siri we should call her more helpful Siri because real Siri cannot understand me I also never ask her for anything and then she pops up anyway and I’m like nobody asked you Siri . Lets ask here right now. what kind of foundation Sofia get? Ah she did pretty well. She uses bing interestingly how to pick the right foundation for you skin how to choose and use the right foundation oprah.com hey Siri can you scan my face oh you know the answer might be too close to the truth for her to tell me. She’s like I have been doing it for years but can you scan my face and tell me what kind of foundation I should use who me? That’s what she says. l let me see. okay we’re just getting home after a long day of who even knows what .I think it’s holding up pretty well. I’ts not super oily at all. You feel hydrayted? I don’t actually feel that hydrated I’m pretty impressed by how long it lasted I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth it for me I can’t tell it like that it’s different at all really yes I mean like I think the color match is pretty solid fourth the very least not noticeable by a unknowledgeable boyfriends ok so i swatched my foundation so we can see them side-by-side this is the one that I got with a app this first one and then this is my makeup forever one and then this is my nyx BB cream obviously this is maybe a little bit thicker than like how you would actually put it on your face but I guess the question here is did the app not detect any yellow undertones or am I Pinker than I think I am. Interesting. The question is who is right so it is the end of the day it is actually kind of late at night and it’s time for me to go to bed so I’m about to take my foundation off or all of my makeup but you know the foundation specifically I did initially bake with setting powder but I haven’t repowered myself since then so like this is the damage with my combination skin over those 10 hours compared to other foundations i use i think that this one held up just as well as those ones it does look lighter than the other foundations that I use but I think that’s because I haven’t gotten a lot of Sun recently I spend a lot of a lot of time in my cave man but I think it did match my current skin color correctly so if you’re someone who has problems finding a foundation that matches your skin tone this could be really awesome and I do think it was a nice foundation it gave me a nice medium coverage like it is last for a decent amount of time it is fifty dollars though which is definitely on the expensive side for foundations I’m a little undecided I’m just not like yes but I’m not like it didn’t work I think it worked so now we can we can officially call our previously dubed evil Siri more helpful Siri listen Siri honestly stop trying to activate yourself on my computer stop it I know you can hear me stop it thank you guys so much for watching if you want to try this app or if you already have please let me know in the comments below if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button and if you’re already subscribed make sure to smash that little bell icon to turn on post notification so you get a notification every time that I post here are my social-media handles and make sure to check out my next feed I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q and A’s on there a big shout out to Lauren for watching thanks for watching Lauren and I will see you guys next time


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