i went to 3 LA vintage stores to see what fit me…

– I mean, it is L.A.,
so, what do we expect? (static and beeping) – [Voiceover] If you guys saw
my video a couple weeks back where I highlighted the
fact that I’m always trying to shop more sustainably by thrifting and that’s not gonna stop any time soon but I do face some roadblocks
as a mid-size body. I thought I’d team up
with my fun, positive and supportive friend, Macy
to tackle a whole other beast in this sustainable world
and that is vintage shops. Here’s how it all went down. I’m back with a very exciting guest again, today, you guys, it’s Macy
from Blazed And Glazed! – Hello, queens! (laughs) – “Welcome back to Blazed and Glazed.” I wanna do that for every video. So, today, we’re gonna
do a fun little video where we’re going around some
L.A. vintage shops together and if you guys aren’t familiar, Macy is like an extreme ally
in the body-positive community, it’s like one of the
things that we bonded over when we first met and she
just does such amazing work and is so inclusive on her channel and so I told her about this idea, she was like, “Bitch, yes, let’s do it.” so, I’m gonna be doing a video today where we go around a
few L.A. vintage shops and I’m just gonna see
what fits me, honestly. That’s gonna be the goal. I’m not doing this in a way that’s like, “Oh, screw all these L.A. vintage shops.” it’s just gonna be an experiment. – Honestly, I’m curious.
– Mhm. – Because like, as
someone that’s normally… I go thrifting kind of
in two different ways, sometimes it’s just for me as
like a straight-sized woman and then sometimes it is for
like my closet sales and stuff where I do wanna be inclusive
and like find bigger sizes and I’m honestly interested because I’ve never hit these
stores specifically looking for anything but my own size and like, I’m kind of just like wondering what we’re gonna find, – Yeah.
– what they have. – So, we’re just gonna pop around. I’m gonna try a little bit
of a different format today. We’re just gonna chill and hopefully, like, one thing fits me, that’s my goal. – I’d say, a lot of these
ones, I know specifically, since we’re in Burbank, are places that get a lot of
things donated from studios to them, so like, who knows how that’s
gonna play into sizing. (vintage music) – Let’s go! First stop on the list
is Playclothes Vintage, here in Burbank, gonna try to
be as incognito as possible, ’cause they’re kinda
weird about filming here, so we’re gonna see what we can find, looks very fun so far. Let’s go! (upbeat vintage music) We’re lookin’ at this pair of pants, which, just hold up by the way. And so, we looked at
the size and we’re like, “oh, I wonder what size that is?” it’s a size teen. (laughing) – Like what is that, exactly? Because I think teens
are many different sizes. – (laughing) Correct me If I’m wrong. – Maybe they’re just taking account some of their sizing that’s
from Brandy Melville. – Yeah, probably. I mean last time I checked,
I was like a size eight to 10 when I was a teen, so, yikes! (upbeat vintage music) So, so cute but way too small. (upbeat vintage music continues) We found a cat sweater with some bedazzlement
in a size extra large, so, I’m gonna try it on. (vintage music continues) (laughs) – Purr, rahr. – Meow. (laughs) (vintage music continues) Found some khaki shorts, overalls in a size large, very interesting. We’ll see. You guys, this fitting
room situation right now, just look at this, so crazy! There’s so many like mannequins and cool things in here, like, amazing! (laughs) All right, let’s do it. (singing) We’re in the fitting room and we’re gonna buy some clothes. Okay, so… No. – [Macy] Yeah, what’s the verdict? – No and no. – [Macy] You won’t be a
Girl Scout camp counselor? – Well, it adds an extra layer because my shirt is bunched
up underneath right here, so that’s really cute also, yeah, just no. I will not be your camp
counselor this year, sorry. Bad, just very bad, okay, onward. Second option I’ve put on here is this… – [Macy] You look like a cheerleader. – This USC. They claim that these are a
size large, which is my size and that is not true.
– Honestly, I don’t buy it. – No. The sweatshirt maybe,
but just as a whole, no. – Well, if it was just the sweatshirt… But it’s like just the
sweatshirt, it’s not as special. – Yeah, also, these two together are $65, which is pretty steep,
so, it’s a no from me. (comical music) – Questionable stain because of the place that it’s at, like I just wonder what life this lived
– it’s a little too close. – before she put it on. – Yeah, a little too close. Let’s move on. This little cat sweater
here is a size extra large, it fits and everything, it’s
like a cropped sleeve moment, which just isn’t my thing, or it’s made for someone
with incredibly short arms, so, it does fit, it’s just,
it’s like new-looking, even though I know it’s vintage, it just looks like it’s from Walmart. – So, we actually found two of these and we feel like this
could be a potential, like, there’s no size, there’s no tag, it’s just, this could be potential, sisterhood of the traveling
zebra print sweater with shoulder pads. – Also, Mary-Kate and Ashley circa 1996. Also, this wasn’t the
right hairstyle for this. – Boobs! (Macy stammers)
– We’re like the Zebra Girls we’re like the knockoff Cheetah Girls, – Cheetah Girls.
– We’re the Zebra Girls. (both singing) Zebra girls, zebra sistas. – I feel like you don’t have booby moments but like that’s a booby moment. – It is, isn’t it? Picture me in bike shorts, not in jeans. This is actually pretty cute. I think I might have to go home with her. – I think that the
color’s really cute on you and I love the wine vibes. – Well, we love wine vibes. (both exclaiming) The next store we have wandered over to. Oh, she’s just shimmying all day. – We just shimmy all the time. (laughs) – We’re going to a
place called It’s A Wrap and it’s, I think, a
place where they again, it’s like donated goods from T.V., movies. – The whole entire store is donated from productions around L.A. and the tags on the clothes actually, some of ’em will say what show it was from and what episode and like, who wore it, some will have like, little numbers that like, can tell
you that, I don’t know, it’s an interesting spot. I bought one mini bag one time from here that was Jennifer Aniston’s on “Friends”. – Oh! – It was a velvet DKNY mini bag, so. – Wow, well, there you go! So, maybe I’ll find a mini bag
that will fit me, who knows? But we have seen quite a few
people walking around here that are like very trendy and it looks like they’re
doing a vintage shopping day, much like we are, so, this,
I think, is like the spot, this is the area where people… – This is the spot. Like, Melrose is where all the tourists go and where people on YouTube try to make you think is the cool spot. This is the cool spot. – We’re in the cool spot. Let’s see if something will
fit me in the cool spot. (vintage music) They have these little signs above wherever it is that you’re shopping that tells you where the show
is that you’re shopping from, so, this one is from “Hood
Adjacent” by James Davis. Here you go, big and tall, me. (vintage music) Me! So, we found what’s called the full-size section of clothing – It’s also pregnancy pants.
– and it’s really not much… Yeah. (laughs) Not much to choose from.
– These are the options. – Oh… You see like a two X right here. Here’s what the full-sizers
have to choose from. Maternity. (laughs) maternity.
– Even if you’re not pregnant. – (laughs) You can just be comfy in them. – It’s a sad section. (laughs) I think they could do better.
– They could. I mean, it is L.A., so, what do we expect? (vintage music) it’s lookin’ grim, folks. I’m not really finding much of anything. – [Macy] Grim slim. – Grim slim, it’s lookin’ grim and slim. (Macy laughs) I feel like I’m just becoming
a little bit discouraged because of the lack of size availability, it’s just making me wanna give up but we do have one place after this, so, I’m hoping that this
third place will come through with some goodies, I mean,
I did buy one thing so far but I mean, this is a standard experience in thrifting or vintage shopping for someone who’s in a
mid-size body like me, so, I’m gonna keep on pressin’ on. I will say, as we’re leaving, I would 100% get these
pants if they were my size, they say Diva Thunder, I
don’t know what that is but it’s incredible, too
bad they’re a size small. All right, and the last place on our stop for the day, is Junk For Joy, these are all within, like, the same little block of each other, so. I’m pretty sure this one was recommended by some of you guys, so we’re
gonna see what they have, so far, lookin’ very funky. (vintage music) ♪ Git it ♪ (vintage music continues) Okay, so, right when we
walked in, right here, there’s a section that
says size 12 and up! How cool is that? I mean, it is a tiny little
corner in the entire store but it’s something, so,
let’s see what they have. (vintage music continues) That was a great way to start this off, I genuinely feel like
so much more welcomed and comfortable here, too. – [Macy] Okay, right? ‘Cause I feel like it’s a different vibe. – Sometimes… And I don’t
know if this is just me but like especially, being like
in a mid to plus size body, when I walk into, like vintage shops or trendy shops in L.A., I sometimes feel like
I’m getting looked at and it could just
totally all be in my head but you always have that
kind of thought of like, “Is that person looking at me?” being like, “You know you’re not gonna fit in anything here.” And I actually have like, a ton of viewers who have said, people
come up to them in stores and they’re like, “We don’t
carry your size here.” – Okay, well, you should be
fired for that, first of all. – Yeah absolutely.
– Disgusting. Like, if you just haven’t
lived that experience, you might not think
that’s real but like… – It is.
– It’s real. – Mhm. – And I can already tell,
just like being with you, that you feel more
comfortable here than there. – Oh, totally. I obviously knew what to
expect walking into a place that’s primarily T.V. and movies because who, that’s in my size of a body, is represented in T.V.
and movies, you know? – Yeah, especially that they don’t try to put in ugly clothes. – Exactly. I feel like my mood has
like, totally taken a turn, even just having this one little section that just recognizes that
size 12 and up people exist. – [Macy] I agree. – Pretty gnarly. – [Macy] I was pretty excited for that. – Yeah. We’re gettin’ somewhere. (vintage music) This shirt’s real good. Too small, but really, really good. So is this one. All of these are so good. (vintage music continues) I really love that there’s
a section called capes. (laughs) Just a whole rack of capes. (vintage music continues) We’ve been having conversations all day but now, we’re gonna just obviously, like share some of the
bits and pieces of those because what I wanna get across for these videos is just
that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling the same way I am, it’s not to complain, it’s not because I expect
to walk to walk in a store and have everything fit me, it’s not ’cause I’m being negative, it’s because this is
a very real experience that I went through. – But you also shouldn’t have to and we’ll obviously get to it in a second. You shouldn’t have to
be in that mentality, like, you shouldn’t have to be like, “Oh, I’m just happy because I’m just happy for whatever they have for me here.” Like, you shouldn’t have
to have that mentality. For the record, it’s not
dramatic, it’s real experiences. I just feel like this whole thing is, just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean it’s not real. – True, very true. And I mean, I’m experiencing
it on a very small scale, like, I’m still someone who
can fit into, like a size large or a size extra large.
– Yeah. – Whereas, like, plus sizing,
like size 16 and above, there’d be no options.
– Mhm. – Except for maybe a couple
things at the last place. To be fair, the clothes that
I saw in these stores today, weren’t even necessarily my style anyways but it was more just about the experience that a lot of people love
going vintage shopping, right? And it’s another sustainable way to shop but like I mentioned in my last video, or a couple videos ago, even though, I’m still
gonna continue to do it, obviously, as I’m doing today, it’s not as accessible for everybody – Accessible, yeah. – Because of the size options available, so that’s why I wanted to do this video. I wanted to do kind of an investigation and see for myself. – I felt like we were
investigative journalists. – We really were, we
were like, “Okay, noted.” we should have taken notes, honestly. – No, literally. – Having a friend there
to dance it off with and not worry about was really fun and we had a great time today. For me, I kinda feel like
I probably, in the future, wouldn’t even go, like, ’cause I just don’t even wanna
put myself in that position. – Because, why? Yeah. – And I mean, I did find my one item, which I will show here. My Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirt. How much did I pay for this? $10, I think. It’s just like, you know, a standard… – I think it’s cool! – I really like the berry color. – But it’s definitely something you could find at a Goodwill. – And I do really love this
kind of vintage-lookin’ Lee tag. This is a Lee tag.
– Yeah, Lee’s cool. I’m not trying to be like, too preachy at you guys right now but I will say that if you
are like a straight-sized, thin person watching
this, just be like, aware. I’ve been really educated on things and really opened my mind to other people’s experiences over the past year, two years, as I like, went through my own
eating disorder recovery, own kind of body image journey that is completely different, they’re all valid but
I’ve gotta say, like, don’t discount your friends’ experiences, don’t be that person telling your friend that they’re dramatic because
– Or just be negative. – they don’t think it’s a fun time or like that they’re just being negative. I mean, I realized right away that I could try on
anything in this store. So, I just wanna say, that’s
like my little tid bit of like being an ally, if you will, it’s like, just don’t
discount experiences. – And we did finally find a section that said size 12 and up! – It was the first thing
I saw when I walked in. – Yeah! – And I was like, “Okay!” – And I do feel bad that
I didn’t try more stuff on but, honestly, none of
this stuff was my style and I just wasn’t… Even the stuff in the size 12 and up rack at the last place that we
went to it was still… – I mean, it was a kookier jam. – It was kookier but it
was all still not my size, like it was oversized and that is sort of why I started making these mid-size videos because
when I went to the last place, it was definitely more, like plus size, maybe size 16 and up, which
is outside of my size realm and then the other places
were way too small. So, it is, again, right in the middle. – It’s like you’re not
here, you’re not here. – I’m always in between. – There’s not really like
a red ribbon to tie on top because honestly, what this, I feel like whole experience
showed Carrie and I, at least, what we’ve been talkin’ bout, is that there’s just like
a lot of work to be done. I will say as someone who is very interested in sustainability and sustainable clothing
and sustainable fashion, you gotta lighten up
on people a little bit because something that’s
so accessible to you, is not so accessible to everyone. – Does everyone go vintage shopping? No, of course not, there
are many other options but just something that we wanted to dig deeper into and experiment with. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure to check out Macy’s video, as I mentioned, it’ll
be linked down below. I love you guys so much.
We will see you very soon. Bye!
– Peace. (vintage music) ♪ Oooo ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Oooo ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Be with you ♪

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