I Wore Clothes From Latina-Owned Stores For A Week

(laughing) – She knows how to have fun! (upbeat music) This week I’m only wearing clothes from Latina-owned stores. I’m super excited because
I’m going to interview Latina business owners and they’re going to get
to style me for a week. So I’m half Peruvian and I’m half Persian. I really wanna delve into my Latina side and get reconnected with my roots. By doing this I’ll be able to meet other Latinas in the community and learn a little bit more about myself. (upbeat music) I’m here with Noelle. She’s a creative entrepreneur at Mi Vida. – I’m a proud Chicana. My family has lived here in Los Angeles since the turn of the century. Just having these LA roots
with the Mexicana background is all of what you see here. – [Shila] How would you describe like the clothing that you sell here? – I like to think that this style is a reflection of like a city girl. Our focus right now is to really shine. Mi Vida, you know, my life. It’s living your life
the way that you choose, that always shines brighter
on those around you. Our store really operates as a non-profit, because everything we do is recycled back to the artists that create the goods and hosting more events. We’d really love to see Shila rocking some of our muscle tanks
which are really popular. – I’m obsessed with these earrings, they’re beautiful, they
have the Virgin Mary on it. In the Latin community
the Virgin Mary is someone who is there to protect you and guide you. This shirt definitely
brings nostalgia back to before I went to college
and my mom gave me a rosary, and said “Here, take
this, if I’m not with you, “the Virgin Mary will be.” Having the Virgin on your chest, it’s like gosh damn, I gotta
be the best version of myself I can be, wearing that. – It’s magical, it’s
ancient, it’s full figure. I love your outfit so, so, so, so much. Treat that shirt right or
I’m gonna pull your hair. – Oh my God. I love the message of the shirt, and the way that it made
me feel on the inside and on the outside. The next store that I went
to was called Wasi Clothing. – It’s a Latina, brown-owned business, small business, all
eco-friendly, all handmade in LA. I do source my stuff from Bolivia, so I like to represent my
culture and my ancestors. I also do custom sizing
because a lot of us are curvy. I make custom sizes for them,
so they like that a lot. ‘Cause we’ve got hips. When I make the clothes I
have to be in a good place, because whatever I’m making, you know, I think that energy is
transferable onto the clothing. So I think I’m gonna
style you in some, like, colorful, fun fabrics
with like a funky print. So we’ll have a lot of fun with that. – Llamas on my shirt
and llamas on my shorts. It’s gonna be a good day. I just could see myself
wearing that outside, out with friends, but I also saw myself
wearing it to sleep too. It was kind of like a two-in-one outfit. Alpacas and llamas are all around Peru, so it’s really cool to
have them all over my shirt ’cause they’re actually
one of my favorite animals. What are your thoughts on my outfit today? – Uh. – I don’t know if he’s about
to shade me or compliment me! – I love the design, the
llamas, everything’s perfect. I’m sensing it’s Peruvian. You could definitely tell it’s
like representing a culture, because of the plants and the llamas, and I think it’s really trendy. – I love the cactus, the
animals, it’s so cute. And I think it really
reflects your personality. – Um, I don’t know what that means, but I guess I remind them of llamas maybe? The best thing about llamas are not that they’re cute and fluffy, but all the llama puns
that exist in the world. Like (speaks in foreign language) llama call ya later! Then I went to Valfre. – It’s named after me, my second name. I quit my job and I started
like my blog full time. Honestly, it started like
with five views a day, and I always say this, that
like three were my views. I love, like, not in a bad way, but like stalking our customers. But I really like to
see how they style like our garments and our pieces. I wanna style you like in
one of our newer pieces. – So I decided to add a red jacket and add some earrings that I got from Mi Vida that say bidi bidi bom bom. I know that Valfre loves
when their customers kind of make the outfits their own, so I’m deciding to add a
little pop of color with this and give it a little bit of, like, ’80s Michael Jackson
vibes meets Posh Spice? It was cool to kind of wear it out and wear it out to Chloe’s birthday. (upbeat music) – I love how the top and bottom matches, but you leave some stomach open. So sophisticated but so chic. – Who is this babe? Oh my gosh, she never goes this bold. So now I find out it’s for a video. – These pants, I want them, like I want them so bad. You’re showing off all the
goods that God gave you, I’m here for it. – I was a little concerned
about the outfit, cause I was like oh maybe this is a little too much for the park, but honestly, people loved
it and I had a great time at Chloe’s birthday party, so I’m excited for the next outfit. I went to Hija De Tu Madre. – So I’m really inspired by my culture. I’m Mexican and I identify as a Chicana, so everything that I do
in my business is inspired by my cultural identity. – [Shila] What is the thing
that you want young girls to feel when they’re wearing your outfits? – I want them to feel super proud of where they come from. You know, like I have
immigrant parents who came to this country
because they really wanted a way better life for me. I want people to also kind
of reclaim their identity and feel really proud
when they wear a jacket that has their Latin-American flag, or La Virgen de Guadalupe,
or Frida Kahlo, you know? There’s so much pride
in all of these images. – I know you love to give
back to the community; Can you tell me a little bit
about the stuff that you do in order to give back? – Recently I had a pair of
gold hoops that said, um, F Trump on them, and I donated $19 of every sale to organizations that help
undocumented immigrants. And now we have a new
product that I’m wearing, and it says Anxious, it’s
a little gold necklace, and I’m donating a
percentage of those sales to organizations that help
women of color in mental health. I want you to wear a signature
Hija De Tu Madre jacket that reps your identity or
a part of your identity. – Today I’m feeling very patriotic and I’m like, what better
way to fully embrace my Peruvian side than to go
to a Peruvian restaurant, then invite my friends from Pero Like and Suze down to join me. We got to have some chicha
morada with lomo saltado. – If you got fries you gotta have ketchup. (speaks in foreign language) – I feel like whenever
I get my lomo saltado, I get ketchup too. – You cannot put ketchup on lomo saltado. – I do! – This is a sin! It was a good experience to kind of share a little bit of my culture with them. What are your thoughts on this jacket? – I love it. That is such a cool design! Like I love how it’s all made of sequins. That is so pretty, it’s
like a really cool, unique way of putting a flag on a shirt. – You’re from Peru? – Yes! – I saw your jacket, I didn’t know! – This is why I should wear
this jacket more often. – I thought you were Argentinian, no? – Did you really? You thought I was Argentinian? I felt very prideful to be Peruvian, and to be wearing my denim jacket. (bright music) I’m here at Kaleidoscope Kollective, and I’m here with the owners
and the wonderful ladies, hi y’all. – [Together] Hi! – I’m Michelle Smith Miza. – I’m Maribel Reveles. – I’m Karla Lopez. – I’m Virgina. – So usually we cater to
women and women who love to express themselves
with color and adornments, that are not afraid of standing out. – What is the thing that
keeps the store running, like what’s the motto? – To reflect your beauty and
creativity to one another. And I think that’s why
a lot of people comment that it feel so good in here, because I think that it’s intentional so it permeates the space. – The other motto is
women supporting women. Often in this world you’re isolated, and especially as you get
older and you get more into your career or your family. So this is not only like a place where we’re supporting your business, it also becomes a circle of women just supporting each
other in whatever way. It’s often a man’s world,
so what better time for women supporting women. – They were the Latina
version of Cheetah Girls. They helped me choose my outfit, and they were each putting their input. They’re like oh this
would look cute with this. Out of all of them they
chose the camo outfit for me, and it had like a picture
of Frida on the back of it, and I wore like a black
tank top with some shorts. And it was really cool,
’cause they repurpose all their clothing as well. The thing that I love about
Kaleidoscope Kollective is that the pieces are so unique that you can’t find them anywhere else, and it’s truly one of a kind. – So I love the street wear aspect of it, it feels like a natural street wear item, and the fact that it has Frida Kahlo, a pretty iconic Mexican artist, like that’s next level. – They repurposed old
outfits and then like created it and made it their
own, which is really great. – It reminds me a lot
of, um, Destiny’s Child. ♪ I’m a survivor ♪ I love how like, the embroidery
there’s so much detail. – I love that Frida was on the back of it because she’s such an icon. And I’m glad that I met
these amazing Latina women. I think that they’re so
passionate about what they do, and you can just see it in their work. ‘Cause you want to wear something
that makes you feel good and if the person that’s giving you that clothing has that energy, I think that it’s
transferable to many people. If you like any of the
outfits that I wore, or want to check out their websites, there will be links below and you can help support
these amazing talented women. (upbeat music)


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