I Wore My Most-Hated Clothes For A Week

– I feel like I’m ready
to start my own punk band, the Commando Queens. So, I saw Sara’s video
where she wore something from her closet that she hated, and it made me realize
I have a bunch of things in my closet that I hate. I’m not hesitant to give away clothes. Clearly, with these clothes though, I’m just very indecisive about them. I bought it for a reason. Clearly I felt confident. I just will have this
mental back and forth with myself, where I’m
like yes, you can wear it, and then I’ll put it on and be like, no, you can’t wear that. And I’ll just go back and forth like that. Let’s go to my closet
and see all these clothes that I don’t like. This dress, never worn it. This green dress I’ve worn one time. This I’ve only worn once, for sure. Here’s something I don’t wear. I’ve put this blazer on so many times, and been like nah. Alright, I’ve been
through my whole closet, and I was able to pick five outfits that I don’t like. But I’m hoping that wearing them out and like giving them a good run, maybe it’ll help turn that
hate into less dislike. This dress, it’s mega yellow, and it still has a tag on it. So this dress is a dress I’ve had in my closet actually for
about like two years probably. In theory I should love this dress. It has a lot of the elements that I like, but for some reason, I don’t know, I just can’t bring myself to love this. – When you were walking by I was like oh Nina. I don’t normally see you in a color. So this is really refreshing. – It’s outside of what you normally do. You usually are like in a lot of black, and this is like, it’s summery, it’s good. – I live for it. It’s very cute, I love the little like peek of shoulders, like just a little like oh who, me? – I’m doing a thing where I wear a bunch of clothes that I hate for a week. – You hate this? – Why do you hate this piece? That’s so strange. – I took the tag off this morning, like, it’s one of those things. Don’t you have those things in your closet that you just like you have,
but you can’t throw away, but also you never wear them? I didn’t hate it so much where I was like no I’m
gonna return it immediately. I was like I’m gonna make this work. – One day. – Yeah, some day. – And today is the day because like – I forced myself to. – But it’s working, that’s the thing, is like you made it work today. And that’s all that
matters, you look great. – The night is over and I had a great time in this little number. I think it really helped
that I was able to wear it out with friends, and dance around in it, and just kind of let loose and not really worry about how it looked. And I feel the way I wanted to feel when I ordered it. Sometimes you just have
to really push yourself through the discomfort to make it stick. So here is today’s outfit. It is comprised of two
things that I struggle with. Colored body con dresses and blazers. I’m like, don’t look. I’m wearing outfits from my
closet that I hate for a week. – Yeah, I’ve literally never
seen you wear either of these. – It’s nice. – I like this, I like this print a lot. – The blazer seems kinda
you, which is weird. – I feel like I look too
like square, in a blazer. – Going to a business meeting. – I wanna be cool. – I think either way, it looks
like a good piece together. – You think so? – Yes. – I threw on this little fake nose ring to like punk it up. If I want to wear color and print that I don’t normally do, then I want it to be like
extra fun or something, or a real statement. This is like a very boring
statement that I’m making. Now it’s kinda time for me to leave. I’m gonna go to the airport, and see how I fair. So I survived a whole day of work and traveling in this outfit. It’s interesting because
while this outfit felt boring, a little bit at work today, it definitely felt more
chic at the airport. This is definitely way more interesting than what I would normally
wear to the airport. That being said, I don’t
live my life at the airport. And while I don’t think
I completely failed, It just really wasn’t my favorite. Here is today’s dress. I don’t know why I buy
non-black body con things, cause like as soon as I put them on, I feel like self-conscious and weird. I really wanted this to
work when I bought it, and I just like, can’t make it work. O-ma, what do you think
of my outfit today? – You look gorgeous. – You like this one? – I love it. It suits you. Gimme a black dress,
and we’re gonna switch. – You’re gonna throw away
one of my black dresses to keep this? We’re at the mall and I ended
up getting frozen yogurt. I had a real like debate
with it, within my mind, because this dress is so tight. A dress shouldn’t change
my mindset about like what I want to eat. I feel like that’s
dangerous, and unhealthy. And also these f***ing
straps keep rising up. I think that despite
the fact that this dress got compliments from my friend and my mom, the mental state that it put me in was like a really negative one. I found myself trying to make choices, whether it was how I was holding myself or what I was eating, as if one meal, one dessert
is really gonna effect what I look like in the dress right now. Like that’s not gonna change. Bye bye dress, you were
cute, sort of, maybe. So I’ve had this dress
for about a year probably, but I’ve only worn it once. I wore it to a PR event
that I was also shooting, so I had to be like
moving equipment around, moving lights around, and shooting. I’m actually excited
to wear it out tonight with friends, where I can just hang. Cause then I think I’ll be able to enjoy the dress for what it really is, which is like a little art piece. I can just stand around
and look cute in it. I wanna know what you
think of my dress tonight. – I like it a lot. I told you I just bought
a bikini like that. – I like it. – Actually I love this. I love this color on you. I love like it’s kinda I don’t know, it’s flowy and mermaidy. – I really like the pattern, and like earlier I said I
like the silhouette of it. – It’s still dark but
it’s a good color for you. – Right. – You should wear it more often. – It’s cute but not obnoxious. – Aww, that’s what I aspire to be. So, I had a night out in this green dress. A couple of my friends were
like the ruffles are too much. I don’t often wear super,
extra things like this, so like, let me have my ruffles and be a little extra. It was fun to go out and
create some new fun memories, some new fun experiences in this dress. Even if I’m feeling some insecurities or some weirdness about it, I’m like okay, but I had so much fun in it. Oh my god, these f***ing pants. I don’t hate these pants, per se. I just have a hard time loving them. In an ideal world, where
I am my ideal self, I can pull off these pants. But I don’t feel like I’m my ideal self right now, necessarily. And so I’m like really
nervous to wear them. Because I’m like can I
really pull them off, I don’t know. Jasmine, I wanna know what
you think of my pants. – I think they’re really cute. I have them in orange. – Can you show the waistline? – The waist part goes all the way up, so you’re gonna see. – I think they look really good, like they’re a look. – I think you look like
you are a bad ass bitch. – How do you wear them
regarding underwear? – I don’t wear underwear. – I don’t know what kind of underwear do you wear with this. Like I’m just wearing – You don’t wear underwear. – You can’t. – If you don’t go all the way with these, then what’s the point. They look worse if you don’t
go all the way with them. – This is so aggressive. I came into the bathroom because everyone has been saying that I should wear these
pants without underwear so I guess I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna take off my underwear. They’re off. I’ve been wearing the pants commando for a couple hours now. They’re a lot more comfortable than I thought they were gonna be. Yeah, I kinda think I’m owning it. Am I rock chic now? I guess. – Those pants are extreme,
I mean they look good, but they are extreme. – I thought they were great pants. I was like why have I not
seen these pants before? – Because I’m too scared. – It looks cool. Like you look like a cool rock lady. – After wearing these for a full day, I really don’t know what
I was so nervous about, cause like these are fun. I started the day kind
of trying to cover myself and hide them. I can’t shy away from who I’m trying to be in these pants. So I’m finally done
wearing things that I hate. I’ve made my final decisions. Yellow dress, keep it. Green body con dress, donate. Black and white faux blazer, keep it. Denim body con dress, donate. Green off the shoulder dress, keep it. Black lace up pants, keep it. Picking these clothes
out for one last hurrah really showed me how I felt about them on the inside. I’m glad that they’re
not just collecting dust in my closet anymore. I’m actually gonna wear these things out, or I’m gonna give someone
else a chance to wear them.


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