Inside Alice Balas’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

I’m Alice Balas, I’m a Parisian and a designer. I’m someone who likes to move, I move a lot, I move quickly,
I often go from the workshop to the store, to my place, to meetings. So, when I turned 30, I wanted to get my license and buy myself this motorbike,
this Triumph Bonneville, which is quite a feminine motorbike. I thought it was important to dissociate it
from this Harley-Davidson image. My daily outfit mostly consists of pants,
a leather jacket, a pair of boots and glasses. As I ride a motorbike,
the boots and leather jacket are essential. I try to give women the chance to find balance
between their masculinity and feminity. Personally, I have a very strong masculinity, which was hard to accept for me before. I try to balance that part of me
with more feminine outfits. You always have to try and balance
something more masculine with something very feminine, and also to try and balance
the rawer and silkier materials. My style in three words… I’d say it’s quite timeless. I like transmission,
so I could wear clothes from the old days, from these days,
vintage clothes, mixed clothes. Also sophisticated
because I like nice materials. And there’s elegance in sophistication. I’m inspired by women from the fashion industry
or the movie industry. For example, Charlotte Rampling or Kate Moss, free women, always on the move, taking risks
and believing in their natural energy. I’m inspired by men too, dandies,
like Serge Gainsbourg or Steve McQueen, who was a great driver. Nowadays, we all wear the same clothes, but I think we can still find uniqueness
in a leather jacket that everyone wears.

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