Inside Michaëla Thomsen’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

I’m Michaela, I’m 28 years old, I was born in Nice
to a Swedish mother and a Danish father, and I’ve been living in the 13th arrondissement
of Paris for seven years now. I founded a cosmetics brand with my sister,
called Thomsen, and I model from time to time. Now, I enjoy working with brands that I choose,
that I particularly like. I recently collaborated with Maje
and I also posed for Rouje. With my sister, we were a bit angry
or at least tired of the major cosmetics groups. So we decided to create our brand, thinking: “we can create an organic brand,
which is both effective and glamorous”. I’d say my style is quite cool and chic,
it’s very simple. I like to give it a twist with a piece of fashion:
Prada shoes or a small bag. I can spend hours trying to find an outfit, but I always end up with jeans
and a white tee-shirt. It’s not very original, but this is the outfit
in which I feel the most comfortable. My last purchase was a fuchsia Jacquemus skirt,
which I still haven’t worn, but I know I’m going to find
an opportunity to wear it. This is our nest with my boyfriend. We like to be close to nature,
so we put lots of plants. It’s peaceful. We love decorating,
so we like to go second-hand shopping, especially in Saint-Ouen and on Leboncoin. I think the Mario Botta lamp that is downstairs
is the most incredible piece I own. It’s black and white. My first fashion memory is my mother
when she was leaving for a gala. She looked at me and said: “my daughter, if someday you’re not sure,
just wear black. That’s what suits us best,
that’s what is most flattering and it’s always chic”.


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