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Hi Pinkvilla This is Sana Khaan and today I am gonna taking you inside my closet which has everything that a girl loves to have in her wardrobe and also a lot more stuff which are fancy… which I enjoy wearing but I surely show you something which you can really spend on something which is basic… something which is nice so I will show my first so this is… I love laces… I love laces so much… you know… so I have this lovely top… this I got from New York and I really loved it.. it was on sale. so I really got it at a really good price so generally I use this beautiful top.. at times I used it with denims or if I am just out here I would probably team that up with this my most favorite Karen pleated leather skirt…I just love this skirt It’s so soft I think material matters the most I think flow matters the most the fall matters the most because you know you might like certain designs that you see online and then you just get any random brand from the same who make copies it has pearls and I love just love this… I have so many stuffs I don’t know what to remove and show you okay This is again one of my…most favorite stuffs which I have not worn yet it’s so favorite that I don’t want to wear it It’s from Ted Baker It’s another most favorite brand of mine I really like pastel colors a lot espeically this one and it has beutiful zip which is like a nice gold so when you wear looks really nice on your back as well so I love it I love bandage dresses a lot at times you know if you have to wear a bandage dress I feel oh my god… I have to stop eating for a day so this is my most favorite one this is by one Lebanese designer.. I had bought it when I went to Dubai and you can see it is really deep and little skimpy but the moment you wear the lace on.. it looks so cute and somewhere you feel like no I am covered enough so guys moving on to my most most most favorite section of the house and this is my most popular perception outside which is that I am a huge huge huge makeup lover as you can see I have crazy amount of makeup with me and there’s lot more and also I am very big perfume fan which everyone is not aware of this is bascially section of all english perfumes you know chemical based perfumes and this section is only Arabic perfumes It has no chemical, no alcohol, nothing in the perfume becasue I generally do not wear one single perfume when I got out I generally mix four five of them and generally 2 from my english side and there’s 3 from my non-alcoholic perfumes and also because at times I don’t want to wear alcoholic perfumes you know which is chemical based… so I use these.. so I just love discovering things I love getting things back home and then when I wear it and then people like it I feel really nice about it so this is my small portion… not really small but this is my hair section where I have my dry shampoos to my hair shine sprays to my serum to my heat protector for my hair then this one section belongs to me where I have this.. all… my face oils this is like this whole section of mine this is all base…like my makeup base… this section is again my mositurisers it has like everything that moisturrises from your this is like a nice baby oil mist which I really like so you know I can mist it all over this is my full box of brushes I..uh.. ya it gets this dirty no matter how good it is because you have to keep sanitizing your brushes again and again even though I keep in a box I still sanitize it.. sanitising is very very important This are very few.. small small lipsticks I just love lipsticks so this is.. some lipsticks that I have and I couldn’t have enough space so I have just you know pushed everything into this I have used this lovely box that I was gifted something and I just removed everything and I kept the lipsticks in this it is more handy and this is one small section that I have where I .. where I keep all my powders… I keep all my contour you know all the conturing stuff my blenders… they are all washed and always keep them in this small packet so that you know they do not go here and there or anything happens and definitely wash them before I use so this is my small drawer where I keep all the eye shadows I am basically more of bronze and a gold person so I just buy others colors but I realise that that you know I generally do not wear them that much I always you know end up doing black gold combi which I think suits any dress… any type but I do have some experimental stuffs so ya… at times when I get lazy I have this kit which has this nice pencil as you can see… so you know it really helps you if bychance you don’t know how to do brows you can buy this stencil they really help you give you same exact shape if you have like you know scanty eye brows or thin eye brows.. this is very nice that you know you don’t go here and there anyways I will show other stuff I will show some nice jackets that I love again I have a Ted Baker jacket which I love the most by the way this like my one of my most come out you like this is actualy my most expensive thing that I bought and I just felt that I wasted my money but then I am gonna treaure it all my life This is from Cavalli and I love animal prints I have animal print bag I have clothes and all and some other stuff and shoes as well and I really love them Okay.. so this is the most eye catchy jacket which I got when I went to Ted Baker this is like.. I was like.. Idon’t care if India doesn’t like bling but I am gonna wear this no matter where… but I have to wear it somewhere you know the best part about this is you can just bling it totally and at the same time you can just cover this I think the day I wear this gonna be playing with this and not talking to anyone who is with me that day it is very very fancy I just love it…so soft you know and it doesn’t trouble your hair.. if you have loose hair if you are keeping your hair loose like look at this wow.. this is so much of fun okay so this is my most favoirte over-coat which I generally wear when I go to really cold places like in minus or one and two so this is what I wear and this is like this is my most favorite I can kill poeple if they do anything to my over-coat I got this from Istanbul when I was travelling and suddenly I don’t know why I didn’t check the weather so I took very skimpy skimpy jackets and I was shivering I was like immediately I was like I need jacket.. I need overcoat the moment I saw this on mannequin and it had lovely same like a cap or something like a hat or whatever you call it and after that I was looking like a Russian mafia and I was like okay… because I got this they gave me the hat for free and this is beautiful so I think this is one thing that I really really cherish I think this is one of the my best buys you know to be honest I think it was so rightly spent and this is again my one more most favorite toppy see like this is so cute I love this cold shoulder and this is one of my most favorite colors like really deep red like a wine color you can say today everyone wants to buy clothes which are not very expensive at the same time they look rich they look they look classy they look fashionable whatever I am saying do not follow blindly if you think this will not suit you don’t go for it it is just a small view from my side what I like and this is what all I wear but then definitely when people see this you can have your own choice of color according to your skin tone and your own patterns according to your body size and shape I think that is very important know your self love yourself and wear the right clothes ok guys so finally I am done with showing you every possible I could now I am taking the coffee break I hope you guys enjoyed my episode and if you really did the please like comment and leave whatever messages you want and subscribe on


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