Jai Eleven – the 18 year old designer and entrepreneur behind ‘nothing’ fashion brand, Londoner #109

Hi my name’s Jai I’m a young designer. We’re
at my shoot at Primrose Hill we’re shooting an editorial for my brand. I’m currently on
my summer holiday, I’m going to Uni in October to study computer science. So during this
holiday I’ve just been designing for my Autumn Winter collection and just like doing extra
research so I can make the brand better. I decided to call my brand nothing because I
wanted to poke fun at street ware because everybody’s like ah yeah I’m wearing Supreme,
I’m wearing Margiela, I’m wearing Raph. I wanted the name to remind people we shouldn’t
be slaves to all these materialistic things and objects – so yeah that’s why I named it
nothing. Selling a brand is quite easy – I used to have a job – I quit cos I hated it
and I don’t think, like, one hour of my time is worth £7.50 so I was just like… yeah,
this is not for me. So I just decided, I quite back in January and I did the pop up store
in the next two weeks and from there the brand just took off. Then I just used all the money
I made, and I’ve constantly been reinvesting all the money I make. I hardly spend money
on myself it’s just straight ti the brand. There was a time where I was just broke, like
flat broke- me cos I have a lot of pride so I don’t like asking people for money so I
was just really broke and depending on the sales of the brand to like fund my lifestyle
in a way if that makes sense. In the end I just asked one of my friends for some money
and yeah, I finessed the system. I decided to study Computer Science cos it’s just another
hobby of mine. The fashion and the street ware thing is just one part of me – I would
like to describe myself as a complex character but yeah computer science is like, not really
a back up plan – it’s just there. The grime and the fashion culture – you can’t have them
without eachother. They played a major role in my brand because it’s been able to like
connect people – I can see road men wearing my stuff now, I can see fashion kids that
like Supreme and Margiela and everything wear the same brand and that’s like connecting
them into one sub group. I call it a lifestyle brand because my brand is all about empowering
young kids. I want young people to see what I’m doing with my brand and I want them to
be motivated I want them to be like ok – I’ve seen this guy do it, maybe I can try.


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