Jakks Pacific Batman V Superman Custom Toy Figure DIY

tomorrow I will be 35 years old hey guys welcome back if you’re new here I’m cam welcome to the show. today I’m going to do more of a personal project so there will be no screen printing involved in this vlog so if you don’t like that take off now tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled screen printing blog it is my birthday month and my beautiful girlfriend bought me this I’m a huge Batman fan granted I’m not normally a fan of life movie-style toys and shit like that but this one’s pretty rad and it was affordable and it was a gift from my girlfriend so I’ve looked around on the internet I found this one cat call name cosplay Chris who customize the shit out of this so I’m going to do something similar to make it an even more often figure than it already is that’s going to be my project for today as nothing to drink but it should be awesome here’s one planet the most important thing is this Cape the Cape of shit it doesn’t wrap even remotely close to how Batman’s cape wraps which comes up here and then like folds over so first thing I’m gonna do is customize the cake i’m also going to darken and texturize all the gray on the protective armor whatever you want to call it i’m going to battle damage the living shit out of the emblem i’m also going to destroy space to be it up and shadow it make it more like dirty and then put the five o’clock shadow on it alright the first step to customizing them is going to be carrying them apart right now i’m cashing bad Manchester him up by carving notches out of it one battle damage batfleck this is just flat black and then this is more of a gloss black I’m going to dive it is layer to repaint this whole goddamn checking out now watch Shh do just and complete without a cake not a hard percent sure how to do it went to the fabric store like there wasn’t a lot to work with so i just got this is kind of shining you’re on one side and more of a mat galore on the other anything will be better than this thing that came with it when I was cutting the Cape i made it too wide so it doesn’t fit so now i gotta like put him down the middle which is fine because this was kind of throwaway material anyway so if it doesn’t look great i’ll make it again so far look at him badass love it i was able to save the Cape sort of so I’m just stressing the bottom yes up these guards right i mean course you did recently beat to shit I got started on this at three 911 and i’m pretty much done it’s not complete but it looks pretty sharp I did the majority of the stuff i got the cake done so unless you check it out I what I mean what do you think compared to the old one you see how much more detail and how sharp sharp is there i also did this crazy thing with the Cape where it’s like basically quatre all the shit looks like he was kind of walking through mud I’m not in any rush to complete this but I’m going to really flex flex the boots up and make him look like he’s been cruising through the mud the next thing that I really want to focus on is the space now I don’t know how I’m going to make those whiskers that lab o’clock shadow work well for something out the other cop badass that looks a lot of the cake man and he’s awesome super happy with it this is the kind of shit that happens around me if you got floors you got carpet if you have anything nice it will get fucked up that’s it for today’s blog thanks for tuning in and I’m cam with the print life uh punch thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you want to see anything in future episodes let me know i’m gonna start heading you guys take care of yourself see you tomorrow


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