Jeep Wrangler JK Barricade Rivet Style Fender Flares Review & Install

Hey, guys. it’s Sarah with and today
we have a review and install of the Barricade River Style Fender Flares, fitting your ’07
through ’18 Jeep Wrangler JKs. These fenders are constructed from impact-resistant
polyethylene and feature a textured black finish which gives your Jeep some nice aggressive
styling. These fenders are wider than stock, so if
you run larger wheels and tires, they’re gonna give you more protection for your Jeep and
also keep you legal in certain states which require full tire coverage. Coming in at around $440, these are middle
to the low end price-wise, but for your money, you are getting a wider, durable flare that
allows you to retain your marker light as well as your fender liner. I’m giving this install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. It can be done in approximately four hours. It is worth knowing that the rears were slightly
more difficult to align because they used pop clips instead of the bolt of the front. But all in all, a fairly straightforward install. All right, so with that said, let’s jump right
into our install. For this install, we used a drill with an
inch dri8-ll bit, an impact gun with a Phillips head socket, 7/16 wrench, 3/8 ratcheting wrench,
a small extension, a 3/8 socket, a 10-millimeter socket, pliers, ratchets, and trim panel removal
tool. All right. So the first step in our install is to unplug
the connector to our marker light on the side or you can twist it and completely remove
the bolt. We’re gonna twist this and remove our bolt. Tuck it to the side so it’s out of the way. Next up, we’re gonna remove all of the 10-millimeter
bolts that are holding our fender to our Jeep. Remove any pop clips that are holding the
fender liner onto the Jeep. With all of the bolts and clips out of your
fender, you can now pull it off the Jeep by just grabbing it and pulling it straight out. This is held on with plastic clips and you
will likely break most, if not all of these, removing it. So if you have any intentions of putting your
OEM fenders back on at any point, you will need to purchase some of those. But for now, let’s grab the front of the fender
and pull straight out. So if any of the clips are left over after
you’ve pulled your fender off, just grab a plastic trim removal tool and you’re gonna
pop these out. These will get in the way when you’re installing
your new fender. Now, for the rear fender, we’re gonna remove
all of the pop clips holding the fender liner to your Jeep. All right. So similar to the front fender, you’re just
gonna grab this one and pull it off your Jeep and you are gonna break these clips. But let’s go ahead and get this off. Any clips that are still on your Jeep, you
wanna remove at this time so we can install our new fenders. So the next step in order to separate our
fender liner from our fender is to drill out these factory plastic rivets along the edge
here. Grab your drill bit and drill right down the
center of the plastic rivet, and that should free it up. Once these are drilled out, grab a plastic
trim panel removal tool and go in between the fender and the fender liner in order to
remove these all the way. Once all of your plastic rivets are removed,
grab your factory fender and remove it from the liner. You’re gonna wanna repeat this process with
the rest of your fenders to separate the fender liner from your factory fenders. So once we have our front fender apart, we
have the inner fender by itself, we can remove this light and transfer it over to our new
fender. Flip your inner fender over and locate the
tab in the, towards the center here and either with your hands or with a needle nose pliers,
pinch this tab and the light should come out. So now you wanna grab the small plastic piece,
that is your light mount and it should be either marked a driver or passenger. So grab the side that we’re currently working
on, which is the driver. Flip it over and line up the tabs as well
as that one mountain cab here with your light and pop it in. Once you’ve done that, grab two of these metal
brackets and slide them over the cutouts on each part of the bottom here. This is where it’s gonna mount to our fender. Grab your driver’s side front fender and the
light bracket that we were just working with and get it right in the front corner where
your light hole is. You’ll see two pre-drilled holes on the bottom
and the side here, this is where your screws are gonna go. Grab two of the longer screws and we’re gonna
put them through these holes in the fender into the metal brackets that we’ve put on
our light bracket. Go ahead and get your screws started. You may need to hold the bracket in place
with your hand just to make sure it doesn’t move. Grab your drill. With your first group in place, grab the second
one, get it started. So once we’re done installing our marker light,
there’s one more optional step you can do before you install these fenders on your Jeep. If you like the look of them as is, you can
definitely install them as is, but if you’re looking for the Chrome rivet look, we would
install these now. Using the smaller self-tapping screw and plastic
washer, install them right in this cutout towards the center and then you pop this plastic
rivet cap over top. But if you’re like me and you like a black
fender, we’re gonna install them on our Jeep now. Grab your fender and line it up with your
Jeep. I’m gonna grab eight of the supplied hardware
and starting at the front, loosely attach it to your Jeep. Line up the hole at the very front of your
fender and get the nut on the back of your bolt. Moving along to our next hole, line up your
hardware and thread it on loosely. Once you have all your hardware installed
in your fender, we can go back and tighten them down using a 7/16 wrench and a 3/8 socket. At this point, you can reinstall your marker
light. Line it up with the back of the light and
twist in the bolt. Grab your fender liner and line it back up
on your Jeep. Slide your larger washer over the factory
bolt and reinstall them on the outside of your fender liner to the factory location. Grab your 10-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. Now that you have your two bolts in the top
of your fender liner, grab these metal clips and we’re gonna slide them over the back of
the fender liner so we can attach them to the flair. Make sure they line up with the holes that
are already there. Slide your liner up and underneath the fender. With our fender liner lined up with the holes
in our fender, grab the longer screw hardware and get it started in the hole. Get this hardware started and then grab your
drill and tighten it down. Move on to the next hole in your fender. Line up your hardware and tighten it down. At this point, let’s line up our rear fender
and get the hardware installed on those top two bolt holes. Line up your pop clips with the holes on the
fender and the holes in your jeep. Once all of your pop clips are installed,
grab a 7/16 wrench and a 3/8 ratcheting wrench and tighten down your hardware. Just like our front fender liner, we’re gonna
place these metal clips on each hole before we can install it to our fender. Now we can grab our fender liner and tuck
it back onto our Jeep. Grab your hardware and thread them through
the hole in the fender into the metal clip that you put on the fender liner. Grab your drill and tighten these. Replace the factory pop clips, holding your
fender liner to your Jeep. All right. Now that we have our fender installed on our
Jeep, we can put it side by side with our factory fender. Really check out some of the similarities
and differences. Now, right off the bat, you may have noticed
the styling is very similar to our factory fender, but it’s a little bit wider, it’s
a little more textured. It gives it just that slight more aggressive
appearance than your factory fender. So if you’re looking for the similar styling,
you like the general look of the Jeep, but you just want a little more flare, these will
definitely get the job done. All right. So once we’re finished with our driver’s side,
you wanna repeat those steps for your passenger-side fenders and then that is gonna do it for the
review and install of our fenders. Remember, for all things Jeep, keep it at


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