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Hi guys Finally I have arrived at makeup studio Here they already have Halloween decoration Take a look at this Anyways I also have a Halloween party so I’m gonna get a Halloween party makeup I’ll see you guys later It seems like my puffy face is gone
since I worked out earlier today (Morning face) I regularly come this salon not only for special occasions It’s located near 가로수길 so it’s convenient to come and go And there’s a lot of cafes around here And they also give me free coffee 😂 Now let’s take a look at how I transform What are you gonna do? LIA) I’m gonna do a vampire make up She’s gonna do the vampire make up for me I’m just wondering I can be a vampire from Twilight Manager) Omg seriously. What should I do? LIA) What happened? Manager) I got stained LIA) Not a problem LIA) Are you a high-maintenance? I am Actually nah I know what I’m doing. I’m good on my own. (Shameless) Done? How do I look? The reason why I came here is because I have a meeting later today So I had to get some make up I didn’t put anything on my face so my skin looks terrible right now. Let’s see how I change after make up You did this on purpose, right? Finally done. What do you guys think? There’s a big difference, right? What do you guys think? There’s a big difference, right? Since there’s a huge change, I definitely need a make up I get a make up whenever I have a shooting. But after I remove my make up my skin looks so bad and I look ugly. Terrible.. Butt the thing is, usually guys don’t do make up everyday whenever they go out. So since I got make up today, I need to go out and hang out Bye~


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