Kalen Dishes All About Walking in New York Fashion Week!

You think that he’s
just dressing like this because he’s on the show? This is how– I enjoy what you
wear to work every single day. Thank you. I try to dress to
impress every day. You know, if you look good,
you feel good, you know? Yeah, you do. You look good and you feel good. Thank you. All right, so it’s
been a big year. You were in a Seth Rogen movie. And your videos have been viewed
over half a billion times. Half a billion views! I know. It’s crazy. That’s amazing. And then we sent you to New
York to do the fashion show. Yes. How did you like that? It was amazing. And you know what’s crazy
is that, when I was a kid, I was told that I would
never be able to model. But you made it happen. Honestly, I think you’re
basically my fairy godmother. And I think it’s a
testament to my life that anything is possible. Yes it is. Anything is possible. I’m so glad that you think that. All right, let’s all
enjoy it together. So a few weeks
ago, I told you we were going to send
you to New York and you were going to walk
in the New York Fashion Week. Yes. So we figured that you could
use some help from an expert. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello! Do you have any dos and don’ts
that I should and should not do? No. You know what? It’s all about having
your signature thing and being confident. OK. I don’t think there’s
really a right or wrong. It’s just you’ve got
to do your thing. Great. But I want to see your walk. [MUSIC PLAYING] I actually know who you’re
walking for at Fashion Week. Stop, because I don’t know. And Ellen wanted me to tell you. Who? Christian Cowan. Ah! I love it! Oh my goodness! Oh my god, I’m so
excited for you! New York Fashion Week,
baby, here comes Kalen, yes! [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) OK, we wrote
this for a purpose. To motivate you at this time. With this hypnotizing
bass line– You’re at New York Fashion Week. Yes. And this is your all
access, VIP credential. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Let’s get right. Let’s get right. Let’s get right, OK, OK. Let’s get right. Now, this one is everything. Baby, you did that. It’s it. OK. I’m just going to sit
here and jiggle all day. Pose. Pose. Pose. Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Look at you. Look at me. [INAUDIBLE] Oh boy, she’s
dancing for a reason, not just cause I’m
all [INAUDIBLE].. Yes! Come up here. Y’all, being front row is a
whole different experience just like concerts,
because y’all know, I don’t go to Beyonce
unless I’m in the front row, Hi! [INAUDIBLE], hi. How are you? Good. Oh my goodness! It’s so nice to meet finally. It’s so nice to meet you. Do you know how much I love you? I’m obsessed. So I’d love you to try
on this whole look first. OK, boom. Let’s do it. Are you happy? Honey, I’m just
happy to be walking. I wouldn’t care if you
put me in a trash bag. I would not care. I love it. Great. Look at that skin tone,
that chocolatey goodness. Honey, I look like a caramel. Oh, she got the baby oil. Hon, please, because I can’t go
out there looking like a chalk board, absolutely not. What’s your name? I don’t even know your name. Y’all be all touching on my leg. Girl, I don’t even
know your name. All right, everybody. So we’re about to walk out. I’m anxious a little
bit, but it’s OK, because as soon as I
walk out on that stage, all I’m going to say to myself
is [INAUDIBLE],, be a bad bitch. You can beat that out. I feel like I’m in a
line of highlighters. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! That was crazy! I’m like– not real life. Life is but a dream. I’m– I’m shaking,
like literally shaking. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you, Ellen. Thank you, Christian. Thank you Endeavor. Thank you, IMG models. You all have changed
my life forever. I am truly indebted. Thank you. That was amazing. Thank you. We’ll be right back.


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