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Hi, this is Karan Singh Grover and I will be telling you what I eat in a day. Am I one of those blessed souls who can eat anything and get away with it? No. No, I am not. I.. I wish I was. But… I.. I have to choose what to eat according to what day and what kind of workout I do so. It’s a lot of calculation. Yes. Morning rituals I do for my health are… I wake up in the morning and do yoga. I practice Astanga for the last three and half years. So.. I practice yoga. And… Drink lots of water. And I try and meditate if I can. What I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Breakfast I start with juice that comprises of carrot, apple, spinach and beetroot and seaweed. And apple cider vinegar. That’s the juice. And few fruits with it. Whatever fruit I am being served at home which is awesome. I have like a couple of fruits that I eat everyday. And… That’s it… that’s it for breakfast. Lunch and dinner depending on what my day is like. Mostly it comprises of chicken and oats and eggs. So I try and combine whatever vegetables we have at home with the oats or or vice versa or eggs with some kind of vegetables or oats and chicken. Stuff like that. I am an early riser now. I used to be quite nocturnal earlier. For the first part of my life. But earlier rising is better for me now. My favorite meal of the day is dinner. Because mostly after dinner I am not going anywhere. So that’s fun. I can just be myself, eat it. My favorite cuisine is Bengali actually. Now yeah. Bengali. I get so many Brownie points for this one. What time of the day is the best to workout? Any time of the day man. If you can start early in the morning that’s better because… I don’t know if you know this but a lot of endorphins are released in the brain when you workout that kinda gives you the feeling of ecstasy or happiness whatever you want to call it. If you can start the day with that that’s the best but anytime of the day is good as long as you workout. My post-workout meal consists of a glass of protein shake whichever one that I am having that day. Basically 20 grams of protein. And after that I eat either eggs or chicken with vegetables. And dal and stuff like that. Depends on how much you workout. Depends on how much you want to cheat. Depends on what your goal is. And if you trying to maintain like a single digit body fat then cheating days are little lesser. But otherwise, you can cheat as much as you want. Any strict no-no’s in my diet? Yeah. Ginger. I hate ginger man. My favorite form of exercise is is Yoga actually. Even though it’s not supposed to be form of exercise. But yeah, it’s yoga. It’s an oxymoron. You say healthy and you say alcoholic drink Healthy alcoholic drink, is like an oxymoron. Like thunder is silence. So when you are talking about health then alcohol doesn’t fit in the picture. And I don’t drink. So, I think, I will just say stick to water or juice someday man it’s so much better. So I had to shoot for my friend Rocky Star. And we were shooting under the campaign And he said that we have.. you have about.. 15 days.. I want you to become half. So I was like you know why aren’t you just take a knife and cut the rest of me. So you know just try. I was like okay. What I did was… fifteen days I had no carbohydrates at all. That means no breads, no roti no rice, no vegetables that contain carbohydrates. There’s no potatoes, nothing like that. Only protein and that also very less protein because I had to cut muscle mass so. Ya so but fifteen days I shed down to almost half of the size. Very unhealthy. I am glad I survived. Don’t ever do that. Ever. Unless you are shooting for an underwear campaign. which I might, I don’t know You really want to do that. I did because it was Rocky Star. I don’t know why you wanna do. Eat everything and work your ass off First thing anyway you should working an ass off in the first place. You are supposed to be looking your best all the time. That’s your responsibility. God gave you face, and body what you do with it, is your responsibility. If you are thinking that you are not going to eat anything and just be like looking skinny. You might just break. I have given you a lot of insights on what my daily consumptions like, if you like it. Please like, share, and subscribe to Pinkvilla.


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