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Before Katie Bell would clock in 1.5 Million
Instagram followers and another 100K on Twitter at the time of this recording and by sponsored
by the likes of Fashion Nova. Before Katie Bell would be seen on the arm
of Dan Bilzerian and become one of the top models for his brand Ignite Cannibis Co. Before Katie Bell would go viral being featured
by Barstool, in Ricegum’s video whose the better kisser and sit down on The Night Shift
with Logan Pauls main man Mike. Today we are taking a look at American Model,
Instagram Celebrity and girlfriend of Dan Bilzerian – Katie Bell. Some people probably look at this girl and
think damn, some people are born with all the luck but it turns out that Katie came
from pretty humble beginnings and made the move out to California from Florida with hopes
of making it as a model and ended up working for lit or nothing with a Vape company known
as Lizard Juice. I don’t know if it was the industry or the
DM’s but she soon crossed paths with Dan Bilzerian and as she posted to IG, things went from
0 to 100 real quick. God I love this man! He literally is the Hugh Hefner for the internet
generation! Seeing as Katie Bell is part of the Fashion
Nova family – well this video was sponsored by them. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden taking a crack
at the life and career of Katie Bell prior to fame, here for you on Before They Were
Famous. We are gonna do what we can to try and keep
this video within YouTube’s guidelines to keep this content monetized. With that said, we have our work cut out for
us cause just posting a pic of Katie prob gonna set off some alaera. There are a few other IG babes we could cover
including Hannah Palmer and Ricegum’s GF Abby Rao but for that to happen you gotta let us
know in the comments down below. Katie Bell not to be confused with the character
in Harry Potter and another Katie Bell who auditioned for American Idol. was born on March 30th 1995 in Palm Harbor
Florida. If you don’t know anything about Palm Harbor
Florida well it’s a small town west of Tampa and north of St. Petersberg with a population
of 60K. If you want to see some riveting home town
tours of course there are videos on YouTube. Katie grew up with two brothers and a sister. From what I can tell from some old facebook
photos it looks like she has an older sister and two younger brothers. There are lots of photos of her mom and grandma
who was near and dear to her frowing up and in a Twitter post she announced that she was
extremely grateful her dad celebrated being Cancer Free in 2017. Attended high school in Palm Harbour and as
you can imagine she was the local hottie and booked work as a model for local stores and
media houses. A 2013 Tweet which would of made her 18 at
the time reads: my life consists of sleep work eat work sleep
work work eat Her first Instagram post was on January 21,
2016, and was a video of her walking through a department store. The caption read mood towards haters since
’95.” Standing at 5’10 Katie likely caught a lot
of peoples attention and if your wondering if she hit the genetic lottery or it was a
trip to the local surgeon here is a pic from 2017 when she still lived in Florida. She also posted the question:
why do people think it’s okay to touch me at the bar? Katie was living in the St. Petersburg area
of Florida working for an a vape company known as Lizard Juice but wasn’t exactly earning
stacks. In old post she stated: i got a $256 speeding ticket today. there goes my #Chipotle fund for the month. i guess i’ll just starve. it’s fine. everything’s fine. When it comes to her come up story, that’s
pretty much all I could dig up. We did reach out to Katie for an interview
so hopefully that happens someday in the near future. The rest we know from her Instagram – in
a post alongside Dan Bilzerian she revealed: Just to say the truth I came out to LA in
debt with nobody believing in me, and this man right here has not only built my social
media but I went from working at a place called Lizard Juice making 0 to nothing & now i make
more than I could have dreamed of… all of this happened in less than 6 months!! I have been given the greatest opportunity
of a lifetime… it still feels like a dream. Sometimes we forget the people that paved
the way for us, so I wanted to take time to thank @danbilzerian for all he has done for not only me – but for thousands of the
men and women he employs and helps on the daily basis… they won’t put that in any
article or comments but if you truly have dealt with him you would understand how much
of a big heart he really has. He is my mentor and even tho i give him s***
I’m always appreciative of what he has done for me. So many people talk s***but yet can afford
a pot to piss in! I’d rather take advice from somebody that
understands business and backs it up like he does. I’m blessed to have him in my life, for
the rest of my life. I love you Dan forever & always. Thank you for believing in me when nobody
else would & thank you for looking out for me and always making me feel safe & happy. You’re a real one. She moved to Los Angeles full-time in September
2018 and reportedly grew her IG from 4K followers to now over 1.5 Million. She now lives at the Dan Bilzerian mansion
alongside a bunch of other babes. She also hit it off with Ricegum’s girlfriend
Abby Rao and the two appear to be BFF’s. This video was short and sweet and will likely
get demonetized.


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