Katy Keene | Fashion Emergency | The CW

– I’m sorry Francoise
I have to take these, it’s a fashion emergency
I’ll make it up to you! – My personal fashion emergency, I don’t know I don’t have those. – I have bad hair days. – You what? – And if the wrong humidity
I have to have a hat and it has to be cute, so you just have to have a
lot of hats that are cute. – I’m always getting blisters, my shoes are, I always
choose the wrong shoes. – You just have to follow your heart, even when it hurts. – You know what I’m
saying, beauty is pain. – Doesn’t make it any less painful. – One time I had to wear
a bow tie to a premiere and the strap broke. – I know how to fix this. – Don’t, don’t bother Kate. – No you are not giving up. – I was sort of with a paper
clip, I had this bow tie on. – I know I told them it was a bad idea. – I’ve actually had a fashion emergency where I have not been able
to get out of a dress. That’s rough. – I’ll fix this, I won’t let you down. – What’s worse is when you
can’t get out of a dress that you’re already in, that you don’t own and you’re in a dressing
room, in a store. (laughing) – No that’s okay, I can fix this. (upbeat instrumental music)


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