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– [Gasping.] – Has she bit you yet? – Uh, like three times. – Three times?
– In five years. – Oh yeah…. – You finally made it, baby! – I feel like if you could
drop in from the pyramid, that’s an accomplishment. – If I don’t get this,
I’m spending the night. Forever. – It’s my favorite room in the house. – I’m nervous! I don’t want to break ’em. “Houseguest.” We out here. – Good set. – It’s your boy, Nate Rob. And, as you see, I am at the beach. Kerri Walsh called me and said, “Come down and learn how to play some volleyball.” She’s won like a hundred
gold medals, and why not learn from the greatest? I’m here with a legend. I’m here with a legend. – Thank you for being here.
– Hi. Learning from a GOAT is big-time, so yeah. – Well, that means a lot to me, I want to be be a GOAT.
– You are. – I’m not done yet. – You’re not done yet.
Ladies and gentlemen…. – A fourth gold medal.
– … she said she’s greedy. She wants more. – Right? – So yeah, so teach me.
– Yes! – What’s up? How we gonna do it? – So have you ever played before? – Never in my life. – Never? – Never. – Whoo, good thing you’re an athlete. First thing is the platform,
O.K. Make a fist and go around. – And go around? – Yep, there you go. This is your platform. This is your sweet spot. – O.K. – O.K., so wherever the ball goes, you want to pass it there. So, I’m gonna toss you
the ball. And your feet move as a team. You’re gonna step, lift….
– Step and lift. – … and pass. – Oh! – Bam! O.K., cool. – Nate! Move your feet! Move your feet! Oh! Move your feet, move your feet. Very good! O.K., next one is setting. Put your hands on your hips
and then bring it up here. This is your setting window,
right on your forehead. Your sweet spot is right there. Feet to the ball. You’re almost gonna catch on your forehead and
then push up like Superman. O.K., so I’m gonna toss to your forehead. I mean, you got some touch. Beautiful. – I mean, I should be able
to throw a pass, a lob. A couple guys throw lobs. – To some giants? Yeah, that’s so good. Pass, set, done. Spiking. Hold arms in the air.
You’re gonna have your left foot forward. O.K., you’re gonna cock
your right elbow back like a bow and arrow. You’re gonna swivel your
hips, high-five, come through. – Like a follow-through. O.K., cool. – So and you want to … you know, it’s like a follow-through in basketball. You want
that good follow-through. Oh, that’s O.K., you’re
just – you’re fast. So be late.
– O.K. – ‘Cause you’ll never be late. – All right. Bet. – O.K., I’m gonna bring it
down a little bit. Ready? Here we go. Heeeeyyyy! You got potential, kid! – So should I go towards the
ball with the wind, like go…. – Stay close to me. – O.K. – O.K., here we go. Yes!
[Laughing.] – Y’all see that? – That would be OT. – Learning from a GOAT! My legs are already burning, guys. – I got an ice bath, at home. Let’s go. – That was like just basic. Whoo! Whoo, I respect it. I know, don’t look at
your watch like that. I know, I know it took me a while. – I mean…. – I mean, I know you
don’t live that far…. – I appreciate the hustle. – … but I had to get dressed. You know I had to come right. – I know it’s less than a mile. – Yes, thanks for having me.
– You look nice. – Thank you. So do you.
– You get all the sand off? – Yes I did. I had to wash….
– I don’t think I did. But that’s all right. – This is real grass or…? – No.
– Grass turf? – We don’t do real in California. – Oh, you don’t?
– It doesn’t live. – It looks perfect. – Doesn’t it? That’s why we got it. – Yeah, so here we are. – Wow, what is this? – This is like one of my favorite things. So, my father gifted me this. So, at every Olympics,
Team USA has a house. And they outfit it with a lot of native stuff to that country
– the host country…. – Right. – … and then a lot of American stuff. My father bribed the
artist to give us this. And then after we won
bronze he had him put “April” and “Kerri Walsh Jennings.” And it’s just art.
– It’s beautiful. – This is just where we live. – Oh, wow. – Kitchen, family room. Everything is oversized.
– It’s beautiful. – ‘Cause we’re just big people, you know. – There’s nothing wrong with that. – Nothing wrong with that. – Oh, my God. – This is called sanity. – Sanity? – Sanity.
– I like it. – Outside space in L.A.,
which is hard to get a yard here. We got the volleyball net,
we got the basketball hoop. – Let’s go train.
[Laughing.] – I know.
– It’s time to train. – Let’s work on your beach game, shall we? All right, let’s pass it. I got it. And, just as in
basketball, communication is key right? – Yes. – So you call the ball
every time. “I got it.” – So then … oh, off the backboard. – I got it, I got it. – Off the backboard. – All right, get down! Look at you. I want you on my team!
– Reaction, reaction. You got my knees working, girl. – A damn panther. You all right? – Yeah, I’m good, I’m good. – All right, so I got
a little something for that soreness you got. – O.K., yes, the legs. – Hi, Mom! – Hi, babes! God, I love them. O.K., it’s called PEMF 8000 Pro. Post electromagnetic frequency. But it’s just pure energy
so … you know, like stem? You’re going to feel that
bumping, but it goes into you at the cellular level. Right now this is bringing
energy to your organs. Flush it out. Any dead cells, sick cells,
stagnation, old injuries. It’s gonna flush all that crap out. – Oh yeah, that’s a lot.
– Feel anything? – Yeah, you all right? – Yeah I feel like… – Sinuses? – Yeah, like my nose is
… like a stuffy nose. – So this thing, I’ve had
six shoulder surgeries. I’ve had two surgeries recently
and this helped me heal like gangbusters. Yeah, there you go. – That is sweet. I
might need one of these. – So we have four pets.
– Four pets. – Two snakes.
– Two snakes. – Two tortoises.
– Two tortoises. – Let’s show Nate the
portal into your room, Joe. – The portal.
What portal? – Joe, if you want to bring Wilson in. Let’s bring him in. – Oh wow, that is a portal. That’s not a hole in the
wall. That’s a portal, bro. – It’s a portal, it’s magical. – That’s cool. It’s time travel, it’s the whole bit. – So that goes into Joey’s room – O.K. – And so I got stuck halfway through once and I don’t go in there anymore. I’m a little big. But Nate, look at this. So, this is like my favorite thing we own. – O.K. – So, there was a house
for sale down the street, and they staged it and
this was in the big window out front. And I was like,
“Baby, can I get that?” And for Christmas he got it for me. This is happiness. – I love it.
– Right? – Yes. – I like to be surrounded by what I want. I only wear gold. [Gasping.] – Oh, he’s looking at me, hold on. See look, see look. You see how I gotta play
it cool, like he ain’t looking at me? Let me hold him like this. – Oh, he smells you. Are you gonna hold him? – Yeah, I’ll hold him. – Oh wow. – I’ll try to hold him, I’ll try. Hold on, but you hold him
and I’mma just act like I’m holding him. Like that. Like we hold him together.
– With the assist. – Teamwork make the dream work. – Isn’t she beautiful?
– Oh, my God. – So is she gonna get bigger than this? – Yeah. – How much bigger? – Six to nine feet. – Six to nine feet.
– Six to nine feet. – What kinda cage are we gonna get? – I’ve always been on winning teams, like even when I was 10 years old. Winning is a habit, that
champion mindset is a habit. And so it started young and it carries on. And I’m just … winning
is my favorite thing. – Yeah, you’re addicted to winning. – Dude, I’m addicting to winning. – So you being a veteran
on a team, like how do you bring somebody to your level? – It’s all in the preparation. Right? Like I practice
how I want to compete. I bring that fire every
day. I don’t just show up on game day with extra fire. So I live with fire. You know what I’m saying?
And I think there’s a book that I love, it’s called,
“Lead Yourself First.” And the best leaders in any
domain lead themselves first. – Everybody in the world
thinks you’re a GOAT. How do you define your career? – Well, I’m just not done yet. I want to be known as the winningest. No one’s ever won four
gold medals in my sport. – You’d be the first one.
– Indoor or beach volleyball. I’d be the first one. And I want to be known
as the GOAT, and I just can’t own that – and maybe
’cause I’m not done yet. Maybe it’s ’cause I just
… I’m unsatisfied. But my goal is to be
satisfied where I’m at, and eager for more – ’cause
that’s a special recipe. And right now I’m working toward that. And I feel like I want to
joyfully dominate and kick ass. I just want to win, man.
I don’t know what to say. I just want to win.
– That’s it right there. That should be … “I just want to win.” Period. – Period. – Period. – With a smile. – Yes. – Not with relief, with like satisfaction. You know? – As you should, as you should. – Right? And then we got plenty of space…. – Space over here. Yes, more space. Wow, these are cool. – So Athens, Beijing, London, Rio. – That’s right here….
– That’s right there. – … Tokyo 2020 – Plenty of room. – Y’all see that, Tokyo’s right here. – Can you picture it? – Yes, I already see it coming. – Believe it. – Make sure we see that.
Throw that into the universe: gold medal.
– Yes. – Universe. You know we’re gonna send that out there right now – It gives me chills. – All right
– Yeah, O.K., all right. Let’s make that happen.


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