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(hysterical laughing) – Cavalli, that’s a lot of hair. – I know. – Oh my gosh. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Hi!
– Hello. – I’m Phoebe. – And I’m Nate. – He is my piano teacher. – I’ve known Cavalli since he
was like 16 to 18 months old. – And I still have pictures in my room. – Do you really? – Yeah! – Oh, Cavalli that’s so sweet, baby love. – [Producer] So, Nicolas tell me, why did you pick Miss Sarah to come do this video with you today? – Well, it’s just because none of my other teachers were available. (laughing) Are we just doing the hair? – [Producer] What else
do you wanted to do? – Yeah what else are you thinking about?
– Something like the eyebrows or something. – [Sarah] Red eyebrows? (laughing) – I think I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna, like, cut
your hair like a beetle, not the band, The Beatles. (laughs) And I’m gonna put your hair that I cut off in the bald spot. – How’s it gonna stay there? – I’m gonna use super glue. – Okay, cool. (producer laughs) – Ooh, do you use a lot of highlighters? – I do, but– – I like all of these colors
together, it’s beautiful. – So, are you gonna trim some of the beard or it’s just gonna be… – What the beard is, we’re gonna have two, like, trees on the side. – [Nate] Oh I see. – And then we’re gonna have,
like, a river right here. – So, I want it to be,
like, cut to your chin now. Just like this, so kind
of look like the rainbow. – Highlighter. (laughs) – [Producer] Oh okay. – [Sarah] Oh my goodness, what am I getting myself into Nicolas? – It’s gonna be like
a berry tie-dye thing. – I do like the tie-dyes – I’m just gonna put, like, little things that’s going down, like, right here. – [Nate] Whoa. – And then yellow, perfect! P.S. I know how to write
and draw and read from her. – I love you, dude. (producer laughs) – What’s your honest opinion? – Honestly, I think I thought
of a number of possibilities, but this was not one of them. – I feel like it clashes
with your skin tone kinda. – Okay. – But I feel like it’s
still gonna look good. – So should I tan or something or what do you think I should do?
– No! – I am ready! Let’s do it! – All the kids will be like,
“I wanna be with this teacher.” (laughs) – We’re going to the salon. – Here we go. – Okay. (upbeat music) – Hi.
– Hi! So tell me your inspiration. – A beetle. – A beetle? – It’s called Neon Highlight, so it’s like a long bob. – This is consensual? – Yes. – Okay. – I’m gonna cut a lot of his hair off. Do you think we can just like glue it on? – To the bald spot. What do you think? – I’m going to say that we’ll see. – Okay.
– All right. – Do you feel like you’re
qualified to do this? – I feel like I’ll be able to do it. – Is this gonna be your biggest regret? – I don’t think it will be
my biggest regret ’cause– – Then what is it? – I’m not confessing everything right now. – No, cut it a little,
like, this much more. Can I do it? – I… say yes. – Ooh gosh. (laughs hysterically) – Cavalli, that’s a lot of hair. I am sweating. Cavalli, we could make a wig out of that. Oh my gosh. – Are you allowed to have
wild colored hair at your job? – I hope so. (laughing) – I’ll ask my mom. – Yeah ask your mom. Her mom is my boss. – Oh. Phoebe do you know what peer pressure is? That’s what this is. (laughs) (upbeat music) – I’ve never wanted blue hair. – Well you’re getting it. – I sure am. – You look like Cardi B. – Looking like Cardi B? – Yeah Cardi B. – Wow that’s a compliment. – That one works too. – [Producer] And what is that Phoebe? – This is my pet. His name is Neat. – Neat? Okay. (upbeat electronic music) – It’s shampoo time! (upbeat electronic music) – Ooh! – [Hairstylist] Do you
wanna do some blow drying? (blow dryer blowing) – [Producer] Phoebe how’s it going? – Good! – Good! (upbeat electronic music) – Here I’m gonna put this
over your face so can get a little look in.
– Oh my gosh! – We’re on to the last step! (fast-paced electronic music) – What do you guys think? Does it look like her? – For real? – [Producer] Yeah. – Oh wow. – You’re a beetle! – Transformation complete. (fast-paced electronic music) – Okay, I’m ready. – Okay, drum roll please. – I’m ready.
– For the reveal? – Yes. – [Hairstylist] Go ahead. (laughter) – Oh my God. Wow! – Oh, God! (laughter) – O M… Oh that… (gasps) – Oh my gosh. Oh man, those trees. They’re so tree-like. – Do you like it? – Uh yeah. (excitable screaming) – Miss Casey, we forgot the eyebrows. (laughs) – I kind of love it. – Do you love it?
– It looks better. – I love it. – You think this is better than this? – Oh, yes.
– Oh, for sure. – Thank you. – You’re welcome! You were a great helper. – Is that a new thing?
– Wooh, good job! – Good job! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)


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