KonMari: Finding Your Ideal Lifestyle

Hi it’s Ed Hartman with Furniture Fair
and I’m here with Michelle Domkey certified Konmari consultant in the
region hi Michelle hey so how do we get started in this Konmari that’s a great
question the first step whenever you’re starting
your Konmari journey is to visualize your ideal lifestyle and your ideal
lifestyle is your roadmap and your guide for all of your choices that you’re
going to make when I work with people one-on-one some of the questions that I
ask them about their ideal lifestyle I start off with what’s your ideal day how
do you want to spend your time who is it important for you to spend
time with what type of things do you like to do and are important to keeping
in your life and then how do you want your home to feel what are those kind of
adjectives that want your space to feel like do you want it to be calm relaxing
do you want it to be invigorating exciting and kind of getting people to
think about you know what it is that they do want if you’re kind of in touch
with where you want to go that I think can be really supportive and help me
make decisions about what pieces of furniture would work for you so I want a
table for activities in the kids room then that totally changes exactly
it’s like you don’t just want to buy a table but what purpose is that table
serving your life that is where your family eats dinner that is where you
know you do your activities with your kids or they do their homework so it’s
beyond the actual physical table but it’s one of those memories that you’re
creating and those everyday experiences you’re having in your home is there a
way to let our sales associates you know ask the right question lead them in to
giving them more information yeah so I would say being really inquisitive and
also not putting their own judgment on a piece as well so asking how do you want
your space to feel listening for those adjectives that the customer is looking
for and then maybe asking back to the customer does this feel you know warm to
you does this feel inviting does this feel peaceful
because what feels warm and inviting and peaceful to one person could be
completely different from another person so everybody kind of experiences things
differently I know we have a lot of people come in
that want leather because it very warm and luxurious and soft and then we have
other people “oh I don’t want leather because it’s cold” yep so yes we just
kind of have to pull that out of the custom each one’s different
you know whenever you find something that you really love there’s the
piece itself and then there’s all the memories that go around with it I think
we have to have passion whether its buying a piece of furniture tidying up
our bedrooms or our living rooms if we put our heart and soul into it I think
that’s what Konmari really is yeah absolutely thank you for being with me
today. Thanks Ed. It’s been a joy. Same.

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