KOR/ENG/JAP SUB_[원튜브 WONTUBE] K-Hiphop Rapper fashion review (국내 힙합 래퍼들 패션 핫 아이템 리뷰)

Hello, this is WonTube. So many people are interested in it. I have more than 100 subscribers. Thank you very much In that sense, what is the item of Hipster people in Korea? What do you wear and what do you wear? The easiest thing to recognize is a local hip-hop audition TV program. So I’ve prepared something for you I’m going to watch this video and have a more hip time. I put it in. Just. Okkkkkay~~~~~~ It’s a legendary video. Black Nut I wanted to do Show Me the Money Season 4. “100.” His went on stage with the original. But what I need to focus on now is… If you look here, you’ll see Turtledove, three-turtledove. in the lyrics Now easy. Yeah. You want to see Yeezy? Oh, I should have bought this. Now in season 5, CJamm is Pirates Black. I’m wearing an Yeezy Boost 350 v1 black. in Show me the money It’s the kind of thing that made Palace or any other street fashion a sale. Reddy’s video. We can’t get Adidas Palas after this video. You’re wearing Supreme Commit Photo Tee here. Looks like you’re wearing the Yeezy Boost 950 in a cool way. You’re wearing Stone Island. His wearing a Morrissey photo tee. It’s the first preliminary round of Hangju. Zico’s wearing a Supreme Louis Vuitton. That’s splendid. I think you like Palace. BoiB is likes Adidas or uniform style. You’re wearing an YeezyBoost 350, too. I think Sleepy also has a lot of cool items. Mr. Hanhae and Mr. Los. The sponsorship is Adidas, so you can only see Adidas products. You’re wearing Jordon 11 Space Jam. Woody Go child Yeezy Boost 350 Beluga Jordan 1 Storm Blue This video once made it hard to get. It’s Adidas Alexander Wang. I’ve been on sale since show me the money.
It’s a product, but it’s hard to get. See? Palace Adidas. Mr. Double K. You’re wearing a Y-3 hat. a legendary verse See? Zico, again, Supreme Louis Vuitton. Adidas is a sponsor. be full of Adidas Superstars. I saw Jo Woo-chan and Nucksal and Dunmills. You see, they’re both wearing Yeezy 350 zebra. It’s Zebra. Zebra. It’s still coming out. YDG Yang Dong Geun is wearing supreme pants. You’re both wearing Adidas slippers. Woo Won-jae wore a set of Adidas training suits. JPark, Dok2, Jamezz, Here comes the Zebra again. It keeps coming out. Mr. Hanhae You can see that white-coordinated clothes are usually used.
I wear 350 white Yeezy Boost. It’s stylish. Supreme Louis Vuitton and Small Boxlogo Beanies Attention, hands. Money gun It’s can’t get it anymore. Junoflo, again. Yeezy Boost 350 Zebra. The clothes are hidden. Boxlogo tee is probably the 2003 version. Look at the host’s hand. Supreme The North Face Lettering Glove on triple seven now. Chillin Homie’s Slipper Alpha Bounce We can say that the entire nation has almost two or more I have two, too. It’s totally comfortable. Is the T-shirt Woo Young-mi? Mr. PH-1 with a sweet song. You’re wearing a supreme hysteric orange shirt. If you look at Coogie’s shoes, they’re really popular. Balenciaga Speed Runner. These shoes are hot. SnackiChan’s Yeezy Boost 700 OG YunB’s Supreme Louis Vuitton sneakers Super Bee NMD Pharrell, when five colors came out in the past, the blue one. I saw Supreme Gonz shirt, Supreme Tee. Hot. Rappers have a lot of hot items. This song by EK. Did you see the shoes? Balenciaga Triple S NMD Pharrell Kim Hyo-eun’s voice is amazing. Yunb, came back. YunB’s wearing Supreme Louis Vuitton sneakers. You look pretty in that Supreme Gons shirt. Nucksal’s off-white Mona Lisa. If you look at the hat, it’s an S-logo, a Supreme Superbee CPCOMPANY Bewhy wore a CPCOMPANY beanie. It’s the latest version. Show Me the Money 8 BIG Naujhty. That’s a lot of expensive stuff. You look great. This is flex. Zene The Zilla. All the other outfits are cool and expensive, You’re wearing Adidas Yeezy Boost 700. legendary sunglasses Flex Tee Yumdda That bag was very popular. It’s a living legend of the Flex. these days Did you see the Supreme North Face Snake skin pants? Now let’s lower the age group a little bit. I’ll move on to the High-school Rappers. YDG Yang Dong Geun, you’re wearing Yeezy Boost 750. Giriboy is wearing the VETEMENTS Fury. Xitsuh, wearing an Yeezyy Boost 750. Jo Won Woo Have you seen the shoes? Zebra is a hot item, so I think it’s a must. This time you’re wearing a different Yeezy. I think his like 350. It’s another hot item. His wearing an Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Bred His rap name is Bully. Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Beluga High-school rappers have a lot of captains shooes. Supreme Skull houd. Sik-K features a lot. This hood is a glow. Sik-K, look great in this outfit. Bammm!!!! Supreme Brief Supreme track jacket was popular. Gucci collar feeling Kim Haon, Do you remember the White Cody formula? on the white cody Put on the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 white. If you look at the shoes, a Baechigi Tak. The hottest Travis Scott Jordan 1 High. I’ve been organizing hipster items for years at a time. Now take this video into consideration. It’s hard to get the old stuff again. We’re going to share some of the hottest items in the future.
I think it’ll be fun to get another one. And now many people are interested. I have over 100 subscribers already. And to thank you, I’m going to be a little bit
I’ll prepare an event. I’ll post an event notice soon. Also, since Supreme North Face is being released today, You’ll see my video later, Supreme.
Let’s go hunting together. Supreme in a few minutes.
I’ll visit you on video. It’s a WonTube.


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