Korean style fried snapper with seasoning sauce/ 생선구이 양념잠

Hi everybody! I’m in Mexico! The beach name is Zihuatanejo And beautiful! So far, five days I’ve been traveling I brought my ingredients This hotel has a kitchen and it is right in front of the beach! So I woke up early in the morning This is the fishing beach I went to the fishermen And the fishermen caught their fish, just right from the ocean, they brought I bought this black snapper I’m going to make Korean-style fish So black snapper You can use red snapper too Once I came home, I just cleaned this fish and then salted So kept in the refrigerator Let’s cook, I’ll bring my fish! This one! (laughs) Let’s see and coat this fish with flour That’s too bad! My pan is too small For this fish You need a larger one But what else can I do? It is too windy, so I’m going to use this We are going to make Yangnyeomjang seasoning sauce This is a really Korean way Delicious Green onion Mexican green onion Really like this part is really large 3 green onions you need Very large size (bird chirping) Did you hear that? That’s the bird 2 cloves of garlic we need This is 1 clove of garlic Really huge! But 2 cloves of garlic And we are going to chop this up Already smell so good So my fish is now being cooked So it smells really good I think I need more green stuff I have green chili pepper I’ll bring some green chili pepper 1 green chili pepper So windy And sesame oil 1 tablespoon Sesame seeds Around 1 tablespoon This is so delicious Yangnyeomjang sauce So let’s turn it over Not easy Through this part, you see the fish is well cooked This fish is done 40 minutes I cooked this Like medium heat And keep checking Until the bottom is like really golden brown and then turn it over So around 20-20 minutes Yangnyeomjang seasoning sauce Done! So let me taste it! Cheers everybody! I made this rice And this fish And these mung beans sprouts I found really good quality mung beans sprouts in mercado, market And this is spinach kimchi So I think that’s enough Really delicious! I’m so excited! First, one sip of my beer Big piece Mmm Fried fish plus Yangnyeomjang really goes well together You can use different kinds of fish Fry both sides and Yangnyeomjang This is a traditional Korean way of cooking Preparing fish Enjoy my recipe See you next time! Bye bye!


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